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Re: Buffalo NY - NHSD - Mixed Marvel!

Here's my summary of the night:

10-19 Battle Report – NHSD at Casual Dragon – Mixed Marvel

We had 7 participants (2 of our expected 9 had to drop last moment) for our game day, including one guy, SB, who has owned Heroscape for years, but has never played it by the rules! So, we split into a 2v2 game and a 1v1 game.

I sat with SB and Salty at the 1v1 game on Shadow Crypt, where I walked SB and Salty through how to play, since Salty needed a small refresher anyway. Salty was using the 1200 point Thanos as a solo card, but we negated his rewritten death ability, to significantly reduce the difficulty to kill him. SB used a team of Iron Man Mk IV (I think? It was the C3G one with the Uni-Beam and Repulsor attacks) and 2 squads of Sentinels of Jandar. Salty chose to start with the Soul and Time infinity gems in his gauntlet, while the Power, Space, Mind, and Reality gems were randomly scattered across the middle of the map.

Thanos (with Time + Soul Gem in gauntlet)
Iron Man, Sentinels of Jandar x2

I randomly placed 2 Oms per card for SB, just to show him the ropes. Salty wins init and opens up the game by grabbing the Power gem, and then he shoots an angel down and takes his soul with the soul gem. Using Time gem, he reveals his X marker, grabs the Space gem, and fails to kill another angel. SB takes an elevation boosted melee attack against Thanos with Iron Man, deals some damage, and knocks the gauntlet out of Thanos’ hands. Salty responds by walking up to even height, but fails to damage Stark. Angels come flying toward the middle to back Iron Man up at this point, but their 1 range and 4 move is atrocious and unable to get them in range for attack. Thanos then disengages (I forget if wound is dealt) and grabs the gauntlet again. He fails to destroy an angel with his normal attack, but he uses the soul of the first angel he killed to launch an attack against another angel, and that nails a kill. The final turn of the round sees Stark flying on top of a cryptolith and using his Uni-Beam special attack to hit Thanos down below. He lands a wound, but SB rolls a natural 20 and Iron Man loses ALL of his powers for the remainder of the game, ouch.

Salty decides to use his 1 and his X in the next round to destroy the cryptolith that Iron Man is standing on, and it causes Stark to take a wound for falling damage in the process, since he no longer has super strength. I believe SB uses Stark and throws punches at Thanos here, and on Salty’s OM 2, he uses Space gem to teleport Thanos across the map next to the Mind gem. SB’s OM 2 sees Angels covering more ground as they chase the speedy and erratic Thanos. Thanos grabs the mind gem, and I think he kills an angel and takes his soul. SB walks Iron Man up the nearby cliff and grabs the Reality gem, as that is the last gem needed before Thanos can Snap! Thanos shoots at an angel, but it is blocked. I believe SB’s OM 3 was still just Angels traveling across the map.

Salty wins init again, and for OM1 he uses Space gem to teleport near SB’s start zone, and then he reveals the X to knockout an angel out with savage 8 attack dice in close combat. Stark uses his full 6 move to reach Thanos and deliver a wound with his normal attack, but Thanos swings right back for a wound. Angels are just chugging along, they can’t catch Thanos, and in the meantime he destroys Iron Man out with a bone-shattering punch, Reality stone laying on the ground now. I believe one angel engages and takes a swing at Thanos, but to no avail. At the end of this round, I believe it is two angels vs Thanos with 2 remaining life.

SB wins init, but his second angel is still two spaces out from engagement, and his engaged angel doesn’t land a wound. Thanos punches the angel out and then uses the Time gem to grab the Reality gem, and he now wields all six infinity stones. The last angel flies in and MAXES OUT his roll, but it is only enough to land a single wound. Oof. Thanos snaps, half of life is erased, but it does not exterminate the lone angel, as the angel just swings and swings at Thanos and can’t find an opening. Thanos uses Space gem to teleport atop a cryptolith to end the round, this forces the angel to have to destroy the cryptolith in order for him to engage and even take a swing at Thanos.

Within the following round, a one life Thanos finds himself victorious atop his 2 life cryptolith, dusting half of the universe and destroying his foes in battle, just another successful day in the life of a villain.

While the 1v1 was happening: At Sir Dendrik’s table it was a 2v2 mixed marvel assassination game on Pure Gold, where one team had to assassinate Spider-Man, while the other had to kill Hawkeye. This game finished before the Thanos game did. One piece that I saw, Spider-Man had picked up a defense +1 treasure glyph, while Isamu failed to pickup another glyph. I think the game had ended with a 1 life Spidey finishing off Hawkeye for the win. It sounded like most of Spidey’s team died quickly (and it looks like they did based on this picture)

After the first set of games completed, we swapped it up. We had Lady D and Salty play JR and XR in a 2v2 on Ruined City, where they played the Marvel vs DC battle, I believe they played approximately 675 points per team, split between each team player however they wished. Spoiler alert, DC wins, C3G Flash and Green Lantern OP. I didn’t get any pictures of that one, sorry. I hear that the Flash was super annoying with using his attacks and then running behind walls to hide from Silver Surfer and Punisher’s ranged attacks. Also, Green Lantern rolled his “extra attack/turn” ability (I forget the name of it) like 3-4 times in a row, which sealed the deal.

