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Re: Western NY Heroscape Club February Meet Up

My battle report for 02-02-2020 (it’s the same number forward and backward!)

This was a Gencon mock format where we would select one of 10 armies and then play a few games. However, before setting up at each game, one of the two players would roll combat die. On a skull, players play a normal kill em all. On a non-skull, reverse the whip. Also, we played no glyphs on any of the maps.

Once the players arrived, each player rolled D20, and we picked our armies in order of highest to lowest roller. If I remember this right:

Sir Hufflemoon selected Deathchasers x3, Nerak, Me-Burq-Sa, Theracus, Major X17

Hufflemoon selected Heavy Gruts x2, Raelin, Nerak, Horn Skull Brutes, Mezzodemons

SB selected Mezzodemons x2, Raelin, Knights of Weston, Thorgrim, Me-Burq-Sa

I selected Spiders x5, Wyvern x2 (drop 1 spider per game)

Blubberguy22 selected Roman Legionnaires x2, Marcus, Roman Archers x2, Ne-Gok-Sa

Sir Dendrik selected Gladiatrons, Blastatrons x2, Kumiko, Swarm Raelin

We wrote names on flashcards and shuffled/picked to decide who was playing against who.

Round 1:

SB vs Blubberguy22 at Dance of Dryads (pic of their game here)

Me vs Sir D at Dry Season

I’ve played Dry Season before, this map just feels like a classic to me. Even without glyphs, I think this map is interesting for being 1 rotv. Sir D and I rolled a non-skull, so we swapped armies and did reverse the whip to start the day.

Sir Dendrik - Spiders x5, Wyvern x2 (drop 1 spider)
Me - Gladiatrons, Blastatrons x2, Kumiko, Swarm Raelin

I looked at this weird glad/blast army and didn’t really know what to do… I don’t ever remember playing them. Looking at this match, I just didn’t want spiders swarming my blasts and killing or webbing them, and I also didn’t want my glads too far away from either rae or the rest of my pod-to-be, because then wyverns would carry my one squad of glads away and kill them 1 by 1. With swarm rae, I placed her a bit to my left and to the front of my start zone, figuring she could basically cover my half of the map and some of the top hill spaces without ever needing to move.

Opening round, I put all my oms on gladblast. I win init and move 8 figures on the hill to my left. As soon as Sir D moves his spiders and wyvern, I realize I didn’t want to control the top hill due to how fast the spider army was; I felt that even when going second, and with my units at the edge of rae’s aura, I would be forced off of high ground easily either by wyvern carry or by getting greedy with gladblast and leaving rae’s aura. My second om basically just undoes my first turn; I decide to camp in my sz and see if I can kill the spider swarm from down low and in the center of rae’s aura. So, it was a boring round; I spread my army a bit out in my sz, and Sir D moved his wyverns and spiders onto the high ground in the middle. I’m not even sure if either of us managed an attack in the first round… I may have taken 1-2 attacks with weak 1 die shots.

So, second round I see that wyverns can definitely grab rae at the front of my sz. (Looking back I probably would have put her more toward the back corner of the map if I knew I was going to try sz camping strat.) Sir D wins init and grabs rae and pulls her about 3 spaces out of my sz and gets some wounds. He clogs traffic up pretty decently with spiders, and I couldn’t surround the wyvern with too many glads, but I move blasts up to the lv 2 hills to shoot down on the wyvern and spiders. While I don’t remember exactly what happened, I know that rae and a gladi died this round, probably on Sir D’s second OM, and the wyvern died shortly after. Around here I also realized how fragile this army felt with rae gone, and every gladi death would hit the team pretty hard.

The mid-game mostly consisted of fighting around the high ground at the ruin to my left. I spent tons of resources killing the second wyvern on high ground (along with a few spiders,) but lost 2 glads and plenty of blasts in the process. I was throwing blasts into engagement to buff non-adjacent attacks while I also attempted to free up those blasts that were only engaged with one spider so that I could use those newly unengaged blasts for even more non-adjacent attacks, kinda systematically.

At some point that I remember, it was something like 5 spiders vs kumiko, 2 blasts, and a glad. I started putting oms on kumiko, who was still in my sz after like 4-5 rounds. Sir D had snuck a spider into my sz and nibbled at her 1-2 times, but I left her idle until this time. Even with her special attack, she really struggled to kill spiders. I used her special move/attack to attack the engaged spider in my sz, and then walk toward the high ground where the rest of the action was. I cleared out the remaining spiders near the high ground, it was now a glad + blast + kumiko with 2-3 life vs 2 spiders that were in Sir D’s sz.

I charge the two spiders with kumiko, then took turns on the gladblast while I could hold high ground with little threat when I had cyberclaw and kumiko engaged. I definitely got greedy and threw my glad on low ground so I could claw the two spiders and give my blast the bonus damage + height, and that fails to pay off when my blast misses a kill, and of course the glad dies. Sweating, luckily I kill a spider, but in exchange Sir D kills Kumiko. A tense moment to end the game when I had to walk my last blastatron to high ground, and take a 2v2 attack vs the last spider for the win.

