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Re: The Book of Megatron - Breathing

Spoiler Alert!

Army Test 1
- Give a brief preview. Testing Megtrons Conquer synergy here to make sure there are no issues and see how strong it feels. The fact that the Invaders need to engage to attack plays right into Megatron’s Cower power. Grundy’s job is to go out and fight on the front lines initially, then once he falls he can return to play adj. to Megatron all set up for some pistol action. Asguard is what Megatron has his sights set on, so Thor and Sif have arrived to defend their home. Thor being Valiant will help keep him from losing OM’s, while the Warriors’ shield wall will try and hold back the Invaders, and Sif is ready to step up should Thor fall.
Map: Hills and Pools
Units: Megatron@410, Arthrian Invaders x4, Solomon Grundy (C3G) (1420) vs. Thor, Sif, Asguardian Warrior x4 (1420)
Spoiler Alert!

Recap: The Asguardians are really quite mobile and quickly take over the top 7 hexes of a hill outside of Megatrons SZ, winning initiative in the first two rounds and lots of skulls for Sif certainly helped. Thor takes a big hit early from Megatron though, and even though he wanted to fly over and smack him back with his hammer, Thor knew he had to help his allies thin out the Invaders first since the warriors only get 1 att. per OM. Thor took out 3 of the Invaders and dropped a lightning bolt on Megatron, but was barely hanging on to life at the end of R2. He got all the OMs in R3, knowing Sif would get them if he were to fall. Megatron complied and destroyed Thor at the start of R3, thinking he could intimidate Sif if the OM’s were on her card, but failed his rolls. Sif cut down 4 Invaders, then charged Megatron. Megatron wins initiative and takes out OM1 the old fashioned way, he takes out Sif. Grundy almost takes out a Warrior in one hit, but then another Warrior finishes him off. Megatron blast the Warrior with 2 OM’s on it’s card, killing him and knocking out OM3 in the process. Megatron manages to win initiative and kill the OM3 holding warrior with his OM3 turn again, Megatron is down to just 1 life though. The Warriors have 3 chances to take Megatron out here but just can’t score that final W, it’s Megtron’s defense that shows up strong here, blocking a couple of 3 skull attacks. Grundy pops back up again to make matters worse. There is just 1 Warrior left now and he’s surrounded, he wins initiative though and throws down 3 skulls on 5 dice to KO Megatron! OM1 was lost, but Grundy has OM2 & 3 on his card and he smashes the last Warrior.
- Does it pass, Yes or No? yes
- What should be the unit's point value? Megatron’s att. dice were really hot for the first 2/3 of this game, then they cooled off a bit but then his defense dice were solid up until the last roll. In a complete turnaround, his d20 rolls were just awful and he only removed 1OM, which was the X. So I saw the good and bad here. The conquer synergy is pretty good, as Megatron’s big ranged att. of 7 combined with 2 att. of 4 from the Invaders can wear anyone down, but it’s also pretty expensive so it should be good. Thinking he might be a bit stronger than Prime after this one, even though this game at 410 was fairly close.
Army Test 2
- Give a brief preview. Megatron intends to conquer and rule over Madripoor, but Madripoor’s own have assembled to stop him. Elektra will be Viper’s contract, allowing them to bond with each other, while the Silver Samurai and Gorgon will bond with the Yakuza. Viper can also bond with the Yakuza should it come to that. Ant-Man and the Fire Ants are there just to try and engage some units for an cheap way to add to Megatron’s Cower bonus, the rest of the team are also happy to be engaged with a little fighter squad. Plan here is to send out the Fighters and Ant-Man first, than Megatron can enter the battle once some of them have become engaged and start knocking off OM’s.
Map: Hills and Pools
Units: Megatron@420, Ant-Man (Pym), Fire Ants x3, Luke Cage, Tigra, Swordsman (1000) vs. Viper, Elektra, Silver Samurai, Gorgon, Yakuza x2 (1020)
Spoiler Alert!

