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Re: The Book of Master Splinter - Public Playtesting

NAME OF THE TEST UNIT (Master Splinter)
Army Test 1
- Does it pass, Yes or No? yea, only question I had here is should Splinter be placed adj. to an opponent’s figure when he shows up out of nowhere?
- What should be the unit's point value? Can’t say much here as some poor luck took Splinter out way too early, I am really digging the Splinter & Mickey or Ralph 400 point block idea and can see myself drafting it into many different armies. The first two auto skulls he handed out resulted in 2W though and that is fairly significant.
- Give a brief preview. Want to give Splinter a run with just two of his Turtles in a wider army build. Both can make good use of the +/- 4 to a d20 roll boost, which I’m hoping to explore the game impact of a bit more. Hand Ninja for some squad bonding and Bullseye gives the team a ranged attack option. Plan is to send wave after wave of Hand Ninja along with Bullseye out first to soften them up. If Ralph ends up rushing in early, the Hand Ninja bonding will help keep him going, otherwise I’d rather not start using the Turtles until I’m placing OM’s on their card with Splinter in the SZ ready to pop in once one goes down. We’ll see how that all plays out.
Map: Once in a Blue Lagoon
Units: Splinter, Raphael, Michelangelo, Hand Ninja x3, Bullseye (1000) vs. Nightwing, Raven, Starfire, Wonder Girl, Aqualad, Cyborg (1000)
Spoiler Alert!

Recap: Early in R2, only 1 ninja remained in play and so it ran off and hid in order to preserve the remaining OM’s on its card. Ralph ended up getting involved sooner than I first imagined, not because of the Self Importance roll but just because he was the smarter option once Bullseye was engaged. In R3, the ninja still received OM1 & 2 for the OM flex, but OM3 went to Ralph in case he were to fall. Mickey was still in the SZ at the time. I ended up using Splinters free shield on Ralph right away in R3 and I regretted that decision. Way too soon to burn such an important ability as it still didn’t save Ralph. Then Mickey att. Nightwing, who whiffed on def., but Mickey only rolled 1 skull, would have been nice to have scored another W there, of course I would have regretted that decision too as Splinter took 3W in one attack right after that and left him open for Raven to finish him off with a Soul Self W so I wish I had the auto shield there to make that 3W attack into a 2W attack. As a result, the OM Splinter took off Ralph’s card ended up being lost anyway and Splinter never got to use his double attack to take out Star Fire & Wonder Girl (who both only had 1 life left). In R4, Mickey opted to use Stealth Leap to get away from 1 shield blocks everything Nightwing and went after the 1 life Wonder Girl, who he put down then rolled for a bonus turn and jumped up next to 1 life Starfire and put her down as well. The Titans couldn’t finish off Bullseye and Nightwing whiffed on back to back def. rolls to fall at Bullseye’s feet. This game is suddenly looking competitive again. Cyborg takes out Bullseye at the start of R5, but since 1 ninja is still off hiding it doesn’t hurt the Ninja’s OM situation. Mickey fails to deal any W’s on OM1 & 2, which ends up being a boon as Raven doesn’t have any W’s to transfer and tries to use her normal att., only to take 2W from counterstrike, Mickey then puts a 3rd W on her during OM3. In R6, Raven transfers 1W back to Mickey right away. Cyborg leaves engagement just to avoid the 6 def. counter strike turtle, giving Mickey HG as a result, Mickey scores 2 more W’s on Raven this round. In R7, Mickey wins initiative and finished off Raven before she can transfer another W, taking OM1 with her. Mickey scores a W on Cyborg but then Cyborg scores a big 3W hit on Mickey and puts him down. Cyborg X repairs and later finishes off the last Foot in R8.
*Just realized that I don’t think I took a 2nd turn with Ralph when he rolled a 20 for Self Importance on OM3 of R2 and jumped over and att. Starfire. Having 2 more att. would have most likely resulted in the 1 life Starfire going down and then him not falling to her at the start of R3, which would have changed Splinters fate as well.
Army Test 2
- Does it pass, Yes or No? yes
- What should be the unit's point value? 230 seemed plausible here.
- Give a brief preview. Mickey falls in with some bad seeds and so Splinter comes along to keep an eye on him. Another OM manager for Ninja/Assassins here but I’ll try to keep Mickey alive until after Masahiro goes down. The plan is to sacrifice Typhoid Mary should things not go well with the dice rolls after using Ruthless Command, she also could potentially bypass Undead Resolve to put some wounds on Frankenstein via Pyrokinesis. Also noticed that is the Werewolf manages to bite Mickey, he’ll no longer be a Turtle and Splinters Ninja Turtle synergy will disappear. So I’ll try take out the Werewolf before Mickey comes out to play.
Map: Once in a Blue Lagoon
Units: Splinter, Michelangelo, Masahiro Arashi, Gamora, Typhoid Mary (1000) vs. Frankenstein, Wendigo, Lizard, Werewolf (1000)
Spoiler Alert!

