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Re: The "I'm new here" Thread!!!

Hello fellow Heroscapers!

I'm new here (kind of). I'm late to the party as I discovered Heroscape as recently as 2014. Been lurking here ever since and decided to join in to do my part in keeping this community alive and well.

As you could relate, I feel tormented that this game is no longer being produced. I won't cry too much about it though as I've had success slowly accumulating a grand collection through eBay lots. (A note to other newbies, buying Heroscape in piece meal is an expensive endeavor. However, if you are patient and not afraid to go "all in" and buy large eBay lots, you can get some great deals!)

A little bit more about my story - I'm a gamer. A card gamer by family tradition. A ball gamer/sports fan. And a massive video gamer in my youth. But as I got older, got married, and had more responsibilities, video games became too time consuming. I needed something more finite, something with a beginning and an end in one sitting. I also needed more human interaction. Enter board games.

I always enjoyed Monopoly and Risk, but wow did I find something better! I got hooked on many great modern board games: Dominion, Agricola, Formula D, to name a few. I was love struck. But then just when I thought it couldn't get any better, someone showed me Heroscape...

Holy balls! This is the greatest game ever made!! I can only imagine how much fun I would have had with it as a kid. I had always wanted a game like it. In fact, I used to make board games like it on big sheets of card board littered with my action figures and a handful of dice. But nevermind all that, I'm an adult and love this game all the same. I had to have it.

After more than a year of slowly and carefully picking through eBay, I've become a proud owner of a near complete collection and enough common mutiples to please most 500-600 point armies. I also have enough terrain to create everything from a massive jungle pit to a towering volcano. But more than that, these spectacles have served well in turning my friends into Heroscape players. So, in a way, my collection includes a great group of friends through which we have had fun, memorable times. And with many more to come!

Heroscape has found a permanent place in my household. Now I'm hoping to be a part of this lasting community.

Thanks for reading my story. See you around!


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