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Re: The Book of Mirage (public playtesting)

Here's Danthem's very first playtest!

Originally Posted by danthem
Initial thoughts:
Very cool character - the selling point is definitely in "The Greatest Fear", although the potential of "Psychic Arrow" is also very powerful. Right now, I am afraid that she may be too good at shooting high priority targets with low defense, due to her long range, who tend to accumulate order markers. I like that the destructable object is so fragile, I think it fits with the theme very well. It can serve as a strong deterant to placing OMs on a figure, as one of their actions is likely to be wasted just killing the object, where another unit could've attacked a unit.

Lets see how the unit works in some real action:
Mutants Vs The Fantastic Four
I do not have enough pieces to make a full board, but have emulated a real map to the best of my ability. A picture can be provided if this is not satisfactory.
Professor X (Prof), Sunfire (Sun), Storm, Harpoon (Harp), and Mirage (995)
Mr. Fantastic (Mr.) Invisible Woman (Inv), The Thing (Thing), and the Human Torch (Torch) (1000)

Round 1: In which first contact is made, and tragedy strikes
1,2,3,x = prof
1,2,3 = Mr.
The thing bonds, moves, Mr. moves
Prof bonds mirage and harpoon, mirage places fear adj to thing and mr., harpoon shoots at Thing, chooses 1 skull, 1 damage
Mr. attacks the fear, kills fear
Prof bonds mirage and harpoon, mirage attacks Thing, harpoon attacks Thing, chooses 1 skull, 2 damage
Everyone bonds, The thing attacks Harpoon, inv moves, attacks Mirage, the torch moves, attacks mirage, 2 damage, Mr. attacks mirage, 1 damage,
Prof bonds storm and sunfire, storm moves and lightnings Thing, Inv, and Mr., 1 damage to Thing, and ONLY 5 DAMAGE TO INV, INV DIES. Sun deals 1 to Mr.

Round 2: In which tragedy compounds
1,2,3 = prof, x = sunfire
1,2 = mr., 3 = torch
Mr. bonds with Thing, Thing attacks Mirage, 4 damage, MIRAGE DIES. Mr. attacks storm
Prof bonds storm and Sun, Storm lightnings, torch takes 2, Sun takes 1. Sun attacks Mr., deals 4, MR. FANTASTIC DIES
Mr. is dead
Prof bonds with Harpoon, and Sun. Harp attacks Thing, Sun moves
Torch attacks Prof, 1 damage
Prof bonds Harp and Sun. Harp attacks Thing, 1 damage, Sun deals 1 to Thing, THE THING DIES

Round 3: In which the dust settles, and a raging fury is unleashed
1= prof, 2=storm, 3,x=sunfire
Torch moves, deal 2 to sun, Torch novas, deals 2 to Sun, 3 to storm, 2 to harpoon, SUNFIRE DIES
Prof bonds storm and harpoon, storm attacks torch, harpoon attacks torch, chooses 1 skull, 1 damage
Torch attacks storm, 2 damage, STORM DIES
storm is dead
Torch moves, attacks Prof, 2 damage
sunfire is dead

Round 4: In which a fire is doused
1,2,3=Harpoon, x=Prof
Torch attacks Harpoon, 1 damage
Harp attacks Torch
Torch attacks Harp
Harp attacks Torch
Torch attacks Harp
Harp attacks Torch, 2 damage, THE TORCH DIES

Victory: X-Men, wow, the torch almost pulled that out in the end, but there he lies, along with his friends.
Professor X: 1 HP, Harpoon: 1 HP

First impressions of Mirage: Mirage didn't do too much this game, as she couldn't get to a good spot to delay the enemies, given how quickly they moved with Mr. Fantastic. She was a large threat due to her size preventing movement without engagements, and was therefore quickly focused down.
Also, Sun should not have been affected by the nova, but the result ended up the same, so hopefully that was not very impactful.
Game 2:
Telepaths Vs the Avengers:
Professor X (Prof), Mirage, Emma Frost (Emma), and Captain Britain (Brit) (850)
Captain America (Cap), Spider-Man (Spidey), Black Widow (Widow), Bucky, and Green Arrow

Round 1: A daring offensive
1,2,x=Prof, 3=Brit
1=Cap, 2=Spidey, 3=Widow
Prof bonds with Mirage and Emma, Mirage places a fear, emma moves
Bucky bonds with Cap, attacks fear, destroys fear, cap moves, shield throws emma, brit and mirage, 1 damage to Emma, 2 on Brit,
Prof bonds with mirage and emma, mirage. Mirage attacks widow, 2 damage, does not remove OM. Emma attacks Cap with proxy
Spidey attacks emma, 3 damage
Brit attacks Cap, 1 damage, emma bonds, special attacks Cap
Widow attacks emma

Round 2: Things Fall Apart
1,x = prof, 2,3=brit
1=cap, 2= widow, 3=spidey
Bucky bonds, attacks Brit, Cap attacks Brit, 2 damage
Prof bonds with Mirage and Emma, mirage places fear, emma attacks bucky
fear dissapates, spidey attacks emma, 5 damage, EMMA FROST DIES (the fear was supposed to protect her!)
Brit attacks Cap, mirage attacks widow, 1 damage, removes the 2 OM.
OM removed
Brit attacks Cap, 1 damage, mirage attacks spidey, 2 damage
spidey pulls Brit, 4 damage, CAPTAIN BRITAIN DIES
Brit is dead

Round 3: middle lull
1,3=Mirage 2,x=prof
1=Cap, 2=Spidey, 3=Widow
Bucky bonds, attacks Prof, prof reveals x
Mirage attacks Spidey, 1 damage
Spidey attacks mirage, 3 damage
Prof attacks spidey w/ blast
widow attacks mirage
mirage places a fear

Round 4: Things continue to fall apart
3,x=prof, 1,2=mirage
1=cap, 2=Green arrow, 3=widow
Bucky bonds, attacks prof, cap attacks mirage, prof reveals x marker
mirage attacks spidey,
Arrow attacks attacks mirage, 1 damage, MIRAGE DIES
mirage is dead
widow attacks prof, 3 damage
prof attacks spidey,

Round 5: owch
Prof attacks Cap
Bucky bonds, cap attacks prof, prof reveals x
Prof attacks Cap, 1 damage
Bucky bonds, cap attacks, 2 damage, PROFESSOR X DIES

Victory: Avengers, this was a brutal one for the telepaths.
Survivors: All of the Avengers
Spidey: 1 health, Cap: 2 health, Widow: 2 hp, Bucky: 4 hp, Arrow: 4 hp
I definitely used Professor X very poorly, as I moved every out of his defensive range right at the start! poorly played on my part, but I think that we saw one of the vulnerabilities of Mirage regardless. Her fear is very vulnerable to enemies who are able to remove it for "free", such as through bonding. Bucky regularly destroyed the fear without really devoting much to it.

Overall impressions:
I think that mirage is currently a bit weak for her point cost. I'm not sure I would include her in a competative deck, as her attack value is low, and theres a good change that her greatest fear ability dissapates naturally, or is killed by a non-action. Even with Professor X, I sometimes felt that her action was underwhelming. Her abiltiy to remove OMs is powerful, but with low attack and a low chance of the OM being removed, it is rarely relevant. I think that she could use a buff to her defenses or attack power, and then she may be worth her points.

If you'd like this in a different format, please let me know - still getting used to play-testing

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I highly recommend C3V and C3G customs!
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