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Re: The Book of Cheshire - Vote for Public Playtesting

Great test as usual from L_O


Name Of The Playtest Unit: Cheshire

- Theme Test - Inconclusive, since I don't know the character, but reading about her on Wikipedia, 3 attack seems kind of puny for, and I quote, ‘one of the premiere martial artists and hand-to-hand combatants in the DC Universe'.
- Mirror Test - Pass, though, like Maxima, (and this is actually kind of more possible), she could go full Narcissus and seduce (or be seduced by) a copy of herself in this situation, which is kind of funny.
- Bonding Test - Pass - There are much stronger Assassins out there, so no issues here.
- Synergies Test - Pass - see above.
- Power Check - Pass - She's certainly not overpowered
- Fun Test - Tentative Pass - I like everything she has, I just wish it was a bit better - if your luck is on, though, she can be pretty fun.
- Fun Competitive Test - Pass - No issues.
- Drafting Test - Tentative Fail - In her present state, I'd most likely pass on her, and especially considering she's at a really competitive cost for Assassins in particular, with Elektra, Bullseye, Tomoe Gozan, Lady Shiva and Kirigi all hanging around that level, I can't see myself really ever taking her (unless, perhaps, I really wanted an auto-wounder to get through something like Spider-Man, Flash or a Lantern). I just really don't believe she's worth as much as most of these guys in her present state. 5 points less than Bullseye? No way.
- Usage Test - Tentative Pass - I never used Stealth Dodge, but that was just the matchups, and the Poison Tipped Claws were certainly useful. Ruthless Seduction is strong if it works, but that's a hard roll and it's fairly easily nullified, so it only came up once.
- Strategy Test - Pass - Stealth Dodge doesn’t really help much in a fight, but is really good for closing the distance, the Poison Tipped Claws are fairly useful and a good way of cutting through high/dodgy defences for a wound or two here or there, and Ruthless Seduction.... I want to like it, I really do, but in Test One I specifically strategised around keeping her engaged with just Batman to try to help her get this off (using Hand Ninja to shield her from Robin), and it did nothing for me - in order to actually be strategically interesting, I’d like the roll to be a tad lower.

Army Test 1
Map: Burial Marsh (no glyphs)
Cheshire, X-23, 2x Hand Ninja (560 points)
Batman (Bruce Wayne) (vI), Robin (Tim Drake), Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker) (565 points)

Spoiler Alert!

Army Test 2

Map: Blackroot (no glyphs)
Cheshire, Baron Heinrich Zemo, Darkseid, Trickster (Axel Walker) (800 Points)
Captain America (C3G), Iron Man (Hulkbuster), Falcon, Bucky (800 Points)
Spoiler Alert!

Final Thoughts On The Tested Unit:

In general, I really like this design - she’s a nice, simple, fun, low level assassin, and everything here is right to make a fun card - it really is just the numbers that need tweaking, to me. Ruthless Seduction I’d like to see dropped to 13 or 14, just to make it a bit more of a factor - you can avoid it by surrounding her anyway, so I don’t think it would break her by any means (certainly not 14), and I think it would actually encourage more interesting tactics, giving more incentive to your opponent to try to get that second figure engaged, and more incentive to you to run interference (say with bonding ninja) to prevent this from happening. Also, her offensive potential is a bit on the weak side - a 40% chance of an auto wound when attacking’s pretty damn good, but it’s still attached to that three attack, which really, in Superscape, is garbage. I’d like to see the Poison roll dropped to, say, 11+, or her attack boosted to 4, and really, I don’t care which. (Though, looking at Wikipedia, maybe the attack boost’s more thematic? She’s meant to be pretty damn skilled.) In the end, she felt like a fun, decent, 130 pointer (I mean, I’d say that Batroc was actually better, but then I feel he might be underpriced anyway, and she does have synergy), except that she costs 170, and the higher cost seems more fitting for who she’s meant to be, from what little I know. Just tweak a few numbers and she’s good to go, but right now, she’s a little sub par.
Her points are valid and the ease of RS negation where issues I thought about as well. YK commented that he thought the roll could come down as well so we'll have to see after the next test. Hopefully Ark or Ronin will get a test in. Once visiting family start leaving I hope to get a map up and try to get some games in as well.

I'd more in favor of her attack going to 4 than dropping the poison roll since it isn't an extra wound like some poison type powers but a defense independent chance.

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It was a great idea that really brought this concept to the next level and now I just have to convince you of your own brilliance.
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