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Re: Buffalo NY NHSD 2020

Battle report! NHSD - Nov 1 2020

Lots of random stuff played tonight with 8 attendees! Here’s my summary:

Sir Dendrik started off by showing his friend A how to play Heroscape, in a game of his minions x2 + Taelord VS her spiders x5 and Wyvern x2 (drop one spider) on Royal Gardens:

Shortly after they finished the tutorial game, they started another game against each other on Shangri-La, I think armies were 2x Crypt Guard + Sudema + Rachiem VS 3x Wildwood Runner + Wildwood Sentinel + Wildwood Monarch. I think the Eilan Sidhe figures were runner stand-ins:

While they played, we setup the 3 vs 1 Magic: AotP scenario on Fire Isles, where DJ would control the 36 life Eldrazi Ruiner (with 8 freaking abilities, all rather strong) and fight all 3 other players wielding their Heroscape armies:

CJ - Iron Man + 2x Cathar Spearmen + Isamu

Hufflemoon - 4x Drow Chainfighters + 2x Wolves of Badru + one of the demon/darklord VC hero units that I don't know the name of

SB - 3x of each color of wyrmling + Marcu

All of that... versus the big purple monster.
I found it rather hilarious how stuffed with figures the one end of the map was.

I spectated for a little; since we had 7 people total, I didn’t mind being the odd guy out. Shortly into the game, we decided to heavily nerf the Eldrazi “Lay Waste” power (‘if Eldrazi Ruiner ends his turn unengaged, it deals 1 wound to all non-Eldrazi figures within 6 spaces’ - changed to - ‘if Eldrazi Ruiner ends his turn unengaged, it deals 1 wound to 1 non-Eldrazi figure within 6 spaces’) because it was utterly devastating against scape squads just 1 turn into the game.

I missed most of what happened for the rest of the game, but in the end SB was the last of the 3 players standing. He and his ~3 remaining wyrmlings surrendered to the ~16-life Eldrazi. Seems like it needs more tweaking.... I have never played the Eldrazi scenario before, but I wonder if this is even balanced within the AotP sets? Makes me want to try it with the AotP sets now.

*SIDE NOTE/QUESTION: Does ‘placing’ a figure (consider it akin to summoning the retchets) directly next to an unengaged enemy Cathar Spearman trigger the Cathar to roll d20 for Braced Spear?

Salty strolled in about 30 minutes late. I stopped spectating the Eldrazi game while he and I played our first game on Last Resort:

Me - Zombies x5 + Zombie hulk


Salty - Marro Dividers x3 + Krug + Syvarris + Guilty

Zombies and the hulks are amongst my favorite units, but I had never used them together in the same army until this game, haha. I started by putting all of my OMs on the hulk in order to “zombond” and move my combined 7 figures a turn. I went straight through the middle of the map, picking up the ring of protection on my hulk while Salty brought Krug out front. Salty also takes some shots from downtown with Syvarris against my hulk that had height and jungle bonus. He rolled 3 skulls on the first attack, so I popped the ring of protection to buff my defense to 8, but big momma still took a wound. Syvarris’ second attack rolled 2 skulls at hulk, but it was blocked this time.

In the coming round or two, Salty was mostly using Krug, he moved to the upper part of the map to grab the belt of giant strength while hacking through zombies and taking some wounds. I put OMs on little zombies, fearing Guilty, Syvarris, or Krug coming through at any time and killing my already wounded hulk. Since Krug had stepped a bit to the side for the treasure, I had an opening to engage Syvarris and Guilty with a few zombies and get some hits in. I kept drowning Krug with 3-4 zombies at a time, often getting height attacks and making it hard for him to go far without taking lots of disengages.

At some point, maybe round 3 or 4, I felt safe enough to put OMs on hulk to go use kelda glyph so Krug would not get that chance. After getting kelda, I walk hulk back up top about 6 spaces from Krug but leave it asleep. Syvarris and Guilty are eventually zombified, and Krug hits a 7 wound boiling point, when he finally gets an opening and walks up to big momma zombie and attacks it with belt of giant strength and wounded smash for 11 dice rolled, and 5 skulls versus a 0 shield defense. Too bad for Salty, on my very next turn a zombie with height zombifies Krug into a brand-new hulk.

From there, it was ~9 zombies + hulk all on the high ground versus the remaining 7-8 dividers, and Salty never once succeeded cell divide d20, so it was not a particularly exciting ending. I believe we ended the game with ~10 zombies and a fully healthy big momma zombie standing on the map. No doubt that Salty was well below the expected average for the quality of his dice rolls this game.

All 8 of us finished up our games within ~15 minutes of each other, so we setup two team games on Fire Isles and Royal Gardens.

