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Re: M.R.D. Trooper (Vote for Public Playtesting)

Zakizzryn just sent me his report. I think he played them wrong and I have messaged him to confirm. It seems he did the movement correct for the MRD but always only attacked with 1.

M.R.D. Trooper

Playtest 1
Tested on Swamp Lab
Army 1: M.R.D. Trooper x4, Vertigo, Weather Wizard, Dagger, Black Widow, Superman (I I am assuming) (985)
Army 2: Blink, Sabretooth, Quicksilver, Cyclops, Avalanche (285)

First couple of rounds were movement and positioning, round 3 is when the first attack started with Avalanche using his earthquake and inflicting damage on Black Widow and Vertigo.
M.R.D. was able to close in on Blink applying neuro and preventing her from moving Mutants around. Cyclops got into position for an Optic Blast but with Weather Wizard close by for Fog Cover the attack on two of the M.R.D. was unsuccessful. Unfortunately Sabretooth came in with Devastating Pounce and knocked out M.R.D. easily and used Feral Instinct to slay the adjacent M.R.D.
Winning initiative on the next round I was able to have Dagger remove marker from Sabretooth predicting another slaughter on remaining troopers. Neuro applied to both Cyclops and Blink (Great order placement in that round. Each turn prevented the next Mutant to use special abilities.)
Next turn I attempted to same strategy able to win initiative and pin down Sabretooth with Dagger, however neuro failed to apply to Cyclops as well as a failed roll on Fog Cover brought another M.R.D. down. (3 wound vs 2 shield)
The last M.R.D. didn’t last too long when Mutants won initiative and Sabretooth had his way with him. Near the end of the match only Sabretooth and Superman remained, exchanging blows against one another until Sabretooth fell and Superman was the victor with 4 wounds applied to his card.

Playtest 2 - Not sure which version of Joker or Spidey he used...Point wise I thought 140 joker and 160 Spidey total to 905 vs 910 but looks like he is using Webslingers to pull cappy away so that means 250 Spidey and even with 190 Joker that is 960 vs 995

Swamp Lab
Army 1: M.R.D. Trooper x4, Captain America (Hasbro), Blink, Vision, Joker
Army 2: Scarlet Witch, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Spiderman (160 I think) (910)

Same as before, first couple rounds were movement phases. Kept M.R.D. close to Captain America for tactician buff increasing attack and defense by one. Scarlet’s chaos magic curse took an M.R.D. out by inflicting one wound but neuro was applied on Jean. Progressing through the game Spiderman kept being a pest pulling my Cap away from M.R.D, while being unlucky with inflicting wounds on opposing Mutants. Chao’s Magic and Jean’s Telekinesis were enough to inflict single wounds on M.R.D. wiping them out. I kept trying to use Blinks Phase Javelin to give team room to breathe and winning initiative some rounds gave me a chance to rearrange Mutant order markers but Mutant army kept closing in for attack. The game ended with Mutants winning with Wolverine alive with 4 wounds and Spiderman with 3 wounds.

I really like the idea of the potential neuro token being applied to disable mutant abilities, the roll can be tough to get due to it being high. Was lucky a few times however if missed it can leave the troopers open to a devastating assault as I experienced with Sabretooth, unless having a character with defensive abilities protecting them from a distance, or an ability like Captain America’s Tactician ability increasing number for attack and defense. The ability to move them all is pretty handy when close to a Mutant but was thinking perhaps having the ability to allow a second M.R.D. trooper to attack as well. In my mind I picture a task force surrounding a Mutant to bring them down, getting into position, one shoots to get his attention while the other takes a cheap shot to the back. This could also increase the chance of neuro being applied. Perhaps it could be considered overpowered with that change but they seem quick to down especially when other player takes notice of their ability and decides to focus on them, but I think it be pretty cool but your card your call.
Best team up with the M.R.D. would indeed be characters that can help defend them or increase die count while they attempt to neutralize any Mutant character and have a heavy hitter clean up.
All in all I found it to be pretty fun, I hope my input was informative and helps you in the development on the M.R.D. Trooper.Was cursed with horrible rolls but was fun none the less. I am looking forward to seeing them in the Index roster and would gladly play them again.
Corrected 2nd test...
Rematch we played at 1000 pts.
M.R.D. army came to 990 with 5 M.R.D. for 150 pts, Captain America(Hasbro) 220 pts, Blink 145 pts, Joker I 190 pts, Vision 285 pts
Mutant Army came to 995 with Spiderman 250 pts, Scarlet Witch 285 pts, Jean Grey 180 pts and Wolverine 280 pts
(I had my laptop open with your message open for the unit this time.)

My plan was to keep Cap close to M.R.D. for Tactician giving them bonus attack and defense which proved pretty effective. Assault Force was used a lot to position them to group up on a single Mutant at a time. Anti Mutant tech applied a couple of times on Scarlet Witch but luck soon ran out. Lasted longer then before however and were able to bring Scarlet down as well as Jean becoming weak enough for the Cap to finish.
Wolverine cleaned up the rest of the M.R.D. and in the end Cap and Vision were only ones left with Vision having 3 wounds and Cap with 4
Again apologies for mess up.
In my opinion excellent unit choice to pick for when another player decides to play Mutants. Move/Attack for M.R.D.(Now that I fully understood) worked great keeping pressure on a single opponent or when two Mutants came in. Low life and defense can make quick work of them so fielding characters that enable some protection can greatly help them survive and bring on more assault.

Originally Posted by IAmBatman View Post
It was a great idea that really brought this concept to the next level and now I just have to convince you of your own brilliance.

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