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Re: Public Design Post

Name = No-Name

species = Brood
uniqueness = unique hero
class = Warbound
personality = Savage
size/height = medium 5

life = 5
move = 6
range = 1
attack = 5
defense = 5


points = 200 - 250

Strange Pairings
After revealing an Order Marker on this card and taking a turn with No-Name, you may immediately take a turn with a Miek figure you control that has this special power, and you may not take any additional turns with other figures you control or move other figures you control. During this turn, that Miek figure cannot use any special attacks.

Poison Stinger Special Attack
Range 1 Attack 4
If No-Name inflicts one or more wounds with this special attack, roll the 20-sided die for Poison Damage. If you roll 15 or higher, add 1 additional Wound Marker to the defending figure's card and roll again for Poison Damage. Continue rolling for Poison Damage until the figure is destroyed or you do not roll 15 or higher.

For The Hive! Special Attack
Range 1 Attack 3
No-Name may attack with this special attack up to 4 times in a turn. No-Name must reduce the number of attacks by 1 for each wound marker on this figures army card.

The figure used for this is: Brood #007 Marvel Heroclix Mutations and Monsters

Bio: No-Name ofthe Brood is a Sleazoid Brood Queen who first appeared as a main character in the Planet Hulk storyline of TheIncredible Hulk. Brood Queen from the planet Sakaar who becomes the lover of insect king Miek. During World War Hulk, when it was discovered that Miek was the one who let the shuttle that brought Hulk to Sakaar explode (destroying the planet's imperial capital where Hulk's kingdomhad been), "No-Name" and Hulk attacked Miek.[volume & issue needed] Currentlyon the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. with the Warbound. In World WarHulk: Aftersmash! Warbound #4, it was revealed that, shortly after the Red King's defeat, she and Miek sired several crossbreed insectoids. Completely mindless and savage, the young ran amok and had to be killed by their own mother.
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