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Re: RotV vs AotP report!

Wiker/RotV wins: keglo, quozl, Sir Heroscape, capsocrates, mtl1998, Lucace

Wife/AotP wins: Dad_Scaper, Tornado, Porkins, wriggz

Round 1:
D1- Chandra opens the game by running toward the glyph in the middle of the map.
B1- Tarns move toward the same glyph, berserker charge fails.

D2- Chandra summons phoenixes, one in the way back corner of the map. She moves onto high ground and finds the defense +1 glyph. Two attacks from height do not pierce tarn defense. Chandra casts Stoke the Flames enchantment on herself and then uses Seize the Day to charge the phoenixes into battle and kill a tarn.

B2- Rae flies in and impales a phoenix with her spear.
D3- Two attacks from Chandra again fail to kill any tarns, but the pyroclasm spell kills a phoenix and the two tarns next to it, as well as respawning the other phoenix.

B3- Syvarris sets up camp in the corner of the map and hits Chandra for a wound and takes out the respawned phoenix.

Round 2:
D1- A phoenix respawns when the power of fire enchantment is played on the unsummoned firecats. The phoenix hits Raelin for a wound.

B1- Grimnak moves up and chomps the phoenix. That’s a spicy meatball!
D2- Chandra further buffs the firecats with the fire breathing enchantment, and brings a phoenix back. Firecats are summoned into play safely behind the ruins.

B2- Grimnak eats the phoenix again, for good measure.
D3- Using flames of the firebrand, Grimnak is dealt a wound, and the phoenix comes back for more punishment. The firecats move in, killing the last Viking and dealing 3 more wounds to the big friendly dinosaur.

B3- Syvarris shoots twice at the 5 defense cats but does not slip an arrow past their defense.

Round 3:
B1- The KMA charge straight into engagement with a firecat, and kill it.

D1- Chandra casts twin flame on one cat, then uses dual casting to cast twin flame on the other cat. One cat attacks Rae, rolls 5 hits and lands a total of 11 wounds on her, mutilating her body and roasting her to a crisp. The other cat rolls 4 hits and inflicts 7 wounds total against Grimnak and toasts him.

11 wounds in one attack. Ouch!

B2- The boogers mobilize, and focus their shots all on one cat to inflict a wound.
D2- Uses Chandra’s outrage spell to kill a booger, whlle the two firecats kill two KMA.
B3- Marro Warriors reveal the move+2 glyph, but their attacks of 2 and 3 fail to finish off the wounded cat.

D3- Chandra enchants herself with Chandra’s Fury, and leaves her glyph to get within range of Syvarris to hit him for two wounds in her two shots.

Round 4:
D1- Chandra closes in on Syvarris and uses incinerate to turn him into a pile of ashes.
B1- With assistance from the move glyph, boogers reach the defense +1 glyph, and snuff out the two nearby phoenixes with advanced sinus blasts.

D2- One firecat kills the last KMA, but the Marro on the glyph easily blocks the 1 skull attack from the second kitty.
B2- Marro Warriors are huddling around the defense glyph, and finally kill one cat.
D3- Chandra takes charge and flings some fire with her double attack at the Marro, killing one. She uses superheated and discards circle of flame to kill another warrior.
B3- The lone booger runs scared into the water, but fails to clone.

Round 5:
B1- Booger just can't clone!
D1- The phoenix fails to get a kill from his higher ground.
B2- One booger becomes two!
D2- Chandra walks toward the sinus warriors, glaring at them with her fiery red eyes.
B3- Too many blanks leave the phoenix alive after a round of attacks from the Marro.
D3- Chandra kills one warrior.

Round 6:
D1- Chandra finishes the last of the RotV army!

Remaining AotP forces: Chandra with 1 wound taken, 1 firecat, 1 phoenix

Congrats team AotP! My wife had a really fun time with the red army.

I want to chalk up a big part of my loss to the defense glyph on the high ground that my wife camped Chandra on for the first three rounds of the game. I think that single spot was a little OP, poor map building decision on the developers. Grimnak was also a bad choice, I forgot that firecats were big double spaced guys that couldn't be chomped, and we also decided that the planeswalker was not a hero, but rather a class of it's own, and couldn't be chomped.

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