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Re: The Book of Ash Williams (Public Playtesting)

Originally Posted by Ericth74
Army Test
Map: Ruins of Heroes Past
Units: 850pts - Ash, Buffy, Bane, Punisher, Robin(120) vs Jason Voorhees, Fire Demons, Living Mummy, Lurker x3, Walkers x3

Game 1:
Normal Attack Damage:
R1T1 Lurker1 5 wounds dead +1 dice Bane/ -1 def Evil Dead
R1T1 Walker1 2 wounds dead +1 dice Bane/ -1 def Evil Dead
R3T2 Jason 3 wounds +1 dice Bane/ -1 def Evil Dead
R3T2 Jason Miss +1 dice Bane/ -1 def Evil Dead
R4T1 Fire Demon#4 miss x2 +1 dice Bane/ -1 def Evil Dead

Used 6 times

Used one time: R5T1 Fire Demon#1 1 wound/dead 2 blanks rolled, no bonus

Rolled 4 times, all unsuccessful


Round 1: Lurker1 moves 1st, engaging Punisher, and giving him 1 wound. Walker1 also engages Punisher giving him a second wound. Walker2 engages Buffy and misses, Lurker2 misses Buffy and Lurker3 moves. Ash attacks Lurker1 and Walker
1 from range killing both. 3 attacks from zombies all miss Buffy, Ash and Punisher. Buffy using Slayer Training to attack all 3 zombies engaged with her killing Lurker2 and Lurker3. After Jason moves Punisher takes a turn after taking an unblockable wound from a walker he uses his Assault Rifle to kill the remaining Walkers. End of round Ash rolls a 14 for Army of Darkness.

Round 2: Fire Demons move out as well as Ash. Fire Demons move to engage both Robin and Punisher both missing. Buffy engages Fire Demon3 and Fire Demon4 attacks both with Slayer Training killing Fire Demon4. Bane kills Fire Demon3.
End of round Ash rolls 16. Fire Demons roll 15 to bring one back to life.

Round 3: Buffy uses Crossbow Special Attack to kill Fire Demon2. Jason attacks Buffy giving her 1 wound. Ash attacks Jason from range giving him 3 wounds with 1 attack and missing the 2nd attack. Jason attacks Buffy again missing. Punisher attacks Jason 3 times using Assault Rifle giving him 3 more wounds killing him. Robin kills Fire Demon1.
End of round rolls:
Ash 14 - nothing
Jason 20 - comes back
Fire Demons 11 - nothing

Round 4: After Jason moves, Ash shoots at Fire Demon4 from range missing twice. After a miss by Jason, Buffy kills the last Fire Demon. Jason takes a leaving engagement wound from Punisher then takes 5 more wounds over 3 attacks by Punishers Assault Rifle. Robin gives Living Mummy a wound from Range.
End of round rolls:
Ash 18 - nothing
Jason 5 - nothing
Fire Demons 16 - 1 comes back

Round 5: Ash uses Chainsaw Special Attack on the returned Fire Demon killing it. (2 blanks rolled, no bonus. Fire Demon rolled 7 dice, all skulls!) Living Mummy uses Prehensile Bandage on Ash, attacks him giving him 3 wounds. Buffy misses Mummy with 2 Crossbow shots. Mummy attacks and kills Ash.

Rounds 6 and 7: Living Mummys Undead Resilience is proving to be very strong, negating many wounds. Mummy kills Buffy in round 6, while only taking 1 wound. In round 7 Mummy kills Robin but finally goes down to Punisher.

Side note - I've never used Living Mummy before, wow he is strong, very tough to bring down!

Who won? Ash's team
List figures remaining in the winning army (include life remaining for heroes):
Bane full(6 life)
Punisher 2 life left


Army Test
Map: Ruins of Heroes Past
Units: 800pts Ash, Buffy, Captain America(C3G), Bucky and Falcon vs Firefly, Jason Voorhees, Dr Octopus, Solomon Grundy

Game 2:
Normal Attack Damage:
R4T1 Jason miss +1Capt/-1Def dice Evil Dead
R4T1 Jason 2 wounds +1Capt/-1Def dice Evil Dead
R5T1 Jason 1 wound +1Capt/-1Def dice Evil Dead

Used 1 time

Used 2 times
R2T3 Jason 3 skulls rolled - killed Jason
R3T2 Jason 1 skull rolled no blanks - 1 wound on Jason

Rolled 4 times successful 2 times turning Dr Ock and Jason into Deadites. But no dead to bring back to life.


A pretty one sided match

Round 1: After some moving around Buffy put 3 wounds on Jason. Not much else.
Ash rolls an 8, turns Dr. Octopus into a Deadite

Round 2: Jason puts a wound on Ash. Capt America Shield throws at Jason and Dr Ock giving them each a wound. Bucky follows giving Jason another wound. Solomon Grundy give Buffy 3 wounds, but goes down to Buffy the next turn taking 4 wounds. He never returns with bad rolls. Ash finishes off Jason with his Chainsaw.
Ash rolls an 18 - nothing
Jason rolls a 20 - he's back!

Round 3: Buffy kills Dr Ock, with help from him being turned into a Deadite/Demon. Ash gives Jason another wound from his Chainsaw. Firefly takes 3 wounds from Cap and Bucky.
Ash rolls a 10 - nothing

Round 4: Ash puts 2 more wounds on Jason and Buffy does the same to him. Jason gives Ash another wound. Cap kills Firefly.
Ash rolls a 6 - Jason is now a Deadite/demon

Round 5: Ash gives Jason his final wound.

I thought this would be a closer game but Solomon Grundy died fast and never came back.

Who won? Ash and Co.

List figures remaining in the winning army (include life remaining for heroes):

Captain America full 5 life
Falcon full 4 life
Bucky 1 life left
Buffy 4 life left
Ash 3 life left

THOUGHTS ON THE TESTED UNIT'S COST, BALANCE, & DRAFTABILITY: At 150 points Ash is a solid unit. Even in match-ups without Undead/Demons he can turn them into Deadites to still get his Evil Dead bonus. Unlike Buffy who needs them to go from good to great. In my two games I didn't have anyone come back to life from Army of darkness. Using Ash with Buffy and podding up with Bane or getting a boost from Capt America is very useful for him, going from a 4/4 to a 5/5 big especially against the undead.

GENERAL THOUGHTS ON THE TESTED UNIT: Ash is a lot of fun. If I had to find a weakness it would be his Chainsaw attack. Double skulls are great if you roll right but if normal attacking a demon/undead/slasher you get a 2nd attack, at a range of 4, against 1 less defense dice. Add in an attack boost and/or height and there aren't a lot of situations where I would pick the Chainsaw over a normal attack. Not sure what the fix would be for it though.
Not entirely surprising that he won both games. His teams had synergy with boosters whereas the enemy team was a bit more hodge-podge. He also said he never had an ally resurrected, so that helps in his favor.

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