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Re: [Pod 1] UKUSHISA PRIDE (Blazing Firecats) - Playtesting

Second playtest on same map same teams
Map: Dance Of The Dryads
Glyphs: Unique Attack +1, Defense +1
400 point armies
Team 1: Ukushisa Pride(100), Mika Connour, Feral Troll, Krav Maga Agents
Team 2: Iron Golem, 2x Marro Stingers, 2x Marrden Hounds

Match report:This time theb Krav moved out first, but only killed 3 before lossing 2 members to Stingers. This allowed the Hounds to rush into Team 1's start zone and killed 1 Ukushisa. The Ukushisa were then activated and used [Blaze] which killed 1 Hound. Second Blaze killed 1 Stinger and 3rd Blaze killed 1 Hound (80 killed in total)
The last Ukushisa was a good block for Troll and Mika to move and clean up the remaining Hounds. Iron Golem was too strong for a wounded Troll and also the remaining Ukushisa.

Units that survived: 1 Stinger and Full Life Iron Golem.

Thoughts on both tests: Team 2 was probably a stronger team and Stinger Drain and Pack Movement were consistent. On this map the Ukushisa didn't need to worry about lava and Team 2 were at risk from height attacks from Ukushisa on lava spaces. You really want to use up [Blaze] markers as quickly as possible to get the full effect.
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