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Re: Public Design Post

Originally Posted by Xael Raymand View Post

Name = Green Scar (Bruce Banner)

species = Mutate
uniqueness = unique hero
class = Warbound
personality = Vengeful
size/height = medium 6

life = 7
move = 5
range = 1
attack = 7
defense = 7
Super Strength

points = 400 - 450

After revealing an order marker on a Warbound figure you control and taking a turn with that figure, if that figure did not inflicted a wound with an attack on an enemy figure, you may attack with another Warbound figure you control.

Before attacking normally with Green Scar you may choose one Warbound figure you control within 6 clear sight spaces of Green Scar. Green Scar may roll 1 additional attack die for each wound marker on the chosen figure up to a total of 4 additional attack die.

Instead of his normal move, Incredible Hulk may Super Leap. Super Leap has a move of 10. When counting spaces for Hulk's Super Leap movement, ignore elevations. Hulk may leap over water without stopping, leap over figures without becoming engaged, and leap over obstacles such as ruins. Hulk may not leap more than 50 levels up or down in a single leap. When moving with Super Leap, Hulk will take any leaving engagement attacks. Hulk rolls 3 fewer attack dice on any turn that he chooses to Super Leap.

The figure used for this is:
Green Scar #033 Incredible Hulk Marvel Heroclix Singles

I think these are some good changes
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