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Re: Chaos of Battle, Round 1!


Wiker wins: Maklar the Silver Prince, yamissflash, OrcElfArmyOne, Ixe, heroscaper2010, mtl1998.

Andy wins: Lucace, nyphot, Dad_Scaper, dysole, flameslayer93, Marro Warlord.

That's six predictions per side!

Chaos placement:
Two sets of zombies are in the water, in the middle right area of the picture, one set of zombies is on the top of the bridge structure in the middle, and the last set of zombies is at the top right of the map, all the way in the corner. Nilf is at the bottom left corner of the map.

One set of dwarves is all the way to the right of the map, and the other set is in some water on the other side of the castle structure (you can't see them in the pic.) Darrak is in the water in the middle left of the picture, and Braxas is at the top left.

Round 1!
A1- Braxas flies toward the castle, and melts the one zombie she could reach with a 20 on the D20.

B1- Zombies spread out over the map. One zombie on the castle engages Braxas, but rolling 2/3 skulls doesn't cut it when Braxas also rolls 2/3. Two zombies manage to successfully infect a dwarf, a zombie rises again!

A2- Darrak also starts climbing toward the castle, whilst two dwarf attacks are blocked by zombies.

B2- Nilf takes wing and lands on a small hill near the trees and flings ice shards at Darrak and Braxas. Two 2/4 rolls fail to harm them as they defend from height.

A3- Braxas disengages wound free from a zombie (he was too busy drooling over some dwarves,) and she flies further onto the bridge structure. She melts two more zombies on three D20 rolls.

B3- Zombies decide to swarm the dwarves. Two zombies roll 0/2, while the last one manages a 1/2, which nails him some dwarf brains. A zombie rises again!

End of round 1!
Remaining forces:
B- 11 zombies, healthy Nilf
A- 6 dwarves, healthy Darrak, healthy Braxas

Round 2!

A1- Braxas glides down and lands next to Nilf, but her tiny dragon arms fail miserably at hurting Nilf.

B1- Nilf fires right back, rolling 3/6 skulls to hit Braxas for one wound.

A2- Darrak runs at Nilf to take advantage of sneak attack, but his 3/6 roll does not pierce Nilf's 5 defense at height. Axegrinders take the fight to the zombies, and three zombie heads roll.

B2- Nilf flees from both Braxas and Darrak, taking one wound. He lands on the castle and shards both of them. Braxas blocks a 3/4 attack with a 3/3 defense roll, while Darrak gets a paper cut from an ice shard, suffering a wound.

A3- Braxas pursues Nilfheim and flies onto the castle structure. On the attack, she rolls 4/5, sucker punching him in the gut with her tiny arms for 2 wounds!

B3- Zombies, craving brains, launch three attacks at the dwarves, while the dragons duke it out atop the castle. Two dwarves are felled, and two zombies rise again!

End of round 2!
Remaining forces:
B- 10 zombies, 3 life on Nilf
A- 4 dwarves, 3 life on Darrak, 7 life on Braxas

Round 3!

B1- Nilfheim opens up the round by slashing and biting, inflicting two wounds on Braxas.

A1- Braxas' tiny arms manage a 1/5 attack that is easily blocked by Nilf.

B2- Nilf goes another round with Braxas, rolling 5/6 this time to gouge Braxas' soft skin (scales?) for four wounds!

A2- Darrak swiftly sneaks up on a zombie and cuts it's head off, while the axegrinders send two more zombies back to hades.

B3- Zombies get some retribution, stripping the helms and brains off of two dwarves, causing two zombies to rise again!

A3- Braxas rolls 4/5 again at Nilf, lunging to bite his neck, but Nilf puts his arm in the way and suffers only a single wound.

End of round 3!
Remaining forces:
B- 8 zombies, 2 life on Nilf
A- 2 dwarves, 3 life on Darrak, 1 life on Braxas

Round 4!

A1- Braxas normal attacks Nilf, but comes up just short of the kill, putting only one wound on him.

B1- Nilf finds the strength to put the finishing blow on Braxas, snapping her neck and leaving the body on top of the castle.

A2- Darrak Ambershard causes a zombie to explode into pieces with his little dagger on a 4/4 attack roll.

B2- Clearly, Darrak has intimidated the zombies, as two roll blank attacks. The last one gets 1/2, but the defending axegrinder saves his brains from the assault.

A3- Darrak and a dwarf each kill a zombie, and have little time for a breather as the rest of the horde continues marching toward what's left of the dwarven forces.

B3- Alas, one poor dwarf faces his fate as he surrounded by the horde. The zombies manage a 4/6 on the special attack and snack on his brains, as another zombie rises.

End of round 4!
Remaining forces:
B- 6 zombies, 1 life on Nilf
A- 1 dwarf, 3 life on Darrak

Round 5!

B1- Zombies continue their unorganized march, they engage both Darrak and the last axegrinder. The axegrinder is zombified on a 2/2 attack, while Darrak tries his darndest to hide from a 3/3 attack, but he fails. He rolls 0/2 on defense, succumbing to the zombies, as they strip him of his armor and have a cat fight over who gets his brains.

End of game!
Remaining forces:
B- 8 zombies, 1 life on Nilf

Congrats to Maklar the Silver Prince, yamissflash, OrcElfArmyOne, Ixe, heroscaper2010, and mtl1998! 2 points each!

A big thank you to Lucace, nyphot, Dad_Scaper, dysole, flameslayer93, and Marro Warlord for participating! Lucace gets 2 points for being the first prediction for this game, the rest of you get 1 point!

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