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Re: Is it a bird? Game on!

Here's the next game! We are doing a draft pool again, but I did not write down the pool we drafted from...

Wiker's army: Quahon, Sentinels x2, Marro Warriors= 460 points, 11 figures


Andy's army: Monks x1, WoA x1, Atlaga, Protectors of Ullar x2= 440 points, 12 figures

Thank you for your predictions! That's three for team epic dragon and ZERO for team flying crossbow freaks. Here is Round 1!

B1- Angels take flight, and grab unique attack +1 glyph on top of the castle
A1-Monks leap to various spots, one leaps through the overhang to attack an angel in Wiker's start zone from height, but the angel sees it coming and blocks
B2-Angels fly underneath the castle to find the defense +1 power glyph, and one angel kills the monk that attacked last turn.
A2- Protectors come in for a shootout. They grab two sniper perches on the castle. With height, two protectors attack two angels, to no avail, even on a 4/4 skull attack! The third protector shoots from the castle down to an unsuspecting marro, and nets that kill.
B3- The blue dragon flies up top, landing amongst the protectors and sentinels. With 3/4 skull lightning breath, he zaps one of the protectors in the sniper perches, a monk on the ladder below him, and another monk on the ground below the first monk! That breath is something else!
A3- Protectors fly to take the sniper perches again, and this time one aims at the angel on the defense glyph, and two take aim at the dragon. Every one of the attacks rolls 1/4 skulls, and not a single point of damage is inflicted!

DEATHS: B-A marro warrior A- All 3 monks and a protector.


B1- Angels take flight again, one flies into Andy's start zone to engage some protectors, Atlaga, and elves. The angels fail to kill anything, and a protector nails a 3/3 shields roll to save his life!
A1- Atlaga disengages from the angel without taking a wound, flies up top, and takes aim at the blue dragon with his bolt of witherwood. Rolling an 18 on the d20, he nails the dragon in her squishy eyeball and kills it! He's going to add Quahon's head to his trophy room later. He turns his red, crazy eyes to an angel afterwards, but his crossbow misfires on a blank attack roll.
B2- Lost on Quahon (this really busted my game plan, I was all set to electrocute my angels in order to get the lightning to jump to those protectors in the sniper towers)
A2- Protectors, from their sniper perches, shoot at three angels, but the angels are steadfast and block.
B3- Lost on Quahon
A3- Protectors shoot some more at sleeping angels, and the kill the one on the defense glyph at the bottom of the map.
DEATHS: B-Quahon, a Marro Warrior, a Sentinel. A- All 3 monks, a protector.

There's my poor dead dragon....


B1- Angels take the defense glyph again, and fail to kill anything with their two attacks.
A1- Protectors kill the angel on the defense glyph on a blank out defense roll, the angel corpses are starting to pile up on that glyph. They kill another angel on a 4/4 skull attack roll.
B2- Angels take the defense glyph once more, and kill two protectors with their mighty hammers!
A2- The relentless protectors kill another angel on top of the castle when he blanks his defense roll.
B3- Three angels only manage to kill one protector. These sniper perches made life hard for my sentinels.
A3- Atlaga, crazed and thirsting for more blood after killing the dragon, viciously murders the defense glyph angel with 5 attack dice, adding another body to the pile on the glyph.
DEATHS: B-Quahon, a Marro Warrior, 5 Sentinels. A- All 3 monks, 4 protectors.


B1- The last sentinel pummels Atlaga with his hammer for a wound.
A1- Atlaga angrily stabs and kills the last angel with an arrow instead of shooting it with his crossbow.
B2- The three boogers move for the first time, they take out a Warrior of Ashra, but fail to hurt Atlaga with two attacks.
A2- Atlaga stomps onto the defense +1 glyph, and aims his crossbow at a marro booger, but totally misses!
B3- The three boogers all grab height on Atlaga and focus their shots on him, only nailing him for one wound.
A3- The remaining two elf warriors move toward Atlaga's position, still a little far out at the moment.

DEATHS: B-Quahon, a Marro Warrior, all 6 Sentinels. A- All 3 monks, 4 protectors, a Warrior of Ashra, two wounds on Atlaga.


A1- Winning initiative for the first time, Atlaga leaves the defense glyph to fly up onto the castle. He murders a booger, rolling six attack dice!
B1- The last two boogers jump into the water on the outskirts of the map, desperate to clone. The two clone attempts bring one marro warrior back!
A2- One of the remaining two elf warrior girls takes the defense +1 glyph, while the other one begins the long climb up the ladders of the castle.
B2- The boogers take aim at the lady on the defense glyph, but all three of their one skull attacks fail to penetrate her defense.
A3- The last two protectors take positions in the castle's sniper perches again, and pick off two of the boogers.
B3- Wiker's last figure attempts to clone. but fails.

DEATHS: B-Quahon, 3 Marro Warriors, all 6 Sentinels. A- All 3 monks, 4 protectors, a Warrior of Ashra, two wounds on Atlaga.


B1- Once again, booger fails to clone!
A1- Atlaga puts an end to Wiker's pathetic attempt to clone his boogers back into play, and kills the last marro warrior.


Andy wins with two Warriors of Ashra, two Protectors, and two wounds on Atlaga!

Yea, mtl1998, that witherwood was definitely the end of the game. What a lucky time for it to happen! I think that game would have been much different, otherwise. Angels died more easily than I thought they would, too. Overall, I think the dice generally screwed me, but that happens.

Thank you guys for predicting! Hopefully Andy and I will be able to record a game sometime soon!

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