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Re: The Book of Rocket Raccoon II - Initial PT

---------------------------------TAKE TWO-----------------------------------
Spoiler Alert!

Army Test 1
- Does it pass, Yes or No? yes
- What should be the unit's point value? Pretty good showing for the army as a whole, although Rocket only dished out a total of 5W, so even though he was rolling a lot of attack dice he wasn’t dominating the match here. The GotG just felt like the more cohesive army here and they were able to seize the central high ground first. 195 still seems possible right now, might come up though once Star Lord is around bumping up the number of attack dice he rolls.
- Give a brief preview. An adventure from when Iron Man found himself as a member of the GotG, 4 of them go investigate a disturbance and find a band of Outlaws up to no good. Wanted to run Rocket II with Groot to see how they played together, will have Groot carry Rocket around for as long as it seems like a good decision. Numbered OM’s will be 1 each on Iron Man, Bug, & Groot until the game dictates otherwise. Bug will be Catman’s prey.
Map: Conflict Chernobyl
Units: Rocket Raccoon II @195, Groot, Bug, Iron Man Mark III (890) vs. Scandal Savage, Catman, Bane, Deadshot, Harley Quinn II (890)
Spoiler Alert!

Recap: Outlaws were a bit outmatched here. They struggled to roll out as a team with any kind of speed and as a result were taken apart by the GotG. Iron Man was particularly troublesome here as his SA moved Scandal Savage out of engagement when she was trying to move people up, and moved Bane away from Deadshot to deny him an attack bonus. Deadshot came close to taking out Rocket but he was able to run and hide to avoid the 2nd attack. The Groot & Rocket show seemed to work pretty well here, with Rocket rolling attack dice all the time Groot was able to fly under the radar and engage for attacks at full life. Then later when Rocket was near death, Groot went out to engage the enemy and kept them from firing at Rocket so he could stick around and keep shooting.
Army Test 2
- Does it pass, Yes or No? yes
- What should be the unit's point value? 195 doesn’t seem out of line here, he came close to getting KOed without ever making an attack, but did survive long enough to get some attacks in and was pretty lucky with the damage he dealt in that limited run. Then the game came down to the wire, so overall some good luck here and some bad luck there but the two teams seemed pretty evenly matched in the end.
- Give a brief preview. MCU GotG adventure here when Nebula shows up asking Gamora for some help. She didn’t mention the Teen Titans were in pursuit of her. OM’s here will be on Rocket & Gamora, with Star-Lord and Nebula sharing 1 so they can both keep pace.
Map: Conflict Chernobyl
Units: Rocket II @195, Star-Lord, Baby Groot, Gamora, Nebula (1100) vs. Nightwing, Raven, Starfire, Changeling, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Aqualad (1100)
Spoiler Alert!

Recap: Rocket barely survives the opening assault by the Titans, but he somehow manages to survive long enough to make his presence felt with 1 big normal attack roll and a bunch of bombs. He then falls along with Baby Groot who wasn’t able to make an impact. Star-Lord & Gamora end up being the co-MVP’s here, Star-Lord because he refused to take a hit. I think I rolled defense dice for him about 20 times before he took his 2nd wound. Nebula did score 2W on Nightwing with a d220 roll, but otherwise fell without doing too much, leaving Gamora to take down the whole Titans team pretty much on her own. She rolled good enough defense to only take 1 or 2W’s per round, then she would heal 1 back and her attack rolls were a steady stream of skulls. That steady track record of damage dealt is why Nebula only got in 2 free turns. I was putting all OMs on Gamora thinking Nebula would go anytime Gamora failed to deal a W but she just keep hitting people. Actually now that I think about it Nebula may not have been able to roll for a Vengeful Strike on Nightwing since Gamora had missed Kid Flash that time when she bonded. That would have changed a few things as Starfire used those 2W’s on Nightwings card for the two attacks she used to take down Star-Lord after taking out Nebula. Game would have been close either way at that point.
Army Test 3
- Does it pass, Yes or No? Yes, pretty happy with how he plays after these 3 tests.
- What should be the unit's point value? 195 still doesn’t seem too far out of line, he did take out Beast without much effort but that had more to do with Beast not rolling any shields on 12 dice. He’s certainly active and involved and as a result can get some wound in, but he isn’t really all that hard to kill. Still 3 wins in a row is starting to suggest a points bump up might be needed.
- Give a brief preview. Trying out a more generic Rocket & Star-Lord team-up vs. the X-men again to see how this match-up plays out vs. the last time. Replaced Bug with Mantis though for some OM flex, she’ll let the team respond to the double moves Charles makes better. Having learned their lesson last time around the X-Men will focus on Kirgi early in the game.
Map: Conflict Chernobyl
Units: Rocket II @195, Star-Lord, Mantis, Kirgi, Punisher (1000) vs. Prof. X, Cyclopes, Jean Grey, Beast, Iceman, Angel (1000)
Spoiler Alert!

Recap: The OM flex provided by Mantis is really useful here. Rocket had a solid performance aided a few times by some pretty poor defense rolls. The X-Men got off to a pretty bad start with a lot of poor defense rolls combined with what seemed like an inability to roll more than 2 skulls on attack. Things started to turn around mid-game though and things seemed to even out a bit, but then Kirgi joined the fight. He didn’t need to do much attacking early on, he just stood there and absorbed all the attacks while Rocket went to work. The X-Men eventually decided to deal with Rocket and took him out too, but then couldn’t do anything to Kirgi. Every attack seemed to either be blocked or dealt exactly 2W.
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