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Re: Western NY Heroscape Club February Meetup!!!

Here's my summary of the night. Mind that I'm regurgitating some of the event info for context because I'm putting a link to this post in my battle reports.

Format: ~330 point Pre-built armies of mostly flying figures, heat of battle on castle maps!

Special Rule: Lightning Storm
At the end of each round roll a 20 sided die for each unit at least one castle wall away from the ground.
3 castle walls high or higher: 11 or lower
2 castle walls high or higher: 6 or lower
1 castle wall high or higher: 1
If the number above is rolled the unit takes 6 dice unblockable damage

Special Rule: Hovering
A flying figure can hover by attaching a ladder rung to a space with an open edge. Remove the ladder rung when the unit moves

Special Rule: Spontaneous Stealth Flying Dund
In a free for all battle the first player eliminated may place Dund anywhere on the battlefield at the beginning of the next round. That player now controls Dund. Dund has the power of "Stealth Flying".

My first fight:

AA - Minions x3

SB - Quahon, Blue Wyrm x4

CJ - Brandis, Black Wyrm x8

Me - CUC version Einar Emperium x3
(Cost 110 points, have evasive 2 ability)

When looking at a few armies available to me, Sir D mentioned that the EE were the competitive unit congress versions, slightly more balanced (CUC version is balanced to be more powerful than vanilla Emperium because the originals SUCK.) Figured I’d give them a try.

Heat of battle placement! I spawn my whole army on level 1 shadow spaces under the bridge and at another spot near a castle wall. CJ placed the huge majority of his army on the bridge directly above mine. SB puts Quahon “inside” the castle (behind the door) and the blue wyrms on the double stacked castle walls. AA put most of her minions in the corner if the map near where she was physically sitting.

For most of the first and second round, black and blue wyrms spew acid and lightning at each other atop the high castle walls, while Minions casually fly into the thick of the Black Wyrms and the more active Emperium. Emperium slay a bunch of Black Wyrms pretty quickly. Ironically, at the end the second round SB’s completely healthy Quahon gets struck by the scenario D20 lightning effect and takes 4 wounds.

At the end of the second round, I look at everyone’s army strength: CJ has a heavily wounded Brandis and 2-3 black wyrms remaining, SB has a 3 life Quahon and 2 baby blues, I have 5 Emperium, and AA has all 9 minions still alive. There’s a big problem, and I vocalize it to the table - we needed to whittle down the flying demon army. SB agreed, but CJ seemed to hold a grudge against me for slaying many of his black wyrms. Naturally, AA was not happy about my calling her strength out, and so she decided to make an alliance with CJ; they would attack SB and I.

In the next round or two, I’m throwing a majority of my force against minions to lock them up while Quahon serves up some Valhallen fried chicken by shooting forks of lightning breath at grouped up minions. The Emperium hold out pretty well, AA was rolling often on the attack with minions while I consistently roll or on my attacks to kill a couple of minions plus the remainder of CJ’s army bar one black wyrm. Eventually, I’m reduced to 3 Emperium, and Minions lunge through to lop Quahon’s head off and save it for Taelord’s trophy room; SB loses his OM 3. At the end of.... maybe round 4 (?) SB loses one of blue wyrms to scenario D20 lightning... oof.

Start of the next round: I have ~3 Emperium, SB has 1 baby blue, CJ has 1 black wyrm, AA has 5 minions - she’s still primed to win the game. I win an epic initiative and launch 2 attacks at the lone black wyrm and 4 attacks at minions, all for absolutely no damage dealt. CJ melts one EE on his turn, and AA kills my remaining two Emperium on her turn. I was eliminated, now waiting for my opportunity to spawn Dund at the end of the round. Luckily, CJ’s grudge didn’t extend to SB; they now agree to team up against AA’s demons, even if it was probably far too late. 5 minions are going to wipe the floor with a blue wyrm and a black wyrm, and AA could potentially win the game before I get to bring Dund in for the chance crippling gaze clutch win. SB fires fledgeling lightning SA at minions, but it’s easily blocked. CJ acid breaths one minion for a kill (This actually may have been his only act of aggression against AA the whole game iirc,) and AA eliminates him in response. OM 3 passes by now - fledgling lightning breath fails to kill again, but the subsequent attack from a single minion graces us plebs with We dodged a bullet! Kind of...

The game is still terribly bleak. I placed Dund directly into engagement with the two minions that were near to (but not engaged with) the blue wyrm. It’s my Dund and SB’s last blue wyrm vs 4 minions, CJ is watching. I win initiative again, but Dund fails to do anything, because I forgot that he is a meme. AA swings a blank and then a (4 hits) attack at Dund against my thus vanishes 75% of Dund’s life. The blue wyrm pulls off a lucky defense roll to block a minion attack. SB fires back with the blue wyrm normal attack to kill the engaged minion. OM 2, the last hope: Dund fails me for the last time. AA swiftly terminates Dund and the baby blue to claim victory. 3 minions remain triumphant. I called it at the end of the second round.

At the other table, it was DJ, Hufflemoon, Sir D, and Cinderquail playing some mashup of Sentinels vs Phantom Knights vs White + Red wyrms vs Protectors of Ullar.

DJ is eliminated first, but he ends up winning the game with Dund. It looks like the final fight was Quorik Warwitch vs a white wyrm vs Dund.