Sir H vs Hufflemoon (this battle was scripted since Sir H was new to the game) at Venom
This looks like a pic from their game:

Round 2:
Sir H vs Sir D
Hufflemoon vs Blubberguy22
Me vs SB at Venom

I was shocked SB picked the army that he did, instead of something easier on OM management/thinking. He’s still relatively new to Heroscape, and even I am daunted by these armies where there are 3+ reasonable spots to put Oms on almost any turn. Luckily, we don’t exchange armies this game.

SB - Mezzodemons x2, Raelin, Knights of Weston, Thorgrim, Me-Burq-Sa
Me - Spiders x5, Wyvern x2 (drop 1 spider)

I don’t even remember who won the opening init, but SB rushed Rae + Knights + Thorgrim toward the middle, while I “slow” rolled spiders and wyverns one squad at a time. At end of first round, our armies were staring at each other near the middle of the map, they were about 3-4 hexes apart, but the mezzos and MBS were still in SB’s sz.

I initiated by pulling Thorgrim out from amongst the knights and swinging at him with wyvern and spiders, but fail to KO in the first OM. SB uses knights to kill some spiders and works to get Thorgrim out of the mass, however Thorgim dies on my next OM to the wyvern when I roll all skulls and insta-4-wound him, Thorgrim defense bonus goes on Rae’s card, then spiders succeed in webbing the knights and getting a kill. Lucky me, SB lost his #2 OM to spider web, so I grab an engaged knight with my wyvern, take 1 disengage wound from that knight, and pull him pretty close to my sz and kill him with the combined attacks of wyvern + some spiders. SB’s #3 was on Rae. He originally intended on flying her directly into my pack of animals to try for a kill, but I suggested to him that it might be better to retreat her towards his mezzos + MBS to regroup, since Rae would not do much damage and wouldn’t be too helpful to 2 knights without a bonding hero against the full force of my surrounding army. He took the retreat option and flew her way toward his start zone, close to some high ground.

The last two knights die quietly. For the next round or two, SB used Mezzo activations and attempted to fight me off near Rae, but I was constantly grabbing Mezzos with Wyvern, taking them out of her aura, and/or rolling for spider web (which succeeded once against the Mezzos.) SB ends up saving all of his exo markers for his last two Mezzos, but I burned through those pretty quickly by carrying Mezzos into disadvantageous positions and beating them down with height boosted spider attacks.

Near the start of some round in the future, we see Rae + MBS vs a 3 life wyvern and ~8 spiders. Same as Mezzos, I pull Rae into my spider feeding pit, but remarkably it takes me something around 3 full Oms of attacks on her to kill her, while she manages to kill my wyvern near the end of her life. MBS had also attempted a drive-by or maybe two, but SB wasn’t rolling hot for MBS endearing stare (tm). Eventually, ~6 spiders surround and kill MBS to end the game.

My first time playing Venom map, unfortunately I wasn’t really impressed with the map. Perhaps it was because there were no glyphs, and there was a significant lack of ranged figures, but SB and I basically just walked across the middle of the map to fight each other.

Round 3:
Sir D vs SB
Me vs Blubberguy22 at Platypus
(Sir H & Hufflemoon had to leave)

I had played Platypus with Sir D with this spider army about 1-2 months before, so at least I was a little familiar with this. Met Blubberguy22 for the first time, I think he took a 1.5 hour drive to meet us to play scape today, pretty cool of him! We ended up having to reverse the whip this game:

Me - Roman Legionnaires x2, Marcus, Roman Archers x2, Ne-Gok-Sa
Blubberguy22 - Spiders x5, Wyvern x2 (drop 1 spider)

I have some experience with the romans because my wife practically insists on using them and 10th reg every time I play with her. Pregame looking at this matchup, I figured I had a decent plan to win; I would ball my units up to keep shield wall and Marcus active, try to prevent spider web attempts where possible, and use my hopefully well protected archers to pick off spiders or launch special attack at nearby Wyverns.

I still can’t remember who won first round init here either, but we both were pretty slow about moving our armies forward. I think I ended taking 1-2 attacks against spiders with my archers and getting a kill before the end of second round. I was happy in the position I was in at the end of second round, though. It didn’t seem apparent to me how Blubberguy could get webs on me easily, and I had some high ground and pretty good protection with shield wall Legos surrounding Marcus + NGS, and archers behind. Blubberguy had to find a way to engage with his melee army, but we talked and it seemed like it would be hard to safely engage, since he had no range and no way to really force me to do anything but ball up and shoot arrows at him until he decided to charge in.

