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Re: Orc's Power Rankings

I'll just comment on the movers. Let's start debates.

Originally Posted by OrcElfArmyOne View Post

Raelin the Kyrie Warrior-ROTV (80, A+) eh I guess since she makes everything better, but I don't think she's game warping enough for a separate tier

Marcu Esenwein (20, A-) Pretty much the go to option if you have 20 points left but at the same time "curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal". I don't think wannok does enough for a letter grade upgrade
Marro Warriors (50, A)
Easily one of the best units in the game and in non timed games, can beat many units they shouldn't on stats alone. I would rather give them to an opponent than Q but after that, no way. Do have some bad matchups. Not quite sure they're an A+ but I'll buy it

10th Regiment of Foot (75*, A-)4th are still better. :P
Me-Burq-Sa (50, A-) Was legitimately surprised was not an A unit
Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider (50, A-)Orc Raelin is boss
Nilfheim (185, A-)

Blade Gruts (40*, B) Eh... I think they're more B+ since they have to work a lot harder to crack a sturdy defense.
Eltahale (140, B+)See MBS and Nilf
Mezzodemon Warmongers (65*, B+) Even a single special attack can wreck them, but they are brutal if you don't have one
Ogre Pulverizer (100+, B+) I don't think the Chasers do enough for bonding option 3
Roman Legionnaires (50*, B+)See the marro, dragon, and Goliath

Arrow Gruts (40*, B) Have not played with them enough but always seem to come highly recommended
Ashigaru Harquebus (60*, B-)
One of my faves. Make your own 4th. Add Raelin. Wait. Then fire.
Atlaga (90, A-)
Concan the Kyrie Warrior (80, B) I probably wouldn't bring either Kyrie to an event but I'd probably bring Atlaga before Concan because range and 7 move Raelin.
Eldgrim the Viking Champion (30, A-) This guy is an amazing early glyph grabber. Should be put back where he was.
Fire Elemental (35*, A-) Mostly because we can't all be dok and have 18 of them right? 4/4 with auto wound? I don't follow this one.
Frost Giant of Morh (140+, C+) Not a C+, but I think just a B instead of a B+. 140 is a lot of points.
MacDirk Warriors (80*, C+)2 defense is brutal and I think that keeps them in B/B- territory
Marro Dividers (50*, A-) Still love running these against zombies. Will induce frustration. A little surprised they weren't already here.
Minions of Utgar (110*, A-) I never like facing minions because they can be devastating. Conversely, they can annoyingly whiff on two dice a lot.
Nakita Agents (120, B) They're good tech, but I thought they were fine at B
Raelin the Kyrie Warrior-SOTM (120, B) I dunno. Unless I'm doing bring 2 swarm Rae tends to be hard for me to justify.
Sentinels of Jandar (110*, A-) I actually think they're worse than minions because more powers bypass defense.
Sgt. Drake Alexander-SOTM (170, A-) You are a dude. This is a man. Nuff said.
Sonya Esenwein (45, A-)
Huh. Yeah point totals do tend to make her less of an auto include.
Swog Rider (25*, B)
Tarn Viking Warriors (50, C+)
Why do I keep getting surprised by units not where I thought they were already?
Warriors of Ashra (50*, B) Range vulnerability but again already thought they were here

Capuan Gladiators (70*, B+) I always worry about how few of these guys I have to play. This feels right.
Crixus (90, B+) I feel like he's a very cheap very hard to kill beat stick. Definitely take him over several heroes you have ahead
Drow Chainfighter (25*, B-) Agreed. Unit responsible for the most disappointing 8 of my life.
Fyorlag Spiders (40*, C+)
I don't see it with no Quahon available
Kozuke Samurai (100, B-) Did not realize how fun this unit was until last Gencon. Agreed.
Laglor (110, A) 7 range, SA, makes krav better, what am I missing?
Ornak (100, B-) So many units in places I thought they were
Othkurik the Black Dragon (140, B+) Yeah, nice tech but nothing special
Otonashi (10, C+) Really hard to compare to Isamu. Like a lot more for RtW
Sgt. Drake Alexander-ROTV (110, B+) Brutal against some armies but I agree with this
Sir Denrick (100, B-) Eh feels fairly mediocre to me.
Sir Hawthorne (90, B+) Dude is cheap and has a special attack. Feel like this is better than Denrick
Sonlen (160, B-)
Spartacus (200, B+)
Thorgrim the Viking Champion (80, B-)
Tornak (100, C+)
Screw it. Clearly my life and the rankings are a lie.
Valguard (110, C+) Personally, I feel like this is one of the most underrated units
Warforged Soldiers (80*, B+) They have always performed well for me and can be brutal in some matchups
Wyvern (100+, B-) I don't see it. Bond with an okay squad and their positioning power is okay and they don't have high survivability.

James Murphy (75, B)
 I guess although he's better than shotgun
Shurrak (160, B)
Siege (120, B)
I love the fire giant and enjoy the warforged but yeah
Wolves of Badru (80*, C+) 3 defense and points make it hard for me to agree

Mind Flayer Mastermind (100+, C) Agree. Still mad at the fire isles game I got no enslaves.

Templar Cavalry (120*, C-) They're really vulnerable to range. I don't see it.
Warden 816 (90, C-) I guess. I actually feel he's at least C+

Sudema (140, C) NOOOO my favorite unit. I do agree though (also she's not deleted from the C's)

Roman Archers (55*, C-) I actually think Roman archers and Raelin is better than you give it credit for. They're not good against squads but 6 range attack of 6 will end heroes. Biggest weakness is the engagement clause.

~Dysole, who didn't check to see if she'd change anyone you didn't move

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