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Re: Northwest Heroscape Customs - Undead 1/7/17

NWHC Wave 4 - Fields of Wildfire - Heroes of the Chaos


Figure: Heroscape, Ne-Gok-Sa repaint and modification, with skull from a Marro Warrior

General: Utgar
Planet: Marr

Species: Marro
Unique Hero
Class: Warlord
Personality: Menacing
Medium 5

Life: 5
Move: 5
Range: 1
Attack: 3
Defense: 4
100 points

All Marro Hunter figures you control within 4 clear sight spaces of Tu-Rok-Sa add 2 to their defense dice. No other Defensive Aura's listed on other Army Cards can be used in addition to Marro Hunter Defensive Aura.

When revealing a numbered Order Marker on Tu-Rok-Sas Army Card, you may also reveal an X Order Marker that is on Tu-Rok-Sas Army Card to activate Marro Rage for the duration of the round. While Marro Rage is active, add 1 to Tu-Rok-Sas Attack value for each wound marker on his Army Card and Tu-Rok-Sa is never attacked when leaving an engagement.

Character Bio:
As a veteran of many wars on his home planet of Marr, Tu-Rok-Sas new job was not easy. Through his imposing presence and viciousness, his duty was to train Marro Hunters to be fearless in the face of enemy attacks. Tu-Rok-Sa found that only in close proximity and with fear of retribution would his hunters actually muster their own courage, in fact, he has been known to make an example of those who did not live up to his expectations. Tu-Rok-Sa volunteered for active battle again, knowing that it was his Marro-kinds best chance for victory. The rage and terrifying tactics returned to him on the battlefield, just as it was in his youth. His ferocity was renowned on Marr and he can now be seen as a menacing Warlord in Utgar's army.

- Rulings and Clarifications -

- N/A

- Combinations and Synergies -

Synergy Benefits Offered

-MARRO DRUDGE and GROK RIDERS: Marro Hunter Defense Aura
Marro Hunters within two clear sight spaces get +2 defense dice. Marro Hunters include Grok Riders and Marro Drudge.

-GROK RIDERS: Mark of the Warlord
The Grok Riders get +2 attack dice against units adjacent to Tu-Rok-Sa, a Marro Warlord.

Synergy Benefits Received

-GROK RIDERS: Marro Warlord Bonding
As a Marro Warlord, Tu-Rok-Sa may benefit from Marro Warlord Bonding synergy.


As a Warlord, Tu-Rok-Sa may benefit from the Roman Legionnaires' Warlord Bonding synergy.

-ORNAK: Red Flag of Fury
As a unique hero that follows Utgar, Tu-Rok-Sa may benefit from Ornaks Red Flag of Fury activation synergy.

-TORIN: Evil Eye Protection
As a Medium figure that follows Utgar, Tu-Rok-sa may benefit from Torin's Evil Eye Protection defensive ability.

Synergy Imposed

-ANA KARITHON: Protection from Evil Aura
As a figure who follows Utgar, Tu-Rok-Sa causes small and medium figures that are friendly to Ana Karithon and within 3 clear sight spaces of Ana to roll an extra defense die when Tu-Rok-Sa attacks those figures, due to Ana's PROTECTION FROM EVIL AURA.

-TEMPLAR CAVALRY: Righteous Smite
As a figure who follows Utgar, Tu-Rok-Sa causes opposing Templar Cavalry figures to roll an extra attack die against him with the Templar Cavalry's RIGHTEOUS SMITE special power.

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