At Pure Gold, Sir D, SB, and I played a 2v1, Sir D played alone, but controlled two sets of armies/Oms to keep it even. We still stuck to the draft pool, 500 points per team, and assassinate enemy marvel character scenario. SB saw Deathwalker and Roman Archers and just had to have them. I drafted Hawkeye and a beautiful Feral Troll. Sir D drafted Mystique, Johnny Shotgun, and Isamu for one army, and then 2 squads of Ashra, 2 squads of Death Knights, and Dumutef Guard for his second army, thus, we are looking at:

DW9K, Roman Archers x2, Hawkeye, and Feral Troll
Mystique, Johnny Shotgun, Isamu, Warriors of Ashra x2, Death Knights x2, Dumutef Guard

Sir D spawned Johnny Shotgun in the middle, and I realized we had to spread our army out in our start zone. Sir D won initiative, and used the shotgun aoe to hit three roman archers, but as luck would have it, he rolled one skull for the attack, and SB rolled one shield for two of the three romans. I walk the troll up and swing at Johnny for maybe a wound or two, and then the Ashra ladies being moving across the map. SB walks Deathwalker right up to Johnny Shotgun and kills him on a maxed out attack roll, my goodness. I think these first few rolls were foreshadowing how the dice were going to be for Sir D the rest of the game. I think Sir D lost an OM on Johnny, so I jumped my troll on the road, while ashra did the same on the other side, and roman archers began their climb onto dungeon spaces.

I moved my gorgeous troll up onto the highest two space road piece in the middle, where he was met by ashra, and Mystique took some shots at him, but I think Sir D couldn’t bring himself to harm such beauty, rolling 0 skulls on her ranged attack at him at least once, maybe twice. SB used 9K to blow up 3 ashra ladies on the road, it worked really well. I do specifically remember moving Hawkeye up just behind the troll, thinking that with his close quarters expert auto shield and his special attack, I wouldn’t have to worry about ashra messing him up.

The moment I went to use Hawkeye’s special attack was a shocker… I didn’t remember the “non-adjacent” part of it until I started reading his special attack on my turn after an ashra engaged. I wasn’t going to try and kill ashra with a normal attack, so I disengage Hawkeye, escaping unwounded, moved into shadow and used his special attack. Targeted 2 ashra and Mystique with it, rolled and hit all of them for one wound each. Sir D moved the last ashra to chase down Hawkeye, but she was killed by the disengage attack when she ran past the Feral Troll, and that spelled the end of the ashra for this match.

Roman Archers volley at Mystique, but arrows go wildly off target with 0 skulls rolled on 6 dice. Sir D makes a calculated move, engaging Mystique into an archer that is standing right next to Wannok, leaving Mystique on a shadow space. Due to Mystique’s extremely unique abilities, she is unable to be targeted by non-adjacent attacks while she is engaged with an enemy, yet she can also freely shoot whoever she wants while she is engaged. So, Sir D shoots at Hawkeye and I believe gets his first wound against him here.

I believe for another 2-3 turns, Mystique sits next to that archer and keeps shooting at Hawkeye, getting another wound in, but also blanking on 4 dice in there. With the ashra dead in the second army, Sir D rolled Dumutef and Death Knights out, threatening Hawkeye’s new position in shadow. I had to ask SB to spend a turn moving Roman Archers in front to be meat shields for Hawkeye, since he had two life left and I had no more OMs on him. SB just had to use arrow volley on the Dumutef, who was some spaces ahead of the DKs. SB nails the kill, while the troll with 5 wounds jumps into shadow and takes some swings at Mystique over a few turns, restoring his beautiful body all the while.

Around this point, Mystique goes down, but we continue to play out the rest of the game, since Casual Dragon would close in 30 minutes and we wouldn’t have time for another game. Sir D brought Isamu and his 4 DKs into the fray, although Isamu immediately died to the roman arrow volley. DKs met the now two wound troll in the middle, and very quickly brought him back up to 5 wounds. Somehow, or for some reason that I don’t remember, SB had moved 9K into engagement with the DKs, and he used explosion on an engaged DK on two separate occasions. I believe for both of the explosions, he rolled one skull, but miraculously Sir D blanked on at least one DK while defending each explosion, thus two DKs go down in the round.

With my troll at 5 wounds and surrounded by Death Knights, I contemplated dumping my OMs on him or just using Hawkeye. The sucker that I am, I put 1, 2, and 3 on troll. Perhaps in a small swing of luck that Sir D needed, he wins initiative and manages to kill the troll with the 3 skulls rolled out of his 4 total dice chucked at the troll via the DKs. So, the remainder of the round sees a squad of DKs trying to cut through 9K’s defense, but in the end they fail to do it. 9K stands proud in the middle of the map at the end of this game, he probably doesn’t get to do that very often…

Thanks again Sir D for bringing the map! It was a fun night.

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