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Re: The Book of Bumblebee (Public Testing)

Here is my 2nd test for Bee.

Spoiler Alert!

Army Test 3
- Does it pass, Yes or No? Yeah, he's way more interesting now.

- What should be the unit's point value? Might be worth more than 190 now, this was a pretty big win even if it was in large part do to some crazy good luck at a key moment.
- Give a brief preview. Trying the updated Bee with a stat booster as his ally. I think Iíll lead out with Prime in R1, then in R2 have Bee charge into battle and drop Cap off into engagement, if possible, where his counterstrike power can get to work while boosting Bee & Prime. Punisher rounds out the team since his Assault Rifle will like getting juiced up, but heíll mostly play a back-up role here initially. Going with the WC again here, but this time they have brought Ozy along as their ally so he can mess with Primeís OM placement bonuses. This means that Bee might try to race past the WC and go right after Ozy if possible since he has disengage now on the second move.
Map: Island Plane Crash
Units: Bumblebee@190, Optimus Prime, Capt. America (Hasbro), Punisher@180 (1000) vs. Wrecking Crew, Ozy (1000)
Spoiler Alert!

Recap: R1T3, Bee fell to the WC already, their d20 was red hot and combined with Ozy stealing OM1 from Prime they just rolled up and crushed the little VW Bug. Restarted the game from scratch as a result, damage taken in blue was from first attempt. Halfway through the next game I realize Ozy canít steal OMís while Prime is around, thatís what I get for not reading through all the cards again prior to starting up, so I restarted this game a 3rd time. 2nd game Bee events in orange. 3rd game was a big win for the Autobots, some of it due to some very fortunate luck when Bee rolled 11 skulls on 12 dice in one activation. That knocked out Wrecker (along with OM3) and put a big hurting on Tunderball. They also had some clutch def. rolls. Before that big turn by Bee it felt pretty even as the WC were chipping away at Prime, but it was also fairly early in the game. Ozy didnít pull his weight here with Prime blocking his most useful power the whole game, I should have swapped him out for someone like Lizard once I remembered Prime was a hard counter for him. Even so Punisher never left the SZ in this one so had Bee still had that crazy run of skulls it wouldnít have mattered who filled those last 200 points.

Army Test 4
- Does it pass, Yes or No? Yes, 100% yes.
- What should be the unit's point value? This one came right down to the wire, so 190 might just be spot on, but he was feeling more like a 200 point figure for his part in all of this. Now that he has a double melee attack, combined with a bonus move that has disengage, heís feeling much more on par with the likes of a Bug or Conan. Iíd error high here since I never did get to make use of the Optics power, more Transformers coming down the pipeline might make that power more useful as well as the OM move one.
- Give a brief preview. Decided to just try and test the optics power by pairing Bee up with just the 4 range Megatron here instead of both him and Soundwave. Then I used the points I would have spent on Soundwave to test out my Cable idea. Bee will carry Cable forward and drop him on high ground early, so then he can bring Domino up by not moving. Bee may then charge the enemy and try to keep them away from the Mercs. Ragdoll is going to hitch a ride with Bee and help tie down opponents. Then Megatron can move up and hopefully use the Optics bonus to lay waste to the Fan6, high defense or not. Since Bee can go after Sue now by turning into a car, the Fan6 may have to focus on taking him down first so he may not stick around long enough to boost Tronís range.
Map: Island Plane Crash
Units: Bumblebee@190, Megatron, Cable, Domino, Ragdoll (1200) vs. Fan4, Iceman, Wasp (1200)
Spoiler Alert!

Recap: This was one of the most epic & exhilarating games Iíve played in a long time. Bee raced out and dropped Cable off on the very top of the plane tail, with Ragdoll hitching a ride too. Then Cable just stayed put for the rest of the game and moved Domino up as well as moved some OMís around. That is the most use Iíve gotten out of his leadership power ever. It was an interesting army build because Bee could also move an OM to Tron if he wanted to, and I set myself up to do just that. The plan was to have Tron suddenly move up and blast someone using Bee Optics power, but I was having so much fun and success with Bee chasing Sue around that Bee just ended up keeping the OM for himself. It really was quite a blast trying to figure out how Reed was going to save Sue from getting run down by Bee. He succeeded too because Bee became the primary target and Johnny had to go Supernova to take him out. Then Cableís dice turned to crap and he fell without doing any new damage. Ben Clobbered Ragdoll, then Domino fell right after. It was looking pretty bleak for Tron but he threw down with Ben and came out the victor. Then finished off Johnny and took out a full life Iceman. Wasp finally put an end to his reign of terror for a thrilling finish to a great game.
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