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Re: The Book of Changeling

I knocked out the hero tests today. Now that I feel better about where the cost could end up I'll start prepping for the team tests.

Spoiler Alert!

Hero Tests
- Does it pass, Yes or No? yes, Changeling is pretty fun.
- What should be the unit's point value? 200-210 seems like the right range after these tests.
- Give a brief overview. Changeling actually felt pretty good at 200 coming out of the first two match-ups, he split with Bug and while he lost both times to Kraven he could have easily split those as well as the first win came down to an initiative roll (which he lost) and Kraven was pretty hot with the d20. Both figures had some tricks of their own to contend with Changelings tricks. Then at 210, even though he split with Spider-Woman he seemed to outclass her as the first loss was just bad luck with the dice. I now wonder if maybe I misplayed her though as I only rolled for Pheromone Distraction once in each game, when Changeling initially engaged with her, but I’m wondering if I was suppose to be rolling for it each time he moved 0 as well. If she was rolling the d20 before each attack, that might have evened things out if she could have prevented him from turning into an Ape and then he would have had a few (25% of the time) 4 vs. 5 attack rolls instead of 6 vs. 5. The first Quicksilver game was a close one but then the 2nd was a blow out and he was swept at 215. Changeling pulled off a nice come from behind victory over Rhino in their first match-up, but fell to him in the second even though his def. rolls were pretty good and the match dragged on a bit as a result.
Map: Once in a Blue Lagoon
Spoiler Alert!

Squad Test 1
- Does it pass, Yes or No? yes
- What should be the unit's point value? 210 looks pretty good here after a close win.
- Give a brief overview. I haven’t been doing many squad tests of late but I wanted to run one here since Changeling has a crowd control power he couldn’t make use of in the 1 on 1 tests.
Map: Once in a Blue Lagoon
Units: vs. A.I.M. Agents x3 (210)
Spoiler Alert!

Army Test 1
- Does it pass, Yes or No? yes
- What should be the unit's point value? This was a pretty good showing for him here as his attack dice were pretty hot, scoring W in all 5 of his attacks. His defense dice were not so hot, taking 4W in just 3 attacks, but since he was only attacked the 3 times it worked out to his advantage. Still the Titans are pretty formidable and he adds some new tricks for them to employ so I’m thinking we should go heavy here at 210.
- Give a brief preview. Classic Teen Titans take on the Fan4 to see how they stack up vs. their peers. Fan4 will need to take out Raven before she can send too many wounds their way or their high defense will be useless. Changeling can slip away from Reed so he will also need to be dealt with quickly or Sue will be in danger.
Map: Once in a Blue Lagoon
Units: Nightwing, Changeling@200, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg (1000) vs. Fan4 (1000)
Spoiler Alert!

Recap: The Fan4 only had one way to try and put W’s onto Raven and/or Nightwing quickly and that is Johnny’s Flame On power, Johnny died really early in this one though and never used his Flame On power even once, as such the Fan4 were at a pretty big disadvantage early on. To make matters worse, Reed never took any W’s till after Ben was taken out and Sue went from 0W to 5W in just 2OM reveals, so Ben only boosted his attack once all game. Even though it was a full boost of +4, the second attack could only be directed at Nightwing who just rolled 1 shield to block the 10 die attack roll. So all in all this was a pretty bad day for the Fan4. As for Changeling, he only ever used his Gorilla form on attack and was pretty hot with the dice as all 5 attacks he made resulted in W’s. He did consider going Boa at one point to avoid Thing’s Rock Wall defense but then realized Sue was the higher priority since Thing was throwing 10 att. dice. On defense he only ever used the Turtle form as each time he was attacked enough skulls were rolled to rule out Porcupine and he didn’t have to worry about a follow up attack. When moving he used the Ferret form once to escape from Reed and go after Sue, otherwise his normal move was enough to accomplish what he needed when moving.
Army Test 2
- Does it pass, Yes or No? yes
- What should be the unit's point value? What a difference the dice make, Changeling didn’t do much of note in this one and the Titans get owned. 200 seems a little more plausible now.
- Give a brief preview. The Titans put together a team to enter the swamps and investigate some strange rumors, will what they find be too much for them to handle? All 3 of the opponents are right at home in the swamp so this should be a good fight. The big multi-turn round is what will give the Titans the edge so Ivy will certainly try to use her plants to take Nightwing out as fast as possible, which means the Titan’s will want to take her out quickly. That being said, Grundy will lead the charge so that he might come back for a second run and so the Titans will have to deal with his big attack first.
Map: Once in a Blue Lagoon
Units: Nightwing, Changeling@210, Lagoon Boy, Wonder Girl, Aqualad (700) vs. Solomon Grundy, Swamp Thing, Poison Ivy II (700)
Spoiler Alert!

Recap: Grundy charges out to confront the Titans, his first att. deflects off a Turtle shell and he gets himself lassoed into some water, but then his Tough def. holds up rather well (only taking 1W after a series of att. from HG) and he clobbers Wonder Girl with one hit. Nightwing & Aqualad manage to deal 1W each to Grundy, but Changeling’s dice have cooled off from last game, failing to deal a single W in his next 2 attacks from HG, while also taking 4W in two att. from Grundy who was on LG. The odds say to keep rolling with the 6 (7 from HG) att. dice though and Changeling takes down Grundy with OM3. Grundy comes right back w/2W though, then Ivy moves up and goes 3 for 3 on Plant Animation (the d20 was hot for the Green Team!).
*Just noticed that I have been rolling 1 to many def. dice for Changeling thus far in the two tests, for some reason I had in my head Turtle defense was 6 instead of 5. That is what I get for taking so long to wrap this initial PT up and then not rereading the card before rolling dice. I know I played it right in the 1 on 1’s and squad test. He only rolled def. dice 3 times in the first test and I’m pretty confident it would not have made a difference in the outcome. He may have had a few more W’s but that is about it, best case scenario for the Fan4 would have meant 1 more W from each attack roll vs. him and that would have taken Changeling out of play (7W total instead of 4W). When Reed hit him the last time Reed was already down to 1 life, so even had he taken Changeling out with that attack he would have still had the full life Raven to deal with. In this one he has also only rolled defense dice 3 times so far, and the extra die has not been helping him anyway as the last two def. rolls only featured 1 shield both times. I’ll be sure to play it correctly going forward.*
Plant Animation only hits Changeling this time. Changeling, Aqualad, & Nightwing all deal 1W each to Ivy. Grundy moves up and KO’s Changeling, taking OM2 with him. Grundy then KO’s Aqualad. Nightwing deals another W to Ivy. Nightwing wins initiative and charges up adj. to Ivy & Grundy to use his SA, which somehow scores a 1W hit on both with both attacks and puts both down along with all 3OM’s. Nightwing att. Swamp Thing, who is next to a Jungle Tree, twice from HG but fails to do any damage. Swamp Thing wins initiative and Grundy comes back into play w/2W, Swamp Thing then moves adj. to Nightwing on a Swamp tile and KO’s him when Nightwing whiffs on def. Nightwing took all the OM’s with him so Swamp Thing moves across the board and att. Lagoon Boy for 3W. Swamp Thing blocks a couple of attacks and finished the game.

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