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Re: Sunday Scape: Triple Threat!

So, while Salty and I played the battle above, Andy and Jay were quite a distance from us playing a triangular map featuring 7 treasure glyphs.

This was a treasure glyph hunt. Each treasure glyph is worth one point, and the Brandar's Chest was worth two, since it had no effect. For temporary treasure glyphs, we played with a rule that a player may have his hero spend the glyph's power, but then the glyph was placed power side down onto the hero's card, so that the treasure "point" was still retained. If that hero died, the glyph would drop power side down on the spot where he died, and the trap would have to be bypassed again in order to pick it up (and we allowed the power to be used again after this pickup!) This was a cool system for recycling the treasure glyphs for re-use, yet still allowing players to keep points for the treasure glyph if they spent its ability.

At the end of round 6, the player with the most treasure glyph points is declared the winner. I believe the treasure glyphs were: Perm attack +1, Perm defense +1, Whetstone of Venom, Brandar's Chest (worth two points,) Potion of healing, Scarab of invulnerability, and Cloak of invisibility.

I can't even remember the point totals or anything on this map. I believe armies were:

Andy: Minions x2, Marcu, Theracus, Raelin SotM, Drake SotM, Isamu
Jay: Sentinels x2, Kelda, Saylind, Atlaga, Wyvern, Red Wyrm x3

I honestly didn't really catch anything of this game. They were sitting too far away, and I think our games finished around the same time, so I didn't spectate. There was a point where I think the Wyvern had 3 treasure glyphs and it died, so we had decided to just spread all of the treasure glyphs around the spots where he died. SotM Drake suffered a similar fate soon after, dropping 4 treasure glyphs at once!

At the end of round 6, the treasure glyph score was 2-2. Andy and Jay were given two options: Play a round of overtime, or roll D20 to determine the winner. They decided to roll the D20, where higher roller was determined the winner. Jay won the D20 roll!

We really wanted to do a 4 player chaos of battle/free for all with the superheroes on destruction site as the finale of the day, but Jay was getting ready to leave, so instead we played a 3 player free for all between Salty, Andy, and myself.

We decided to draft one superhero and one "sidekick" classic scape card.
My army: C3G's Lizard and a Mindflayer Mastermind
Andy's army: C3G's Punisher and DED
Salty's army: C3G's Wolverine, Isamu, and Otanashi (we let him take two sidekicks because they were 10 points each.)

Salty dropped my lizard in the top left corner. Andy dropped Salty's Otanashi on the road by Lizard. I dropped Andy's DED to the right, next to a power glyph. Salty dropped my Mind Flayer a few spaces behind DED. Andy dropped Salty's Wolverine in a puddle of water at the bottom of the picture, right in Dan's sight. I dropped Andy's Punisher near the center of the map, behind the warehouse and next to a glyph. Andy dropped Salty's Isamu right by DED and Mindflayer.

ROUND 1:DED failed a normal attack at wolverine on OM 1, Wolvie climbs out of the water and picks up move+4 treasure glyph. Lizard kills otanashi. Punisher reveals init +8 and rockets the warehouse wall for 2 wounds.Isamu takes unique attack +1 glyph and hits DED for a wound. Lizard fails to pick up treasure, gets a wound, and fails to heal it with regenerate. Punisher stays put, attacks wall for one wound. Wolverine uses move potion and murders DED. Lizard fails treasure trap again, takes another wound, and is unable to heal either of the wounds with regenerate! I FREAKING HATE TREASURE GLYPHS TODAY!!!!!!!! I think I was successful in grabbing treasure glyphs only 3 out of 7 times this whole day!

ROUND 2: Punisher moves up the castle, rockets the wall into smithereens. Mind flayer wounds wolvie with SA for 1 wound, removes #3 OM, also enslaves wolvie and walks him down the hill and into the open, and Wolverine also heals the wound he took from the SA. Wolvie goes through the now busted wall, and takes init glyph. Punisher murders Mindflayer with his assault rifle and hits wolverine for 2 wounds. Lizard finally grabs the treasure glyph, it's the healing potion! Lizard uses it to heal the two wounds from the trap (What a waste of my OMs this has been....) Wolverine severely hurts Lizard, putting 4 wounds on him in 3 attacks.Punisher shoots wolvie for 2 more wounds. Lizard runs away from Wolvie, who misses him on the disengage swipe, and Lizard finally regenerates! He heals 3 out of his 4 wounds. Wolvie moves in to shred Punisher to pieces. Punisher had only one wound on him at this point, and he was put to death in just one OM from Wolverine.

ROUND 3: Lizard moves toward Wolverine. Lizard attempts to regenerate to get rid of his last wound, but fails. Wolverine assaults lizard on even ground and kills him in 3 attacks, in one OM.

Salty wins with Isamu and Wolverine at 1 wound! Wow did we underestimate Wolverine! Wolverine can be good in these FFA formats where everyone is killing everyone else, but now I realize that he should have had a huge target painted on his face in our game. He needs to be taken down by focused fire, otherwise you just irritate him and he heals minor wounds while shredding everything in his path.

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