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Re: Book of Bolivar Trask (VOTE for INITIAL TESTNG)

I've got two tests done with a 3rd test set up ready to go, but I wanted to post my results and see if you wanted me to make any adjustment first.

Spoiler Alert!

Army Test 1
- Does it pass, Yes or No? yes
- What should be the unit's point value? Undetermined as of yet.
- Give a brief preview. Trask is out hunting down some stray Mutants here, testing out some tactics and technology before turning his sights on the X-Men. Mastermind provides the little group of mutants OM flex while Armor gives them bonding. The MDR should find it difficult to crack Whirlwinds 7 def. and negate him so this could be a tough match for the humans, but that is why they brought a Sentinel with them.
Map: Sherwood Forrest
Units: Trask @110, MDR Trooper x11, Sentinel x1 (600) vs. Whirlwind, Strong Guy, Mastermind, Armor (600) *corrected*
Spoiler Alert!

Recap: MDR get off to a hot start with them initially proving me wrong about Whirlwindís high defense being a problem for him as they put 1W with their first 2 attacks against him for a quick 2W. Then they also score 2W on Armor to start R2 off and negate her so she canít bond with anyone for a whole round. They also scored a W on Strong Guy who opted to redirect it to Mastermind. After that hot start though things cooled off with Whirlwindís defense standing tall and the Sentinel malfunctioning. Strong Guy took out the Sentinel it just two attacks while the MDR only managed to deal 2W to Strong Guy in return. Mastermind and Strong Guy took out the 2 MDRís closest to them to start R4, and the final 4 MDR fought back valiantly hitting Strong Guy for 2W, that he again transferred to Mastermind, and finishing off Armor. Whirlwind wiped out the rest of the MDR on the next two OMís, leaving Trask alone in his SZ.
Iím not sure if the 1 Sentinel approach is viable, the MDR can wear you down with 4 ranged attacks of 3 but sometimes you just need someone to throw a few more attack die and limiting yourself to 1 Sentinel ally forces your hand a bit. Four attacks of 3 is certainly better than 1 attack of 5 so the MDR got all the OMís and the Sentinel only was activated via the X reveal. With a second Sentinel around though I might have given them 1 OM and planned on using the bonding on that turn for two attacks of 5. Plus the Sentinels have some move bonding with other Sentinels that might be nice to take advantage of. Then again it might have just been a poor draw for the MDR here with Whirlwindís 7 def. holding up quite well after the first round, Mastermind not targetable at range, Strong Guyís 6 defense being pretty solid with the chance to redirect Wís that he would receive, and Armor rolling double shields. Also the one Sentinel they did bring along did nothing at all, so had he given them anything at all maybe they would have pulled out the win here, or at least a closer finish. I really liked the rapid early deployment he offered though and the X bonding was pretty nice even if unproductive in this one game.

Army Test 2
- Does it pass, Yes or No? Yes, nothing wrong with the design mechanically at all, would consider bumping up his game impact though after a fairly low key performance.
- What should be the unit's point value? Thought maybe in a bigger point setting he would have bigger impact but a fairly solid loss. Iíll post my results first though and see if Japes wants me to run the last test as is or make any adjustments.
- Give a brief preview. Trask is determined to put the X-Men away and has assembled a team to do so. The Sentinels will be doing most of the heavy lifting here with the MDR just trying to get in a few negations.
Map: Sherwood Forrest
Units: Trask @180, MDR Trooper x6, Sentinel x4 (1000) vs. Prof. X, Beast, Cyclopes, Jean Grey, Angel, Ice-Man (1000) *corrected*
Spoiler Alert!

