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Re: Public Design Post

Name = Elloe Kaifi

species = Imperial
uniqueness = unique hero
class = Warbound
personality = Elitist
size/height = medium 5

life = 4
move = 5
range = 1
attack = 3
defense = 4

points = 150 - 200

Warbound Unity
If all order markers are placed on Warbound figures you control, any time a Warbound figure you control takes a turn you may immediately move up to 2 other Warbound figures you control up to 4 spacese ach.

When attacking an opponent's adjacent figure with a normal attack, add one automatic skull to whatever is rolled. When defending against a normal attack from an adjacent figure, add one automatic shield to whatever is rolled, and all excess shields count as unblockable hits on the attacking figure.

Sakaaran Blaster Special Attack
Range 7 Attack 3
When rolling attack dice for this Special Attack, if Elloe Kaifi rolls a skull on every die, the defending figure immediately receives one unblockable hit before rolling defense dice.

The figure used for this is: Any ideas?

Bio: Prior to the events of PlanetHulk, Elloe Kaifi was the daughter of Ronan Kaifi, a member of a high-ranking family on the planet Sakaar. Enjoying a relatively carefree life for most of her early years, Elloe's life changed when her father spoke out against the Red King, resulting in his titles being stripped from him and he, his daughter and her bodyguard Lavin Skee being sent to the gladiator training school, the Maw. When her father protested at his treatment, he was killed by the guards shortly before the training battle began, of which Elloe and Lavin were two of the seven survivors. Initially lacking combat skills, Elloe received training from Skee before she left the group to try to aid rebels in an attack on the emperor.
After she and her fellow rebels were captured and brought before her former comrades in the arena, shortly after their third victory in the arena over the'Silver Savage', the gladiators were ordered to kill Elloe and the others to earn their freedom. Hiroim the Shamed revealed that Lavin Skeehad been killed in battle earlier, and that the others had formed a Warbound Pact; thus, since Skee had served Elloe, the Warbound could not kill her without violating their oath. Although their obedience discs were activated, the Warbound were freed when the Surfer destroyed the discs, allowing them to escape and begin a rebellion against the Red King.
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