I'm super blurry on the other table's game at Fire Isles, but I think it was the following, based on the pictures that I have. I have no other info about the game:

DJ - Omnicron Snipers x2, Venoc Vipers x2, Fen Hydra
A - 3x Wildwood Runner, Wildwood Sentinel, Wildwood Monarch


Sir Dendrik - 2x Crypt Guard, Sudema, Rachiem
Hufflemoon - 4x Drow Chainfighters + 2x Wolves of Badru + the demon/darklord VC hero

I was at Royal Gardens:

Me - Zombies x5, Zombie Hulk
CJ - Iron Man, Cathar x2, Isamu


Salty - Zettian infantry x2, DW9K, DW8K
SB - 3x of each colored wyrm, Marcu

No glyphs on the map, just straight slay the other guys. I always play team games where teams must alternate taking turns; two teammates won't go in a row unless something like an init switch occurs, or one of the opposing players is knocked out. IMO it makes it so there isn’t as much potential for massive swings of momentum, and gives teams a fair chance to respond to each other.

CJ opened with Iron Man, flying straight along the road on the right side of the map. SB flies a white wyrm to the side road, and takes a black wyrm and fires acid breath at Iron Man - 16 on the d20 = 2 auto wounds dealt. I move zombies out, then Salty shoots one down with 8K. CJ moves Cathar up on OM 2, and SB miraculously finishes Iron Man off with a 17 on the d20 from another black wyrm acid. Talk about big money, 240 points destroyed with no damage dealt in return! I reveal my only OM this round on hulk, continue to charge zombies right at the deathwalker squad, and move big momma to the front of my start zone. Salty moves more infantry and 9K up, although 9K can’t see anything due to ruins. CJ’s OM 3 is used to walk Isamu forward, SB flies more wyrms out of his start zone, I get some zombies engaged to infantry as I start trying to control the high ground near the middle, and Salty explodes two zombie heads off with 9K.

Round two - armies clash in the middle. Salty wins init and massacres 2 zombies with rapid fire, ending the streak when he fails to wound big momma zombie. I move more zombies up and zombify one of the Zettian Infantry near the middle of the map, and have big momma do a moon walk toward 8K’s direction so she can hide her head behind a tree. SB sends a blue wyrm to zap zombies, but blanks on the attack, while on the right side of the map near the road he perches one of his red wyrms on higher ground to prepare for incoming Cathar (I think CJ had 3 Oms on Cathar.) CJ uses road bonus with some Cathar to engage the red wyrm and get a reach boosted attack from low ground, but fails to do any damage. Salty gets aggressive with 8K and moves onto the single grass hex high ground and into engagement with a zombie, but his plan to hurt big momma fails to bear fruit when the first shot fails to clear the little zombie. My zombies now get engaged with more of the infantry, getting two zombie conversions on them. Big momma engages 8K and takes the first swing at it for no damage. Side note – big momma will remain asleep next to 8K, I just put her there for the defense reduction on the Deathwalker. SB sends another blue wyrm to the middle to try and control the expanding zombie population, but blanks again with the lighting breath attack. SB uses a red wyrm to clear a Cathar out from the side road. CJ moves a Cathar toward the middle of the map to reinforce the fight in the middle, and at the fight on the side road he swings at red wyrm on the high ground, but still no blood. That red wyrm was blocking traffic and holding out really strong against 2 attacks per turn, it was exactly what SB needed to keep the Cathar from funneling through on road to the other wyrms that were ~4 spaces further down the road.

On OM 3, Salty makes an aggressive move with 9K this time, and moves into engagement with 3 zombies. He explodes my 3 zombies with a 2 skull attack, wiping 2 of them out. But of course, he has to defend against his own explosion. There’s always something that screams “classic” when a Deathwalker dies, and this one ends no differently: 9K’s only defense roll of the game yields 1 shield out of 9 dice, so he is sent to Valhalla’s scrap heap, propelled wholly by the might of his own attack. We got a good laugh out of it.

I continue marching the zombies across the map, engaging a lonely robot infantry and zombifying a blue wyrm. SB launched two red wyrm fledgling fires attacks at Cathar, and CJ pushes into the middle a bit more, killing an infantry but still failing to remove the red wyrm on the high road tile.

Round 3 - It was approaching 4 pm, so we decided that this was our final round. For some reason, I don’t remember a ton about what happened in the third round... Salty’s 8K held out strong against a 6 die horde attack even when he was debuffed by the hulk. However, rapid fire treated him very poorly, not getting a single wound. I eventually snuck two zombies into Salty & SB’s start zone, but didn’t get any zombie infections on sleeping wyrms. The red wyrm on the road never fell to repeated attacks, and kept majestic nuking Cathar all the while. It’s a shame we didn’t have another ~30 minutes to finish out the game, because it was pretty close. Pure shenanigans when Iron Man is a -240 investment, even Deathlover 9K had a better showing than Stark.

Fun night! Can't wait for the next one, it's nice to finally play scape again.
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