Second fight - I swapped over to that other map that you see in the pics above. Armies:

Sir Dendrik - Master Win Chiu, CUC version of Monks x3 (This CUC version is 60 points per squad instead of 80)

Hufflemoon - Quahon, Blue Wyrm x4

CJ - Brandis, Black Wyrm x8

Me - Zettian Deathwings x3, Drake SotM

I definitely wanted to try the Deathwings for this. Heat of battle combined with all of these high mobility figures should mean everyone is killing each other and I have plenty of splodey bot opportunities. I really didn’t want anything to do with Drake; his thorian speed works against almost nothing because most figures here are either range 1 or have special attacks. I figured I’d save him as my last hope. Funny that I see the same blue and black dragons as my last game, CJ didn’t even change armies at all. I would have changed just because of how bad Brandis is, he was bullied so hard in the first game that he was put into a coffin before he did anything of note.

Heat of battle! I place Drake in the very corner of the map, hugging a castle wall. My bomb robots are kind of spread around the map, trying to get good target selection. CJ puts Brandis on the very tippy top of the map along with a few of his wyrms. The rest of his black wyrms are standing on the wall near the front of the castle. Hufflemoon places Quahon on the low ground just outside of the front castle wall, below the black wyrms. Her blue wyrms were kind of spread throughout the inside of the castle. Sir D places some Monks on the wall just down the road from the black wyrms, then putting the second set of monks near Brandis, and finally his third set in some shadow near two of my Deathwings.

I win initiative and my opening move looks great; I see two spicy opportunities to nuke 3 monks and 3 black wyrms. However, the group of CJs wyrms were 7 spaces away, I’d have to “walk” along the castle wall with my terrorist robot to get there. So, I do that, but due to how CJ placed his wyrms, he gets to take one disengage strike as my totally peaceful and normal looking robot passes by. Plans foiled as he rolls on the disengage attack. I do kill the squad of monks with my other bot detonation.

Sir D and Hufflemoon team up to work at removing CJ from the tower and deal with my terrorist robots. Hufflemoon’s entire round is spent activating and attacking with the blue wyrms. CJ and I become the coalition of anti-terrorism (weird twist of fate considering how badly he intentionally threw the last game.) As it goes for any alliance with good morals, we had a slogan, something like “if you don’t agree with us, we send drones to bomb you.” CJ spends most of the round fighting off the blue wyrms and monks surrounding VIP Skyhunter in the high tower. Sir D and Hufflemoon perform additional hideous acts of terrorism with monks and blue wyrms as they destroy a few of my pretty robots.

By the end of the first round, I’ve lost all but one of my splodey bots, Sir D has lost most of his monks (maybe 2-3 left), while CJ and Hufflemoon probably lost a few wyrms, although I think Hufflemoon certainly suffered the fewest losses out of the four of us. Drake, Master, and Quahon all untouched at this point. Going into round two, I think Sir D broke the alliance with Hufflemoon. I also see that I can use two OMs on Drake to get into engagement with Quahon. So I dump all 3 OMs on Drake, not that I had any plans to put OMs on my single remaining deathwing anyway.

The next round or two from what I remember: Sir D kills my last deathwing and then he fights some blue wyrms. CJ and Hufflemoon spend most of their time activating their wyrms, fighting each other mostly, although Hufflemoon spends a bit of her resources harming the monks and making attacks at Master Win. Drake sneaks around the outside of the castle and gets 1-2 attacks in on Hufflemoon’s sleeping Quahon, leaving Quahon with 3 life remaining at end of round.

Hufflemoon loads 3 OMs on Quahon at the start of the next round; it was pain time. In a nice swing of fortune, I win initiative and use Drake (my only remaining figure) to roll vs her . I successfully assassinated Quahon, no damage taken! Hufflemoon loses her entire round on Quahon. Sir D leaps Master Win into the pile of black wyrms on the front castle wall (the ones that I originally wanted to nuke.) Despite him rolling 2 OMs worth of Master’s assault against 3 wyrms, CJ was rolling on the majority of his defense rolls. If I remember correctly, Master Win is reduced to a pile of bubbling acid mid-round before he deals anything near his expected damage output, maybe 1 black wyrm was KIA., although Sir D was wise and placed his #3 order marker on his monk squad. CJ also hits Drake for 3 wounds via a 15 and a 17 with fledgling acid breath. Somewhere around this point in the game, Brandis finally dies and then Sir D’s final monk is killed by the scenario D20 lightning strike. He gets a free Dund and places in near the black wyrms, I think? There’s a bunch at this point that I’m fuzzy on remembering. This is what I get for waiting to write the report.

Near the end when the game was winding down, the final showdown was basically Dund with 1 life vs Drake with 1 life vs a black wyrm vs a blue wyrm. After Dund was killed (by the black wyrm... I think,) I rolled a D20 to decide which wyrm I would send Drake to kill, since I didn’t remember if I had a better chance of surviving a 4v4 from the blue wyrm or the 50% D20 acid roll from the black wyrm. Drake is ordered to murder Hufflemoon’s blue wyrm, and then..... The moment of truth, where the future of Valhalla hangs in the balance of a D20 roll from CJ, which ultimately fails to deliver the killing blow as Drake runs up to the black wyrm and slices it to pieces. I found it surprising that I won with Drake when I was unable to get any value out of his powers except ONE usage of the grapple arm. 6 attack was what really carried me through the mid-late phase of the game.

At the other table, it's Minions vs Sentinels vs White + Red Wyrms vs Marvel's Abomination. Cinderquail somehow won with his army of just Abomination, despite being completely surrounded by angels and demons toward the end of their game. I hear stomp got some nice value.

GGs all around, fun scaping.
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