Recap: Ant-Man and the Ants ploy didn’t pay off as they were all killed before Megatron could make use of their engagement, they did score 1W on Silver Samurai though so it wasn’t a complete loss. The Silver Samurai and Elektra go after Luke with Viper backing them up with some ranged attacks and Luke soon falls. I found it interesting that you want to try and intimidate early in the round when OM’s are available to be removed, and the SA late in the round when all the OM’s might be revealed, but then that gives your opponent all round to try to get engaged with Megatron to prevent the SA. Ended up using is early in R4 as the 10 att. dice seemed like better odds and he did take out Silver Samurai, but not before Tigra got cut to ribbons, which let Elektra take her down (and OM2) with a single skull. Megatron then puts Elektra down. It’s not looking good here for Megatron at the start of R5. He’s got 5W’s and a full life Swordsman to take out full life Gorgon, Viper, & 2 Yakuza with full clips. Megatron’s dice (both att. and def.) continue their poor performance and by the end of the round a Yakuza has engaged him. Gorgon enters combat in R6 and dispatches Megatron, then finishes off Swordsman with the help of a Yakuza. I think the Madripoor crew won every initiative roll but one in this game.
- Does it pass, Yes or No? yes, no issues
- What should be the unit's point value? The hot dice from the last game didn’t carry over here at all, Megatron rolled pretty terribly on both att. and def. in this one and it shows in the final results. Ended up placing a lot more OM’s on his allies cards in this one, and when he did have an OM he often used the pistol power, so only 2 attempts were made to remove OM’s. I’m going to just keep with the testing schedule I had laid out and try him at 430 next even after this big loss at 420, he can’t possibly roll that poorly with his SA again and it seemed scary rolling all those dice.
Army Test 3
- Give a brief preview. Wreck-Gar is filling in as a Decepticon ally here, one who can heal the fellow Cybertronian, while Hush is playing the role of Robot Master, he’ll be getting all of the OM’s and dictating which Robot goes when. Catwoman then gets to stray about and stick close enough to Megatron to use his pistol as needed. Prime has recruited some humans to help him stop this menace, Cable & Domino will both really like the attack bonuses CA & Prime can grant, while Wasp is just going to buzz around trying to drop some auto-wounds. Prime will be Hush’s vendetta.
Map: Hills and Pools
Units: Megatron@430, Wreck-Gar, Hush, Catwoman (1200) vs. Optimus Prime, Capt. America (C3G), Cable, Domino, Wasp I (1200)
Spoiler Alert!

Recap: Wreck-Gar ends up dropping a tree on Wasp for the first fatality, killing her at range without attacking her. Wreck-Gar & Tron were set up on a hill and opted to use Wreck-Gar’s ranged att. to harass the Avengers, knowing that Cap & Prime would eventually end up charging them. This works with the lone exceptions that Wreck-Gar had to keep taking the turns, as he needed to heal constantly, so Megatron didn’t really get a chance to do much early in the game. Wreck-Gar gave up taking shots from HG to engage with Prime and make use of his multiple att. power. He hit Prime for a big 4W’s right away, but then Domino got the bonuses from Prime and Cap and took Wreck-Gar down. Tron sees Prime is wounded and blast him, but Prime hangs on. Prime then engages Megatron and nails him in the face. Tron is dazed and confused as he can’t finish off a 1 life Prime in the next 3 att. Tron wins initiative though and finally puts Prime down. Cap engages Tron right away though so he can’t use his pistol mode, then Cable finishes him off. It took a while but Domino eventually finished off Catwoman & Hush for the win.
- Does it pass, Yes or No? Yes, although I’m feeling like the d20 power needs a slight buff as it doesn’t come into play as much as I thought it would.
- What should be the unit's point value? Megatron’s very poor dice rolling from the last game carried over into this one, plus I think I misplayed this army pretty badly. In retrospect I should have kept Megatron in the SZ and blitzed Wreck-Gar out for some adj. attacks instead of leaving him on HG. Then Catwoman should have been the second one out to slow down the Avengers advance. Suffice to say, Megatron is worth more than these last two tests are showing, but even so I’m not sure if he might also be closer to 410 after all. When played head to head vs. Prime, I found his lower move (5 v. 6) and lower range (4 vs. 5) did have a noticeable impact on each unit’s performance. Def & Life are the same, att. averaged out to be the same (7 vs. 6 ranged, 7 vs. 8 melee). Megatron’s SA & OM removal have more potential than Primes att. boosting power, but are also not super easy to pull off.

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