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Re: Soldiers of Valhalla - nominations and discussion

Bol by @The Dewk

Aquilla: Bol, are you ready for this, champ?
Bol: I've been ready for this my whole life!
Aquilla: Then you take us out on the field.

When looking at balance, any 10 point figure will be instantly compared to Isumu and Otonashi. While Bol does outclass Otonashi due to more targets for Ankle Shank than Attack the Wild, Otonashi still has use in a tricky or Kantono Daishi army. For the most Isumu is a better bet in a double blind match up, but Bol is a tempting alternative especially if you believe you will be facing large/huge figure or are running a hero heavy army. Despite Bol’s potential to earn back his points he is just as likely to never be activated if you are the winning side, or get sniped out before he ever makes an attack if you are on the losing one. Overall 10 points is well balanced for Bol.

Playing Bol reminded me of Rudy of Notre Dame fame. I felt like the little goblin just wanted to overcome the stereotype of his race and is looking for any way to prove himself on the field of battle. Opportunism is his version of “put me in coach” and is his only chance to get in on the game. The miniatures posture, Disengage and Ankle Shank make him less sneaky and more determined to attack the largest and meanest enemy he can find as if this is the only way he can prove his worth. I like Aquilla as a fit since this behaviour seems brave like rather than traitorous and I’ve always seen Aquilla as the “opportunistic”, leveraging advantage wherever possible. However, Bol is still a Goblin so Tricky and Rouge (a grey class to be sure) are both fitting.

For the most part the design of Bol’s card is tight. Opportunities is an excellent power for a 10 point hero, since it has potential power and gives the losing play a glimmer of hope akin to the D20 roll of Isumu’s Vanish. Personally, I think Disengage is a little redundant since it is mostly only used if Bol is engaged and there is a large/Huge figure within 6 moves, and as a 10 point figure any attack from Bol before the rest of your army is destroyed should be considered a bonus. Disengage notwithstanding, 4 powers doesn’t bother me as there are single powers more complex then all 4 combined. As indicated in theme I like the creativity of a somewhat redeemable goblin fighting for Aquilla. All together Bol feels like a classic scape unit.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I will state I don’t like fillers. A big part of Heroscape to me is crafting cohesive armies within a specific point total. I believe filler units undermine that aspect of the game, but Isumu exists so here we are. That said Bol is a cool little guy and like Isumu before might actually make you happy that you have 10 points left over to fill up.

I could regal you with tales of Bol’s victories such as the time he finished off a wound Mimring or stood tall against a Wolf of Badru pounce, however for every victory there was a couple of matches where he did nothing. I really liked Opportunism, since it allowed me to get Bol out of the gates on a “wasted turn” and set up a speed bump on the way to my start zone, albeit a minor one. As mentioned if you ever use Bol when you are winning, I think you are playing him wrong, but he does have the chance to help you out a tiny bit, which is what you would expect from 10 points.

As for Bol’s uses outside of 10 point filler unit, I did test him with the Brigands, and found them a poor fit. The class Rogue is there for thematic reasons, and not for use with the Brigands, since unless you are down your last Brigand and have no other heroes left, he is your weakest choice for an attack. Also as common heroes, Brigands do not benefit Opportunism and heroes rarely get Order Makers in a Rogue build. I threw Bol in with Urk and Skull Brutes and liked the addition there. With this combination you can move Bol up with the Brutes using Mob Swarm, and his 10 points were more than expendable to save a 25 point Bugbear.

Bol really grew on me, leaving me happy to have 10 points left over for the little guy. While not as game changing as Isumu, Bol has some clever tricks and a nice underdog theme. So let players cheer his name, if only for a fleeting moment… Bol! Bol! Bol!

I vote to induct Bol into the SoV.

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