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Seraph knows what's in an order marker Seraph knows what's in an order marker Seraph knows what's in an order marker
Seraph's Sales and Trades 3/9/15

PM or email: (I prefer email)

I want to sell most things with the other units they go with. I still play scape some, so I don't really want to sell a couple squads of something and be left with somewhat useless remaining squads.

If there's no price listed, I typically go by low buy-it-now ebay pricing minus the 10% ebay keeps (and shipping costs can get combined).

Unless you buy a terrain set, I only charge $6 per order for USPS priority shipping (within the continental US - for international shipments you'll have to cover registered mail). That saves me weighing a box. If you buy a terrain set, add it's extra s/h to that $6.

Some stuff is missing cards. Most of the customs are without cards. I will get specifics for you before you pay.

*Star denotes custom units


Rise of the Valkyrie Set $40 +$10 extra s/h x1

Orm's Return Set x2


Massachusetts Lot
4th Mass. Line x4

Heavies Lot
Heavy Gruts x3
Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider x1
Ornak x1
Tornak x1
Grimnak x1

Weston Lot
Knights of Weston x3
*Sir Orrick x1
Alastair MacDirk x1
Eldgrim the Viking Champion x1
Sir Denrick x1
Sir Gilbert x1
Sir Hawthorne x1

Ashigaru Lot
Ashigaru Harquebus x2
Ashigaru Yari (5 spears missing) x2
Kato Katsuro x1

Arrows Lot
Arrow Gruts x3
Ice Troll Berserker x1
Swog Rider x5
Krug x1

Sacred Lot
Sacred Band x2
Parmenio x1
Valguard x1
Marcus Decimus Gallus x1

Kurrok Lot
Fire Elemental (5x D&D) x8
Kurrok the Elementalist x1

Elves Lot
Acolarh x1
Arkmer x1
Chardris x1
Emirroon x1
*Haduc x1
Jorhdawn x1
Morsbane x1
Ulginesh x1
Warriors of Ashra x2

Ninjas Lot
*Kantono Daishi x1
Moriko x1
Otonashi x1
Ninjas of the Northern Wind x1

Anubian Lot
Anubian Wolves x3
Khosumet the Darklord x1

Badru Lot (pending)
Wolves of Badru x3 (1 wrong sculpt, +1 extra card)
Werewolf Lord x1 (no lycan markers)
Khosumet the Darklord x1

Zombies Lot
*Zombie Hulk x2
Zombies of Morindan x6

Beakface Lot
*Beakface Sneaks x4 (all same sculpt - Kenku Warrior I think)
*Quorik Warwitch x1

Infantry Lot
*8th Infantry Pathfinder x3
*Capt. John Varan x1

Varkaanan Lot (pending)
*Varkaanan Blade Dancers x2
*Arktos x1
*Bahadur x1
*Manauvi x1
*Varkaanan Darkclaws x1
*Varkaanan Greyspears x1
*Varkaanan Quickblades x1
*Varkaanan Swiftfangs x1


Agent Skahen (alternate sculpt repaint) x1
Alastair MacDirk x1
Concan the Kyrie Warrior x1
Crixus x1
Deathstalkers x6
Deathwalker 7000 x2
Eldgrim the Viking Champion x1
Empress Kiova x1
Granite Guardians x2
Kaemon Awa x1
Kelda the Kyrie Warrior x1
Kozuke Samurai x2
Minions of Utgar x6
Nakita Agents x1
Ninjas of the Northern Wind x1
Ornak x1
Retiarius x1
Runa x1
Shades of Bleakewoode x2 ($23 together)
Sir Denrick x1
Sir Gilbert x2
Spartacus x1
Taelord the Kyrie Warrior x1
Tagawa Samurai x1
Tagawa Samurai Archers x2
Templar Cavalry (missing lances) x1
Tornak x1
Zelrig x1

*Brimstone x1
*Command Courier x3
*Dreagul Raiders x2 + 2 extra figures (6 Barbarians, 1 Mercenary, and 1 Bandit sculpts) (together)
*Eilan Sidhe (1 arm w/sword detached) x3 (together)
*Elaria the Pale x1
*Hoplitron x4 (together)
*Martial la Hire x1
*Priscus x1
*Tomb Skeletons x2 (sold together)
*Tomoe Gozen x1
*Tyrian the Kyrie Warrior (repainted Atlaga) x1

I also have some unreleased c3v customs:
*Free League Ranger (C3V Locksley)
*Scenearama Native Americans (no spear points, on Herocape bases)
*Heroclix Arashi (C3V monk)
*Heroclix Seven Deadly Brothers (C3V monk)
*2 squads blue civil war soldiers
*2 squads gray civil war soldiers
*several Amazonians (i think x12)

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