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Re: Public Design Post

Name = Miek

species = Insectoid
uniqueness = unique hero
class = Warbound
personality = Vengeful
size/height = medium 5

life = 5
move = 5
range = 1
attack = 4
defense = 5


points = 200 - 250

King Miek
Miek also has the class of Ruler in addition to the class that is listed on this card.

Strange Pairings
After revealing an Order Marker on this card and taking a turn with Miek, you may immediately take a turn with a No-Name figure you control that has this special power, and you may not take any additional turns with other figures you control or move other figures you control. During this turn, that No-Name figure cannot use any special attacks.

For The Hive! Special Attack
Range 1 Attack 3
Miek may attack with this special attack up to 4 times in a turn. Miek must reduce the number of attacks by 1 for each wound marker on this figures army card.

The figure used for this is: Miek #016 Marvel Heroclix Mutations and Monsters

Bio: Miek was a member of planet Sakaar's native race of insectoids. When he was young his father and most of his hive were attacked and killed by local Imperials, forcing Miek to flee underground. He was accidentally rescued, as an outcast slave, during Hulk's battle with the Red King. Soon after, the Warbound escaped with Miek secretly leading them to the place where his father was killed. The Warbound then aided him in securing his revenge.Miek and Brood, who have formed a connection due to their insect nature, freed Miek's brothers and added the Warbound to his Hive. Within a short time, he underwent a metamorphosis and evolved into a giant heavily armored"King" version of his race.
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