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Grison rolls all skulls baby! Grison rolls all skulls baby! Grison rolls all skulls baby! Grison rolls all skulls baby! Grison rolls all skulls baby!
Smile Grison's 2/6/23 Tradelist - *HAVE C3V Confrontation Minis*


Valhalla Customs (C3V/SoV)Classic 'Scape
  • Wave 1 & 2 Common Squads, complete or not, with or without cards
    (I'm trying to build "starter collections" that I can give away to beginning local players, so cheap/free and useful are the priorities.)


Valhalla Customs (C3V/SoV)
  • Nhah Scirh Cultists (5.5 squads)
    • 8 figures: Confrontation - Clones Unit Box (new in box)
    • 8 figures: Confrontation - Crossbowmen Unit Box (figures only)
    • 6 figures: Confrontation - Sentinels Unit Box (figures only)
  • Varkaanan Greyspears
    • 4 figures: Confrontation - Hunters Unit Box (figures only)
  • Varkaanan Swiftfangs
    • 4 figures: Confrontation - Fangs Unit Box (new in box)
  • Varkaanan Quickblades
    • 3 figures: Confrontation - Shadow Trackers Unit Box (new in box)
  • Bahadur and Manauvi
    • 2 figures: Confrontation - Throne of Stars Hero Box (new in box)
  • Alternate Varkanaan Swiftfangs or Darkclaws
    • 3 figures: Confrontation - Great Fangs Unit Box (new in box)
    • These would make good proxies for either unit.
      Spoiler Alert!
  • Alternate Marro Gnids (2 squads)
    • 8 figures: Confrontation - Phemera Alpha Unit Box (new in box)
    • These are basically the same sculpts, but in a different color scheme.
      Spoiler Alert!
  • Z'Thoth, Mouth of the Abyss (figure)
  • Rectangular (Artscow) Army Cards for C3V & SoV (3 sets available)
    Spoiler Alert!

Classic 'Scape
  • Runa (with card)
  • Khosumet (with card)
  • Deathwalker 8000 (no card)
  • Dund (no card)
  • Shiori (no card)
  • SOTM Raelin (no card)
  • 2 x Sonlen (no card)
  • 2x SOTM Sgt. Drake (no card)
  • Various specific classic Heroscape orphans, if you're missing specific figures. (Includes Aubriens, Gladiatrons, Sentinels, Macdirks, and others.)

Other Stuff
  • Glacier Mountains (3D-Printed in translucent ice color) - Standard Tundra set: 3 x 1-hex, 1 each of 3/4/6-hex, plus matching 3D-printed ice bases. Multiples, or a different mix of sizes available if needed. (trade only)
  • Rock Outcrops (3D-Printed in stone gray) - Standard Underdark set: 3 x 1-hex, 1 x 3-hex, plus 3D-printed shadow bases. Multiples, or a different mix of sizes available if needed. I can also print these in 4 & 6-hex glacier sizes. (trade only)
  • Lots of other Confrontation unit boxes (in other words, good customs fodder or possible C3V proxies). Includes Templars Unit Box, Spearmen Attachment Box, Temple of the North Hero Box, Demon Hunters Unit Box, Fusiliers Unit Box, Griffin Cannon, Hybrids Alpha Attachment Box, Wolfen Fangs and Great Fangs Attachment Boxes.
    Spoiler Alert!

Happy 'scaping!
- Jeff

* Available: Confrontation & other minis for C3V units (various Varks, Cultists, Gnids, etc.) *
My Sale/Trade List
The Orphanage - HS Figure Exchange
(My available/wanted orphans)

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