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Re: Searing Pass, Round 1!

I'm no longer accepting predictions for this game! And no changing your predictions!

EDIT: I've edited this post to include the whole report, now that I've finished it!

Wiker sits calmly in his chair, backed by Maklar the Silver Prince, Lucace, Dad_Scaper, Dysole, Ixe, OrcElfArmyOne, Not User Name, nyphot, and heroscaper2010! They all take turns feeding Wiker grapes and giving him foot massages.

Andy looks to his left and finds the enthusiastic mtl1998, and looks to his right to find... nobody else in his corner...

Thank you all so much for taking the time to check out the thread! You are all entered to win Akumaken! We shall see how many entries everyone gets! Speaking of Akumaken, I should be printing the cards out soon, I want to take a picture and explain exactly what I will be sending the winner!

We have decided that we want to do a round of "Don't waste your life," where Andy and I will be using a life limit to create our armies, and not a point limit. We also set a rule that we are only each allowed a single one life hero in our armies, and that we had to have at least one squad in our armies, so that we wouldn't stack our armies with deathwalkers/low life heroes galore. We decided to play with a 10 life limit, squads counting as 1 life per figure (basically, a squad of knights of weston costs 4 life.)

We are playing on the (slightly modified) official VW rulebook map Searing Pass, with the scenario called Deadly Encounter! On this scenario, we put 4 obsidian guards on the map, which can be used by revealing an OM on the figure which controls the glyph in the center of the map, and choosing to activate the guards instead! Guards are considered "statues," and are not involved in any sort of combat until a player is holding the glyph, and then the guards are considered part of that person's army.

Wiker's army: Deathwalker 9k, Zetacron, Minions x2- 8 figures, 9 life


Andy's army: Deathwalker 8k, Zetacron, Krav Maga Agents, Airborne Elite- 9 figures, 10 life

ROUND ONE! Airborne Elite drop!

A1- Three airbornes laugh at the minions giving group hugs to Zetacron and Deathwalker 9k (stupid me,) and decide to lob grenades over the ruins. One minion blanks and meets his demise early this game. The fourth airborne grabs the Obsidian control glyph.

B1- Minions fly out towards the airbornes. One engages, swings, and cuts the trooper's head clean off of his body with a 2/2 attack roll.

A2- Airbornes, but Andy elects to activate 3 Obsidians instead. They stomp forth and engage minions. One Obsidian on height manages to take down a minion.

B2- A minion slices an airborne soldier in half, while two other minions turn two of the obsidians into steaming piles of... dead obsidians.

A3- Krav dash in and take their shots at minions. Each Krav manages to roll 1/3 on attack, merely scratching the shields of the minions.

B3- A minion destroys another obsidian, while another minion sees a shiny glyph in the distance and starts flying toward it.

Two lava field rolls fail in their purpose of destroying either of the last two airbornes.


B: 4 Minions, Deathwalker 9k, Zetacron
A: 2 Airbornes, Deathwalker 8k, All 3 Krav, Zetacron
MAP SCENARIO: One Obsidian

Round 2

A1- Two Krav shoot from height at a minion and kill him by pumping him full of whatever the krav shoot... Lasers? Bullets? Arrows? Spears?

B1- A curious minion reveals the sexy valda glyph (move +2!) Another minion wrecks the airborne on the Obsidian glyph.

A2- Deathwalker 8K gets his rusty butt into action, but totally blanks using his special attack against the minion on valda.

B2- A minion totally whiffs his axe over the top of a krav's head, whilst another minion engages DW8K. Minion gets 2/2 skulls, and Deathlover gets 3/8 shields. It was technically only 1/10 of Andy's army anyway, right mtl1998?

A3- Turn lost on Deathlover 8K

B3- Deathwalker 9K moves 5 spaces (I forgot about valda, mad about that,) aims his guns at the last airborne on the glyph, and blanks at the soldier.

Two lava field rolls melt the last airborne and a krav

End of round 2!

Remaining forces:
B: 3 Minions, Deathwalker 9k, Zetacron
A: 2 Krav, Zetacron
MAP SCENARIO: One Obsidian

Round 3!

A1- Zetacron retreats into the corner of the map and shoots blanks at one of the flying demons.

B1- Two minions swarm the two Krav, and put one of them to the axe. The last Krav decides it's time for a throw down, drops his gun, and puts up his dukes. He manages to catch the swinging axe with his bare hands on a 2/3 defense roll.

A2- Zetacron goes prone and takes aim once again at a minion, but his 1 skull is not enough to pierce the 7 defense of the flying demon.

B2- Zetacron takes seven movement (I didn't forget this time!) to grab height and fire at the last krav, but one shield defense allows him to deftly dodge the shot.

A3- The last kma throws some punches at the minion he is engaged to, but bruises his hands hitting the shield.

B3- Zetacron charges his gun up for another shot at the last krav, and nails him square in the chest to end his life.

A minion is spared from lava field death.

End of Round 3!

B- 3 minions, Zetacron, DW9K
A- Zetacron
MAP- One Obsidian

Round 4!

A1 (Andy won initiative every time apparently)- Zetacron rolls a measly 1 skull again, only to be blocked by the minion.

B1- Zetacron climbs up onto lava field spaces to get a clear shot at Zetacron. Attacking Zetacron rolls 1/3, while defending Zetacron rolls 0/4!

End of game!
Wiker has 3 minions, Zetacron, and DW9K left!

Thanks all, for reading!

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