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Re: Northwest Heroscape Customs - Raeza 1/28/17

NWHC Wave 4 – Fields of Wildfire - Heroes of the Tempest


Figure: Pathfinder Battles, Lost Coast, Large Bronze Dragon

General: Ullar
Planet: Icaria

Species: Dragon
Unique Hero
Class: Protector
Personality: Dangerous
Large 10

Life: 6
Move: 6
Range: 1
Attack: 3
Defense: 3
130 Points

When Raeza attacks, she may attack one additional time. She cannot attack the same figure more than once per turn.

Add 1 to Raeza’s Attack and Defense value for each wound marker on her Army Card up to a maximum of +3.

When counting spaces for Raeza’s movement, ignore elevations. Raeza may fly over water without stopping, pass over figures without becoming engaged, and fly over obstacles such as ruins. When Raeza starts to fly, if she is engaged she will take any leaving engagement attacks.

Character Bio:
A towering creature of golden wings and emerald eyes, the Lady Raeza of the Icarian coast, has come at the request of Ullar. In her native lands, Raeza was a protector of oceans, as her bronze dragon kin love to swim in the seas as much as fly through the air. Her draconian spines are more like fins, and her powerful tail allows her to swim in water at speeds unimaginable for a creature of her size.

Many are drawn in by the majestic beauty of the shimmering wings and the grace and poise of the bronze dragons. But they are not to be angered, for the wrath of these dragons is renown. Though smaller than some of their cousins, the bronze dragons are quick and powerful. Their tails are incredibly strong and can smash through the thickest of armor or stone. A wizard, after observing bronze wyrmlings, noted that “we should not be fooled when they chase their own tails. That playful exercise is training for a snap of the jaws and then a whipsaw of the tail not far behind.”

On Valhalla, Raeza has proven to be a fierce warrior. Her ability to fly and her affinity for water are coupled with her dedication to her cause. When wounded, she only hits back harder, the pain seemingly fueling only greater fury and strength of attack. Her resolve is peerless and her rage unmatched.

Ullar has tasked her with patrolling and protecting the waterways of Ekstrom. She is rumored to rest in a series of underwater caves near the Forsaken Waters, which borders Laur and Nostralund. Many believe that Ullar has sent Raeza to these waters because he still adheres to Malliddon's Prophecy that whomever controls those waters will eventually win the war.

- Rulings and Clarifications -


- Combinations and Synergies -

Synergy Benefits Offered

-GREENSCALE WARRIORS: Loyalty to the Lizard King
As a Unique Large Dragon Hero, Raeza may aid the Greenscale Warriors with their Loyalty to the Lizard King Attack and Defense Enhancements if she is their chosen Lizard King.

-WARDENS OF THE WOOD: Strength of Ullar

As a unique figure that follows Ullar, Raeza may aid the Wardens of the Wood through their Strength of Ullar attack bonus.

-ALYSSA and MICHAEL DAVION: Dimensional Leap
As a Protector, Raeza may aid figures with the Dimensional Leap placement power. Figures with the Dimensional Leap power include Alyssa Davion and Michael Davion.

Synergy Benefits Received

-ACOLARH: Ullar’s Amulet
As a follower of Ullar, Raeza may benefit form Acolarh’s Ullar's Amulet movement bonus

-GREENSCALE WARRIORS: Loyalty to the Lizard King and Lizard King Bonding
As a Large Unique Dragon Hero, Raeza may be chosen as a Lizard King and may benefit from Greenscale Warriors' Lizard King Bonding activation bonus.

-ZOGROSS HARDSCALE: Tribal Protection/Opportunity Strike 15
As a Protector who follows Ullar, Raeza may benefit from Zogross Hardscale's Tribal Protection and Opportunity Strike 15 special powers.

-ARISTEOS: Nature's Aura
As a figure that follows Ullar, Raeza may benefit from Aristeos' Nature's Aura defense bonus.

-WARDENS OF THE WOOD: Ritual of Oakenshield
As a figure that follows Ullar, Raeza may benefit from the Wardens of the Wood Ritual of Oakenshield defense bonus.

Synergy Imposed

-ZOMBIE HULK: Zombies Rise Again
As a large figure, Raeza causes an opposing Undead Savage that destroys her to replace her with a previously destroyed Zombie Hulk due to Zombie Hulk's ZOMBIE RISES AGAIN special power.

-MAJOR J15: Breaching Scythe
As a large figure, Raeza causes Major J15 to add 1 automatic skull when making a normal attack against her, due to Major J15's BREACHING SCYTHE special power.

As a large figure, Raeza causes The Axegrinders of Burning Forge and Heracles to roll an extra die when attacking or defending against her due to their FEARLESS ADVANTAGE special power.

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