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Re: The Book of Foot Clan Ninja

And here is part two. Another very close finish in the team test, although the Foot themselves performed at a very high level in this second game. Worth keeping an eye on their individual performance going forward but so far too very close finished, one loss and one win, is encouraging. She really loves hoe they play too, which I'm happy to hear since she is such a big Turtles fan. She does have a small issue with the one ranged figure in the group but that is a bridge we already decided to cross.

Originally Posted by Lazy Orang
Here's the rest!

- Theme Test - Tentative Pass,
as I have concerns about them only having a range of one when one of the figures used is using Shuriken as his main weapon. I will say, though, that they felt just like Foot Ninja - them combined with the Hand was absolutely reminiscent of all the fights vs. swarms of Foot in the 2003 cartoon.
- Mirror Test - Pass.
- Bonding Test - Pass
, though seven figures per-activation when bonding with the Hand and both squads are at full strength is pretty insane.
- Synergies Test - Pass - see above. Also, interesting that they benefit from having Leo around for the D20 boost to Out of the Shadows. Feels a little off to me for a Turtle to benefit the Foot, but it's no big deal, and I guess cross-pollinating synergy was always kind of inevitable between these two antagonistic groups, what with them both being Ninja.
- Power Check - Tentative Pass, though I feel they may be a little undercosted at present.
- Fun Test - Definite Pass! - Swarming your enemy with seemingly endless numbers of ninja between these guys and the Hand, slipping away after striking, letting more ninja appear fromt the shadows to reinforce your lines - these guys are a blast!
- Fun Competitive Test - Definite Pass! - I rarely put such an enthusiastic pass here, and I'll admit that being surrounded by seemingly endless numbers of ninja and seeing those who you killed simply reappear can be frustrating and maybe slightly disheartening (though not to a degree that's an issue), and I'll also admit that ranking them this high here may be slightly biased, but I'm sorry, the Turtle fan in me thinks they're a blast to play against! It should be disheartening when you learn that ‘oh, crap, there are more of these guys', and it's loads of fun to play out the sorts of fights that happened all the time in the cartoon! Sorry - getting a little over-excited.
- Drafting Test - Pass, especially alongside the Hand Ninja.
- Usage Test - Pass - the ability to attack before or mid movement, particularly, was much more useful than I anticipated.
- Strategy Test - Definite Pass! - the ability to attack prior to or during movement as I just mentioned is an incredibly strategic ability, as is their method of bringing in new members - you have to time when you want to do it each round, too soon and you aren’t bringing back as many as you could, too late and you risk them all dying and not being able to bring anyone back. This is particularly true when they’re bonding with the Hand Ninja, since the OM needs to be on their card to bring more back, so you have to choose your timing in advance and give up Hand Ninja bonding on that turn - incredibly strategic.

Army Test 2
Map: Conflict Chernobyl (no glyphs)
Foot Clan Ninja, Leonardo, Masahiro Arashi, Lady Deathstrike, Tali al Ghul, 2x Hand Ninja (1,055 points)
Captain America (C3G), Bucky, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Black Panther, Ant-Man (Scott Lang), 1x Killer Bee, 1x Skrull Infiltrator (1,055 points)
Spoiler Alert!

Thoughts On The Tested Units’ Cost, Balance, & Draftibility:

I absolutely love them! They’re fun, they’re evocative, they make the Turtle fan in me really excited to play with or against them - they’re an absolute blast! Really creative way of doing them - I would never have thought of it, I was simply expecting a variation on the Hand Ninja theme, but this is much more exciting! (Though it does mean, as I said before, most Foot Clan builds will be using Hand as a core with these guys as a swarming bonding option, these are not a core unit - something I’m, quite frankly, happy with, since it makes the game more interesting and gives them different roles! ) The only things I’d think about are looking very closely at their cost - I don’t know what it should be, but I can see it climbing a little after those games, particularly game two, though it’s possible, even likely, that that was an aberration and I wouldn’t be too concerned about it if further testing bears that out. It’s possible they’re okay as is, or they need raising by 10 or 20 points. The only other point that concerns me is one of the figures using a shuriken when their range is one - maybe raise their range to three, but I almost feel like that would make them less interesting to play when paired with the Hand, as they’d be much more alike in actual combat use. Maybe if they had a range of three, an attack of two and got a bonus in melee? Maybe work that ‘re-roll dice based on skulls rolled by opponent’ mechanic I have on Splinter into Ninjitsu? That would help underline Master of Ninjitsu and Ninjitsu as being related ala CCE and MMA, as they thematically should be, as well as letting the figure with the shuriken not feel horribly out of place in a melee squad and still keeping them primarily melee, though it may also make them slightly less elegant to play. Hmmm....

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