Recap: I donít know if Trask is going to make the Sentinels competitive with the way I roll dice. First Sentinel att. was a big whiff, 2nd one was a good one but blocked by Prof. X, then Cyclopes lets loose an Optic Blast and rolls 4 skulls hitting two Sentinels, one of which whiffs on defense and gets destroyed without ever doing anything at all. The dice must have heard my grumbling though as the Sentinels defense dice held up rather well over the next few rounds and I started thinking them might be able to make this a close game. Iceman & Cyclopes both fell to a combination of MDR & Sentinel attacks, but by the start of R6 Trask was all alone and there were still 4 Mutants in play. I rolled it out, but if felt like a waste of time. Thematically, I feel he should just run away once all his forces are wiped out. As for the Sentinels, even with Trask giving them one extra turn per round, the 640 points I spent on them didnít seem to earn to back that investment. They changed the outcome of one initiative roll and dealt 2W to Iceman (75 points), 2W to Cyclopes (95 points), & 2W to Beast (68 points). Through two games I've never felt the need to break off engagement and try to go after Trask in the SZ early, the one extra attack of 5 per round just isn't that scary, better to stand your ground and deal with what is right in front of you. I feel you could get away with letting Trask bond one Sentinel with another Sentinel or the MRD on all 3 OM reveals here rather than limiting it on once per round. If you want to make sure the X is still being used on Trask to prevent teaming up with Master Mold, you could require an unrevealed OM on his card for the bonding to work. Also you could limit it to attack only bonding if you were concerned about it being too good since the Sentinels are already moving each other up when they attack anyway. Another though I had after two games was you could increase the d20 bonus for the MDR to +2. It would have only chanced the outcome of one roll in my two games, but that would be one more than it impacted at +1. After those bumps up, if you felt the need to pull back a bit somewhere you could trim his life and/or def. down by 1. He isn't going to be winning you many games fighting it out after his troops are all gone, the lower personal stats would just make an assassination attempt go a little quicker should someone decide to go that route.

Army Test 3
- Does it pass, Yes or No? Yes and no, I like the update except for one turn sequence issue that I feel needs to be removed before moving forward.
- What should be the unit's point value? Big win here at 200 after the update, not sure if he could replicate that big of a win again once the recommended tweak gets added and if Mystique & Juggernaut were better played by me. Iíd continue and see if others can replicate my success here or if it was a one off.
- Give a brief preview. This time team Trask is going after the Brotherhood leadership. Knowing they are being hunted, Deadpool has been hired on as a bodyguard. One non-mutant is in play here with Juggernaut being an ally willing to smash some Sentinels into pieces. The MDR are a bigger force here, doubling the number of figures from the last test so Anti-Mutant Technology may get a chance to make an important impact on the outcome. *Card updated to allow the Sentinel bonding on every turn and +2 to the d20 roll instead of +1.*
Map: Sherwood Forrest
Units:Trask @200, MDR x12, Sentinels X4 (1200) vs. Magneto II, Mystique II, Juggernaut, Deadpool (1200) *corrected*
Spoiler Alert!

Recap: With Mystique able to Impersonate Trask, she becomes a high priority target early in the game while not using the Impersonate power. Since Mystique does not have a ranged attack I moved her up at the end of R2 to position her to get in a melee att. from HG should she bond with Magneto and he can throw someone next to her, that proved to be a fatal mistake as she whiffs on back to back defense rolls and 2 MDRís take her down at the start of R3, Deadpool was not able to mock them. This cost the Brotherhood OM1. Juggernaut also fell in R3 without doing anything, then at the start of R4 and MDR managed to negate Deadpool so he couldnít heal. Deadpool fell in R4 as a result, then Magneto followed in R5.
This one was huge win for the Humans and I think there were a couple of factors at play. First, I donít use Mystique II very often and most likely misplayed her here. I was thinking her bonding was going to be more effective for the Brotherhood but it didnít materialize for me. I only bonded with another mutant once, that was with Juggernaut who had been getting beaten on from HG and needed to move up to even ground and take out a MDR who was engaged with him. Juggernaut killed the MDR on that bonded move, but that was the only attack Juggernaut made in the whole game and Mystique never attacked anyone. As such those 540 points only managed to kill 1 MDR Trooper (30 points), that is just terrible. I should have just had Mystique use Impersonate instead and fill the assassin role to take down Trask instead of trying to make her a leader. The other factor at play here was the interaction of Mutant Alert on the Sentinelís card with Traskís Sentinel with Sentinel bonding. Revealing an OM on a Sentinelís card and attacking a Mutant, triggers up to 3 other Sentinelís free move, one of which can then bond where they move and attack a mutant, and the 2 Sentinels that didnít attack can move yet again. This helped in two ways as noted above, the initiative boost from having all your Sentinels close to mutants proved to be a game changer in this one, and the extra move also allowed a Sentinel to engage Deadpool on even ground and finish him off where he would have att. from LG without the extra move. I recommend the Ďno other figures can move languageí get inserted in order to shut down this chain of events. When bonding one Sentinel with another Sentinel, the Mutant Alert moves should be eliminated.

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