Recap: This is just whole sale slaughter. I decided to give Frank another go after seeing Tornado rave about him but it just never seems to work out for me. Instead Frank dies in R2 with OM2 & 3 on his card, the Werewolf is also already dead. Wendigo next took 4W from Masahiro in one attack when he whiffs on def. and Masahiro rolls 4 skulls on 4 dice. Masahiro and Gamora still have another OM to use on Wendigo and Gamora will heal the only W she has on her card, so Masahiro w/2W’s is the only damage done by Franks team in 2 rounds. Since this game is essentially over without Splinter or Mickey ever even leaving the SZ, I’m putting an end to it and restarting the game. In the second game I’ll just send Mickey on a suicide mission (all OM’s on Mickey until he dies, then all OM’s on Splinter until he dies) to see what he can do when backed up by Splinter. I’m going to just ignore the Werewolf as well since I really don’t want to take away the synergy being tested, so Frank will only bond with Wendigo & then Lizard if Wendigo somehow goes down. I really just want to see what the 400 point block of Splinter & Mickey can do, so I’ll end the second game once they are both done and tally up the damage.
Take 2: Frank att. Mickey by bush first at range from HG, blocked. Mickey’s first two att. result in exactly 2W each, which Frank just shrugs off. Frank att. adj. Mickey and both roll 2 skulls/shields for no damage to either one, then he bonds with Wendigo and when he att. Mickey both only roll 1 skull/shield for no damage to either one again. Mickey see Wendigo as the bigger threat and att. him, but gets blocked twice. Mickey wins initiative and gets blocked by Wendigo again. Frank takes a W from counterstrike, Wendigo gets blocked 3 to 3. Mickey scores 1W in two att. on Wendigo. Frank scores 2W on Mickey, then Mickey whiffs on def. and falls to a 4 skull att. from Wendigo. Splinter shows up and moves adj. to Frank & Wendigo, decides to att. Frank to see if his double att. combined with Braking Balance can chip away at his life, ended up dealing 3W in total. Frank att. Splinter for 1W, and takes 1W as well, Wendigo att. Splinter and deals 2W’s while taking 1W himself. Splinter wins initiative and att. Frank for 1W. Frank att., blocked, but then Wendigo finished Splinter off.
Thoughts: I really like the 400 point block of Splinter w/Mickey or Ralph and hope the other tests prove out that way. I can’t say for sure here. Splinter only worked with Ralph in the first game and seemed to be a significant boon to him in the first two rounds, but then R3 went horribly bad for them and it might have been my own fault since I didn’t remember to use Ralphs second turn when using Self Importance, which resulted in Starfire surviving to the next round where she took Ralph out on OM1. In the second game they never were needed as Masahiro and Gamora just won the game on their own. I then forced the issue to get some kind of data on the Splinter and Mickey team up with my rerun and they seemed like a pretty solid 400 point block even though they only technically dealt out 328 points of damage before falling. Considering they were facing down 670 points on their own that was a pretty good showing as Wendigo’s 7 att. dice was better than Mickey’s 6 def. dice and Franks was throwing 5 att. dice as well. Mickey’s 6 def. counterstrike when backed up by a bonus shield seemed pretty potent though, the dice just didn’t seem to work out for them here. After regretting the early use of the auto shield in the first game I held back using it early in the second waiting for that one big moment that never came.
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