Thus, perhaps at the beginning of the next round(?) Blubberguy flies a wyvern into a small opening I left next to Marcus + 2 romans, and Wyvern attacks MDG. I don’t remember exact numbers but I think the first attack nailed two wounds, and Blubberguy moved some spiders in on the other side of the map to bite at the lego on the high spaces between the glaciers. The position that I left open for the Wyvern meant that I could roll Marcus attack as well as a 4 dice lego attack and a 5 dice lego attack in retaliation, however my next OM was on archers, who shot a stinky 2 skull special attack at the wyvern, which felt like a total waste of a turn. I think I ended up killing the first wyvern in 2-3 Oms of attacks, while MDG took maybe 3 wounds total, lucky I didn’t face any all skulls attacks. While the Romans were fighting the first wyvern, I believe it was around this time that Blubberguy snuck 1-2 spiders around my far left and killed 1-2 archers that were a bit unprotected.

Blubberguy goes in after MDG with the his second Wyvern. I take it down in the same manner, although by the time the wyvern goes down, MDG either dies or takes 5 wounds… I can’t remember, but MDG didn’t really have a role in the rest of the game, anyway. Spiders were also all over my roman ball, there were at least a couple of times where I wish I put Oms on legos, but instead I had them on archers. On at least 2 occasions I moved archers a bit forward and into direct engagement with spiders to not only get on even ground, but also bypass jungle defense bonus. It seemed to work well enough. By the time the dust had settled, I think I had 2 legos and 3 archers left, as well as a fully healthy NGS, and I think Blubberguy had about 4 spiders left, which were towards his sz and not immediately threatening to me.

At that point, I knew I could just dump Oms on legos and move NGS in to battle the spiders. I seriously don’t remember how the game went down from here, but I did end up killing the remaining spiders without much further loss. I had at least 2 archers, 2 legos, and NGS standing at the end. Was a very tense game, I’m glad MDG didn’t get murdered early, I think I exposed him to just enough danger to make use of his bonuses and allow legos and archers to do the heavy lifting.

3-0, score!

After the mock GenCon games were over, I played two friendlies with SB at Platypus, since we still had about 1.25 hours:

SB - Spiders x5, Wyvern x2 (drop 1 spider)
Me - Deathchasers x3, Nerak, Me-Burq-Sa, Theracus, Major X17

I think I own either 2 or 3 sets of DCOT, but I don’t recall ever using them, so I figured I’d give the battle rush orcs a shot, since the power sounds so cool. I moved my 9 chasers into the battlefield with their power and we began. SB split his figures across the map while I funneled basically my whole army into one side and ran through that part of his army with Nerak boosted chasers and occasional MBS endearing stare. This first game ended up being pretty one-sided, I never moved Theracus or the Major and won with reasonable army strength remaining.

We had time for a second game, so SB and I played the same matchup again. I decided that I would be intentional with moving Theracus and Major this game (I’ve never used X17 myself) to see what they could do. SB originally opened the same way he did in our previous game, splitting his army up and going down both sides of the map, but probably by the end of first round or beginning of second he realized he would be beat to a pulp again, and retreated basically everything except one wyvern back near his sz. I swarmed the single wyvern on height and took it down in a few oms, and SB huddled his spiders and lone wyvern near his sz.

And suddenly at this point SB decided he wanted to show me his true power level….

I used 2 oms to fly Theracus and my robot from my sz and into the edge of the spider ball, while SB grabbed a chaser with the wyvern and destroyed him near the safety of spiders. SB then used his spiders to begin attacking X17, scoring a wound. MBS shoots at wyvern for no damage, while the (~5 remaining) chasers struggle a little to get into engagement, but I do start pounding spiders. SB uses wyvern to grab and kill another chaser, and 3 spider attacks somehow manage to get through X17’s defense for his final four wounds when I blank twice on defense, useless hunk of crap he was. I try MBS > wyvern again, but still not getting damage even with my height, while chasers hit a couple more spiders. It was looking bad, I think my Nerak/Theracus positioning may have made it too hard for my chasers to get in and get kills in a reasonable time/manner, and SB was pulling out the big brain plays, keeping his wyvern relatively safe from harm; it broke my dbz scouter.

The endgame phase ends up looking like MBS + 2 life Nerak + 1 chaser + Theracus vs 3 life wyvern + 6 spiders. SB wins init and kills my last chaser and surrounds Nerak, but luckily I only had my X on chasers, and instead all of my numbered Oms were on MBS, and I think I manage another 2 wounds against the wyvern here, while SB finishes Nerak and begins working on Theracus. MBS finally kills the freaking wyvern, while the spiders eat Theracus for dinner. With a little kiting/endearing stare to pick off stray spiders, I end up knocking the remaining population down to 4, but then it seemed my only option was to move MBS to high ground for a last stand, there was 1 same level adjacent hex, otherwise I had height advantage. Shamefully, MBS dies without killing another spider…

Was a fun night, thanks for hosting, Sir D, and thanks blubberguy for coming!

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