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Re: The Book of Phoenix Force: Playtesting

Here you go!


Army Test
Map: Ruined Pier (ARV map) - Glyph of Wannok (Wound) is in the suggested position, and the other Glyph is face-down and randomly drawn from a Glyph pool of; Astrid (Attack +1), Valda (Move +2), Dagmar (Initiative +, and Lodin (Lucky 20-sider)
Units: Team 1 (1,540): Phoenix Force (1,200), Mr. Sinister (340)
Team 2 (1,530): Star-Lord (250), Gamora II (300), Drax II (350), Rocket Raccoon II (195), Groot II (105), Lobo (330)

Spoiler Alert!

Phoenix Fire plus Healing Factor is scary for sure, but it doesn’t feel broken. The Guardians had more than enough firepower to take the empowered Sinister out. Sinister didn’t get a chance to place any of his markers, despite multiple attempts.

Army Test
Map: Ruined Pier (ARV map) – No Glyphs
Units: Team 1 (1,715): Phoenix Force (1,200), Jean Grey (180), Gypsy (180), Mirage (155)
Team 2 (1,720): Cosmic Boy (260), Brainiac 5 (130), Mon-El (390), Wildfire (280), Timber Wolf (260), Karate Kid (230), Bouncing Boy (170)

Spoiler Alert!

Not a great showing here, obviously. Basically, at the start of the game, Gypsy moved up to the middle high point of the map. While Mon-El came to meet her, Wildfire snuck round the back and started attacking the PF. (with his ranged SA to avoid Fire) Mon-El quickly gave up on Gypsy and moved to take out her fellow Telepaths. Now Gypsy had a choice; protect the other Telepaths, protect the Phoenix, or try to kill Cosmic Boy and the other Legionnaires sitting in their SZ. She made a run at the Legionnaires, but after Wildfire started doing serious damage to the Phoenix, she fled to protect it. Jean and Mirage went down with very little fight, so the Phoenix and Gypsy withdrew into a corner where it would be harder to get at them, with Gypsy casting illusions to protect them both. Timber Wolf snuck in however, and took them out.

Having 3 Telepaths was hard here. The Avatar can only be in one place at a time, so an opponent’s unit can easily fly in and wreak havoc on the others in your SZ. I also think making Gypsy the first Avatar was a mistake. She’s basically invincible, so the Legion basically had no choice but to rush the SZ to take out the Phoenix, which didn’t end up working well for Team Phoenix.

Luck was with the Legion this game for sure. They just got really good dice rolls on a few occasions. They also had enough range to easily avoid Phoenix Fire.

THOUGHTS ON THE TESTED UNIT'S COST, BALANCE, & DRAFTABILITY: I think the Gypsy/Phoenix combo is really powerful and will define this unit, possibly at the expense of more thematic combos or fun combos. (Phoenix Sinister was a blast!) It’s the kind of cheese that most people won’t want to play though, so maybe it doesn’t matter that much.

Balance-wise, I personally think 1,200 is right, if not too high. If your enemy is determined to run head-first into combat against the Avatar, then yeah they’re going to lose. But if they’re smart, bring some ranged units, and choose when to hit the Avatar vs. when to go for the Force itself, I think the opponent has a very good chance of taking the Phoenix out.

GENERAL THOUGHTS ON THE TESTED UNIT: At first, I thought the Phoenix staying on the battlefield was a bit odd, but it leads to some nice gameplay choices and helps avoid cheese. Phoenix Force is fun, and I’ll definitely bring out that Mr. Sinister combo again in the future.
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