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Re: WARGROUNDS of SCAPE (WoS) - discussion thread

Will we ever truly know what cataclysmic event destroyed the once majestic city of Clionesia? Was it dragon fire or volcanic eruptions? Or perhaps an ‘Enormous 55’ size feline heedlessly walked across the city knocking over walls and figures with reckless abandon. That’s what happened when I tried to rebuild the once thriving city. There were no survivors. A moment of silence for those figures receiving enough wounds to be destroyed…….Nala respects not the battle of all time……

Well housecat map destruction aside, Remains of Clionesia has been utilized multiple times within the online community and now deigns to seek acceptance into the prestige ‘Wargrounds of Scape’. So prestigious that not a single map has yet successfully made it past the esteemed WoS Council. Let’s delve now into what Clionesia’s remains have to offer.

1) How many mountains dews are required to stay awake during a range v range battle?
Remains is a small square map. I was trying to decide what building this may have been the remains of. Initially I thought it might be some government office, but then decided this was once the Mall of Clionesia, and we are looking at the remains of an anchor store. Possibly a Macys or Sears. The startzones (presumably they were once the Clionesian parking lots) are far enough apart to prevent any OM1 attack potential, but this still feels like a small map with the spread out startzones and the vast amount of road in the center. Because of the short nature of the map and stretchy startzones, action comes quickly. Typically the potential to creep forward with range to hit the opposing startzone with height is too tempting to pass up, and this reduces any major camping. You need to take several activations to claim the level 4 areas and even then there are a limited amount of spaces to hold there. The level 3 areas are closer, but really won’t do if you plan on camping with range, because you will be often attacking even or up at oncoming fire. If only the escalators had remained intact making it easier to make it to the top floor and height. But of course making it very dangerous for dwarves and goblins getting stuck and shredded at the top and bottom of the deathscalators.
Mountain Dew Caffeine Rating: 0.5/5 (Great!)

2) How much additional teeth gnashing with Raelin will be had
Raelin is potentially annoying, and not just because she won’t stop talking on her cell phone to Kelda about the Kyrie fashion department. The relatively small short map means she can cover a lot of actionable spaces in her aura and not have to go very far to do it, although the ruins do a decent job of cutting off her vision, it’s still pretty aura friendly when you can get to the height of the map in one turn and cover a good portion of the visible fighting area. Strong glyphs will hinder this though as the ruins do a good job of cutting field of vision from the center to the edges. (After all that’s probably where the women’s dressing rooms were)
Raelin Dread: 2.5/5 (meh)

3) Melee viability
I really like the setup of this map in this area. The ruins are great to duck behind when approaching, and so are the castle walls outside of the startzones. You have quite a bit of cover for advancing on lame turtling armies as need be. The road is pretty abundant in all the most crucial places, although I actually like that most of the road is NOT covered by the castle walls, giving you some choices between speed or cover. Again it’s a relatively short, quick map so I didn’t see any issues with making up ground when being outgunned.
Meleeishness: 5/5 (Great!)

(So kd, is a high number good or bad? You be quiet, I will adjust my scores as I want)

4) GILF or Glyph I’d like to Fetch
How is that glyph placement? I have no problems here. The power glyphs are 7 spaces away and I’m ok with that. I really dislike glyphs that are 6 away. I prefer 8, but 7 is usable. Glyph takers are going to be under some pressure which is also highly desirable. Half surrounded by height and can be easily attacked down on from range and it’s a direct shot from the startzone. The glyphs probably be 3/5 on the power scale in order to draw action. Low power level glyphs tended to keep all the action towards the center, while high level glyphs drew all the action to the side(s).
GILF Rating: 4.5/5 (Great! Bring on Ethel and Gertrude…err I mean Valda and Oreld)

5) Glorious Emperor Zelrig domination of lame, weak, squadscape armies
We always should have a nice cushy double space perch for Zelrig to bomb the gazoomba out of any startzone comprised of max spaced squaddies. Bring back heroscape for the heroes! Alas, this map does not allow that. In fact, it is decidedly cruel to doubled spaced guys, especially the flyers. I only checked a few figures, but those ruins make it very difficult for most of the high profile dragons to fit there. So alright, I kinda like that, but Z does not. And not only that, we have the two row startzone making it easier for those nasty squads to avoid clumping. Bah
Emperor Friendliness: 0/5 (to taste)

So Remains of Clionesia is great. Maybe not as great as it was before the great feline domesticus cataclysm, but for sure a great spot to let your Valhallan armies clash to the death. I vote YES to induct Remains of Clionesia.

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