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Re: The Book of Rocket Raccoon II - Initial PTing

Played a few games, here are the results. I'll post some additional thoughts on where to go from here a little later.

Spoiler Alert!

Army Test 1
- Does it pass, Yes or No? Undecided.
- What should be the unit's point value? Didnít feel anywhere close to a 200+ point card here, more like 175.
- Give a brief preview. Core GotG team vs. the Fan5 to see how they measure up. Rocketís consistent Plan featuring half turns vs. Reedís inconsistent leadership featuring full turns. Gamora & Drax boosted by Star-Lord should be enough to threaten the high defense figures, but Rocketís bombs could prove useful to finish someone off with an auto-wound once they get knocked down to 1 life as long as he can stay clear of Reed.
Map: Conflict Chernobyl
Units: Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon II @215, Groot, Gamora, Drax (1400) vs. Fan4 + Silver Surfer (1400)
Spoiler Alert!

Wait for the Boom! Usage: Rocket flies over adj. to Sue, drops a bomb adj. to Sue & Johnny along the way, since Gamora is about to die he decides to put his plan into action and detonates the 1 bomb, dealing 1W to Sue, opts to take his turn right away and see if he can get really lucky (will require 4 skulls vs. 0 shields to KO her though) with a normal att. on Sue, 1W, Gamora att. Reed, scores 2W, rolls a 19 on God Killer and takes out Reed!, this allows Star-Lord to move up into his spot, where he shoots at Johnny, blocked, but now Drax (who had the X OM) is free to move and engages Sue, rolls just 3 skulls on 9 dice and gets blocked by 3 shields on 4 dice.
Moving Target Usage: After getting hit by Surfer, moved up 3 spaces putting him in range to fly over adj. to Sue on his next turn.
Bombs Away Usage: Drops 1 Bomb adj. to Sue and deals 1W to her so he can trigger his other power, Rocket drops a bomb off next to Surfer since he didnít want to risk healing Surfer with his normal attack, detonates it for 1W, last Bomb unused.
Normal Damage Dealt: 1W to Sue.
Damage Taken: Surfer hits Rocket from HG after removing the X for 2W, Surfer flies off and attacks Rocket by bush from HG, saves the X removal for defense, and still deals 2W to finish him off.
Recap & Thoughts: I kind of feel the core GotG are just a bad team and nothing is going to change that. Rocketís big turn resulted in a big momentary change of momentum, but then it wasnít enough to change the outcome. Silver Surfer is, rightly so at 400 points, really powerful in a Reed build. Maybe Iíll like Rocket II more in a different build vs. different opponents but here he didnít really get a chance to shine. He was only attacked twice all game, by the Surfer both times, and died after the second attack. So he didnít really get to run around with free moves here to lay out multiple bombs. His base attack of 4 wasnít very attractive vs. all these 9 & 10 defense figures so other cards got the OM focus. Iím starting to think that since he carries dual laser pistols, he should have a double attack of 4 to make his normal attack a little more attractive. On the positive front, the flying power is a big win here on his card. Being able to fly past someone without becoming engaged and drop a bomb off is huge, otherwise he would have to engage someone to place a bomb and then heís lose out on the auto-shield on defense by doing so. It also gives him better mobility, which he needs to set up his bombs. The requirement that he detonates a bomb to trigger his other power does a good job of restraining it as you canít use the big turn until Rocket moves into the thick of things. Then using his turn to deal just a flat 1W is okay when you then get to take another turn with him in which he can use his normal attack.
Army Test 2
- Does it pass, Yes or No? maybe
- What should be the unit's point value? Less than 195.
- Give a brief preview. Iím testing out the Outlaw synergy here to make sure we arenít missing anything there, along with Blob to see if I can lock down a figure and then drop all 3 bombs next to them for 1 big blast without them being able to get away from it. Facing a Titans team should give Rocket a better chance to run around a bit on defense, Raven is taking the Healing Energy Spell for some additional W removal beyond her transfer power and a couple of Fireballs since Bane wants to be adjacent to his allies. For the big move, the hope here is that I can have Bane boost a Deadshot attack, then move & attack in a way that will allow him to boost someone elseís attack for the 3rd and/or 4th turn. Weíll see just how difficult that is to pull off. Raven will be Catmanís prey.
Map: Conflict Chernobyl
Units: Rocket II @195, Scandal Savage, Catman, Bane, Deadshot, Blob (1070) vs. Nightwing, Raven, Healing Energy, Mystic Flames x2, Starfire, Changeling, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash (1070)
Spoiler Alert!

Recap: Titans win this one, in large part because Nightwing canít be hit by normal attacks so he just keeps on getting Titanís Go! to activate. Titans took an early advantage when they took out Savage right away, but Deadshot becomes the Outlaw MVP and takes down a bunch of the Titans to keep it close. Rocket almost gets KOíed before he can use his plan, then once he did use his plan, his bombs were all used up too so he just sat around with 3W unused as his single attack wasnít worth risking the OM over. Putting 2W on Nightwing with 2 Bombs was fun, but those ended up being the only Wís Nightwing took all game and even if he used all 3 Bombs on Nightwing he still could not have put him down. In a direct head to head comparison, Nightwingsí Titanís Go! power gives multiple turns with the Titans every round, one of which can make up to 4 ranged attacks, so thatís better than Rocketís Plan. His 1 shield defense plus move is better than Rockets 1 auto shield vs. ranged attacks plus move power, and his double attack SA proved pretty useful for tearing down Blob here. They both have a ranged normal attack of 4, while Rocketís got Flying on him and the bombs which are neat but limited. Iím struggling to see how Nightwing isnít a lot better than Rocket by 5 points.
Army Test 3
- Does it pass, Yes or No? Not as is, needs something more or heíll soon be a forgotten about unit.
- What should be the unit's point value? IDK if it matters at this point, design needs more of a reason to draft him.
- Give a brief preview. Just trying out a smaller 5 figure 1000 point army to see how he plays in that type of army build. Iím keeping him with 2 of his GotG allies, but then bringing Kirgi & Punisher into the fold. Kirgi might be able to pull figures next to bombs if Rocket drops one but canít detonate it before they move away, and Punisher likes the Stat boost from Star-Lord. Threw them up vs. the Classic X-Men team, with Beast removing OMís from cards that could pose a problem for Rocketís plans and even Jean Grey preventing him from moving could be another obstacle.
Map: Conflict Chernobyl
Units: Rocket II @195, Star-Lord, Bug, Kirgi, Punisher (1000) vs. Prof. X, Cyclopes, Jean Grey, Beast, Iceman, Angel (1000)
Spoiler Alert!

Recap: Star-Lord falls at the end of R1 while Rocket waits in SZ for his team to move up into position. 2nd round sees Scott & Bug both fall, Rocket still hasnít moved. Rocket flies into action right away to start R3 in an effort to salvage his plans, but Punisher drops before he can blow anything up and Rocket has 3W on his card when he triggers his plan on OM2 so he too barely survived long enough to use his move again. Rocket finished off Jean with a Bomb and Kirigi canít be stopped, so even though Rocket soon drops as well, Kirgi wipes out the X-men all on his own. Beast & Angel attacked a negotiated and frozen Kirigi almost 20 times and only managed to deal 2Ws to him before he killed them. Iím not feeling this design as is. Rocket needs time to set up his plan, can only use it once, and is pretty fragile at 4 def. with 4 life. Iím mostly using his Bombs when he takes a turn since the 1 auto wound is more reliable than the single attack of 4, then once his bombs are go he isnít really a good use of an OM any more. Kirgi was unkillable at 175 points, while Rocket is often lucky to still be alive after a few attacks.
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