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Re: The Book of Rocksteady - public playtesting

A playtest!

Originally Posted by Ericth74
Here are my results of the Rocksteady playtests. Let me know if you have any questions or need more info.


Army Test
Map: Ivy’s Playground
Units: Joker 140, Harley Quinn 130, Green Goblin, Dr Doom 245, Poison Ivy 165 vs Rocksteady, Speedball, Captain America, Bucky, Hawkeye II 160

Game 1:
Normal Attack Damage:
R2T2 Joker - 3 wounds reduced to 1 wound
R2T3 Joker - 5 wounds reduced to 1 wound
R4T2 Joker - 1 wound
R5T3 Poison Ivy - 1 wound
R6T3 Poison Ivy - 2 wounds

Clumsy Smash
Used 2 times moving enemies 3 total spaces but with no engagement strikes

Shoddy Gun Special Attack
Used 1 time, rolled 1 skull and 2 shields, could not use again - no wounds

Too Dumb to Fall
Did not come into play in this game


Round 1: Mostly movement, Hawkeye carried Rocksteady. Hawkeye gives Green Goblin a wound.

Round 2: Cap gives Dr Doom 2 wounds. Harley Quinn uses Simlex Bomb Special Attack putting 2 wounds on Rocksteady, and 1 wound on Hawkeye. Rocksteady gives Joker 3 wounds but he laughs it off for only one. Harley Quinn kills Hawkeye. Rocksteady attacks Joker for 5 wounds but again laughs it off for 1 wound.

Round 3: Cap gives Doom another wound. Dr Doom gives Cap 2 wounds back. Speedball gives Harley Quinn 2 wounds. Green Goblin puts a wound on Bucky. Harley Quinn gives 2 wounds to Speedball. Rocksteady attacks Speedball but it was blocked, Speedball moves 3 spaces.

Round 4: Dr Doom attacks Cap for 1 wound. Cap kills Dr Doom. Green Goblin gives Bucky 2 wounds. Rocksteady gives Joker another wound. Rocksteady disengages from Joker and takes a wound, attacks Joker with Shoddy Gun Special Attack, its blocked rolling 1 skull to 2 shields rendering the gun useless for the rest of the game.

Round 5: Green Goblin put a wound on Bucky. Speedball kills Harley Quinn, and puts a wound on Joker. Ivy puts a wound on Speedball. Rocksteady gives Ivy a wound and moves her 1 space away.

Round 6: Green Goblin kills Bucky. Cap gives Green Goblin a wound. Rocksteady attacks Ivy giving her 2 wounds and moving her 2 spaces.

Round 7: Green Goblin and Cap exchange giving each other wounds. Cap give Green Goblin another wound. Poison Ivy Seduces Rocksteady taking control of him.

Round 8: Green Goblin takes out Captain America.

Round 9: Green Goblin gives Speedball 2 wounds. Joker kills Speedball.

Who won? Dr Dooms team
List figures remaining in the winning army (include life remaining for heroes):
Poison Ivy: 3 of 6 life left
Joker 2 of 6 life left
Green Goblin 1 of 5 life left
Rocksteady 3 of 6 life left


Army Test
Map: Torrent Rocks
Units: Turtles and Master Splinter vs Rocksteady, Karai, Boomerang, Masahiro Arashi, Hand Mystics

Game 1:
Normal Attack Damage:
R3T3 - 2 wounds to Raphael reduced to 1 via Master Splinter adding a shield

Clumsy Smash
Used 1 time moving Raphael 1 space giving Master Splinter 1 wound

Shoddy Gun Special Attack
Used 2 times, inflicting 1 wound

Too Dumb to Fall
R3T1 Raphael kills Rocksteady, but ignores the wound
R4T1 Leonardo kills Rocksteady, but ignores wounds but is killed by Leonardo with his second attack

Recap: A Hand marker is placed on Rocksteady making him a Ninja and a Ruthless Personality

Round 1: Troop movement

Round 2: Rocksteady attacks Michelangelo but takes a counterstrike wound. Masahiro gives Michelangelo 2 wounds. Donatello uses Anti Grav to move Rocksteady onto an island and give him a wound. Rocksteady uses Shoddy Gun Special Attack and gives Michelangelo a wound. Masahiro attacks Michelangelo but takes 2 wounds in a counterstrike.

Round 3: Leo attack Masahiro, killing him. The Turtle use their Turtle Power and the other 3 turtle all attack Rocksteady, Mike does 2 wounds, Don and Raph each do 1, with the last attack doing enough to kill him but its ignored due to To Dumb to Fall. Karai kills Michelangelo from range. Rocksteady does 2 wounds to Raphael but Master Splinter adds a shield to Raph’s roll reducing it to 1 wound, Raph was moved one space via Clumsy Smash and put a wound on Master Splinter.

Round 4: Leo attacks Rocksteady and does 2 wounds that would take Rocksteady out, but they are ignored. Unfortunately Leo attacks a second time and puts Rocksteady down for good. Karai give Raph 2 wounds from range.

Round 5: Karai gives Raphael a wound from range. Karai engages Raphael and kills him moves 2 spaces and attacks Leo giving him a wound.

Round 6: Leo attacks Karai and gives her a wound, she moves away 1 space to avoid a second attack. Karai gives Leo another wound. Leo kills Karai. Don kills a Hand Mystic.

Round 7: Leo leaps to attack Boomerang doing 2 wounds and attacking again for 1 more wound. Boomerang give 1 wound to Leo. Leo kills Boomerang. Don kills another Hand Mystic.

Round 8: Don kills the last of the Hand Mystics.

Who won? Turtles
List figures remaining in the winning army (include life remaining for heroes):
Leo 2 of 5 life left
Don 4 of 4 life left
Master Splinter 3 of 4 life left

THOUGHTS ON THE TESTED UNIT'S COST, BALANCE, & DRAFTABILITY: I like Rocksteady a lot. I don’t know him from the comics but do remember him a little from the cartoon I watched as a kid. His bumbling nature shows up well in his card. At 300 points he certainly is a heavy hitter, having a big melee attack as well as the potential from extra wounds with Clumsy Smash. You need to account for where he is and where your figures are at all times. His range Special Attack is good as well and I really like the idea that it could break on him. His big defense, high life and To Dumb to Fall power make his survivability pretty high, no glass cannon here. His lack of real synergy at 300 points is tough, I had a harder time trying to find the right teammates than usual.
GENERAL THOUGHTS ON THE TESTED UNIT: Rocksteady is a really fun unit, unfortunately my playtests didn’t really let him shine. In fact the teams he went against were probably the worst match-ups for him. Getting mixed up with the Joker in game 1 negated his Clumsy Smash, and his high attack for that matter. And in game 2 Donatello’s Anti Grav glyph was able to move him to an island, where he was forced to stop his movement once he hit the water and force him to use his Shoddy Gun, and if he got closer Don would just put him back on the island. Rocksteady can be really strong as seen in game 1 but not strong enough that you can’t deal with him. I’ll be interested to see how he does in other tests.

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