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Re: [Pod 1] UKUSHISA PRIDE (Blazing Firecats) - Playtesting

Map: Artifact at Forgotten Lake.
Glyphs: Wannok, Attack+1, Initiative+8
600 point armies.
Team 1: Ukushisa Pride(100), Avernus, Kurrok, 7x Fire Elementals
Team 2: Su-Bak-Na 2x Nagrubs, 2x Havech Eradicators, Hercules

Match report: Eradicators and Fire Elementals try to get field position for their sides. Eradicators reach the Attack+1 which helped to kill 2 Fires. Fires fought back removing the Attack+1 holder and taking out 2 other Eradicators. After 1st round 3 fires lost and 3 Eradicators lost. Eradicators advanced close to opponents start zone so Ukushisa Pride could reach without needing to Inflame. 1 Eradicator was killed by a normal attack from a Ukushisa. The other to positioned on the road which made Inflame more useful attacking wise. Su and the grubs started to move in and were met by some Inflaming.
1st Inflame: Killed 1 Eradicator, 1 Nagrub.
2nd Inflame: Killed 1 Eradicator other 2 rushed in to deal 1 wound on Su and Hercules.
3rd Inflame: Only 2 Ukashisa left killed 1 Nagrub blocked attack from Hercules.
Su-Bak-Na killed 2 Ukushisa quickly. Also killed a few elementals with support from grubs to reach Kurrok and then Avernus who only lasted 2 attacks. Su and grubs had wiped out the oppostion appart from the last Ukushisa who defended 3 rounds of attacks from 2 grubs while the rest of the team was being decimated by Su. Once activated the Ukushisa killed both grubs, but couldn't survive against Hercules.

Units that survived: Hercules (1 wound) Su-Bak-Na (3wounds)

Thoughts on Ukushisa Pride: They killed 130 points and defended well against Team 2's squads. However they defended more against Nagrubs and were easily killed by large attacks from Su and Hercules. Inflame was powerful, but not overpowering. It was also a fun simple power that plays well.
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