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Re: Sunday Scape Game 1 vs Salty

This game was also on TheSparkleInYourWater's Destruction Site!
Wiker: Punisher, Sentinels x2, Atlaga, and Isamu
500 pts, 9 hexes

Salty: Spiderman, Wyvern, Airborne Elite, Kelda, Red Wyrmling, and Marcu
500 pts, 10 hexes

Chaos of Battle placing: Salty placed Punisher in the corner of the map, you should see him in the top right. I placed Spidey just a few spaces down the map so I could give him a run for his money with Punisher early on. Salty placed angels in the middle of the map, which he will later find was a bad idea. I placed his kelda and red wyrm in the top left corner. I also placed his marcu and wyvern in the bottom left corner of the map. Oh, and Salty decided to put Isamu on the castle for fun, so he’s sitting up on the structure, near the top middle of the picture.

Round 1: S-Airborne Elite fail to drop.
B1-Punisher rolled 3 skulls/4 dice on the armor piercing rocket attack against Peter Parker. Spidey failed to spider sense, but still rolled a shield, and takes 2 wounds.
S1-Spidey moves in and shoots webs at Punisher, but he blocks.
B2- Punisher climbs up toward the castle structure, and takes three normal attacks from height at spidey. Spiderman fails to spider sense on each of the three attacks, and takes two more wounds.
S2- Wyvern. He did some fancy maneuvering and was able to talon grab an angel AND end his Wyvern's movement on a treasure glyph, it was pretty cool! Wyvern succeeds in grabbing treasure, the scarab of invulnerability, and attacks the angel, but the angel blocks.
B3-Two angels fly over obstacles to land on nearby power glyphs, this is when Salty wishes he had placed them somewhere else on the map. I reveal both the unique attack +1 glyph and the defense +1 glyph! One angel also hits the wyvern for a wound, Salty does not use the scarab yet.
S3-Marcu attacks an angel, but angel blocks.
DEATHS: B- none. S- Four wounds on Spidey, one wound on Wyvern.

Round 2:S- Airborne drop! Salty places all of them up on the high ground in the castle structure, pretty close to Isamu.
B1-Punisher, powered by the unique attack +1, rolls 6 from height at spidey first, and once more, he fails spider sense, and it spells his doom. Wow, spidey goes 0/5 on spider sense! Dead Peter Parker. I roll 4 and 3 dice at two airborne on height, and I kill one of them!
S1- One airborne moves to the last unrevealed power glyph, and found the init +8. The airborne kill the angel on the defense glyph and wound Punisher once.
B2-One angel engages two airborne, another angel retakes the defense glyph, another angel takes height advantage against Marcu. Angels kill an airborne, and hit marcu for two wounds.
S2-Marcu moves to get on even ground with the angel, slaughters him on a 4 skull/4 dice attack, and heals a wound with life drain.
B3-Frank Castle climbs up onto the castle (heheheh) and shoots down the airborne on the init +8 glyph and then he kills another one on the castle structure.
S3- The little red wyrm flies up near the castle area and shoots flames at an angel, but does not get the kill.
DEATHS: B- Two sentinels, one wound on punisher. S- Spidey, one wound on Wyvern, one wound on Marcu, three airborne.

Round 3:
S1: Wyvern moves next to the angel on the unique +1 glyph, but does not kill him.
B1-Two angels move next to the last airborne, and one also attacks the wyvern. They score the second wound on the wyvern (salty still holding onto that scarab,) and they kill the last airborne.
S2-The wyvern disengages from the angel on the unique attack +1 to talon grab him off of the glyph. The angel misses his disengage shot, but he blocks the wyvern’s attack.
B2-Punisher moves down off of the castle to get within range of the red wyrm and marcu. He fills the wyrm with lots of bullet holes, and scores four more wounds on marcu!
S3-Kelda moves toward marcu, she is about 4 spaces out from him, unable to heal him yet.
B3-Punisher pulls out the rocket launcher once more, aims at the wyvern, and rolls 3 skulls/4 dice. The wyvern blanks on his only defense die, so Salty spends the scarab, but does not get the saving D20 roll he needed to block all of the wounds, so the wyvern goes down.
DEATHS: B- Two sentinels, one wound on punisher. S- Spidey, red wyrm, Wyvern, five wounds on Marcu, all four airborne.

Round 4:
S1-Kelda moves in to attempt healing touch on the five wound Marcu, Salty rolls the D20 and gets a freaking 20! Marcu is fully healed.
B1-Atlaga flies in and uses his witherwood bolt, aims at Marcu, but fails to get the instakill. From height, Atlaga attacks Kelda, and scores a wound.
S2-Marcu attacks an angel, but angel blocks.
B2-Angels grab the unique attack glyph once again, one hits marcu for two wounds, but kelda blocks the other angel that attacks her.
S3-Marcu kills an angel on a 3 skulls/4 dice attack, heals a wound.
B3-Punisher stays near the castle structure and rolls his 6,5, and 4 dice at Kelda, and mows her down with his assault rifle. Salty’s last figure is Marcu with a wound.
DEATHS: B- Three sentinels, one wound on punisher. S- Spidey, red wyrm, Wyvern, one wound on Marcu, all four airborne, Kelda.

Round 5:
B1-Isamu decides to jump in on the fun, and moves toward marcu.
S1-Marcu (who still hasn’t shown that hatred all game!) attempts to kill another angel, but fails.
B2-Isamu attacks Marcu for two more wounds.
S2-Marcu attacks Isamu, but Isamu vanishes into thin air. Frank and Atlaga are watching the fight, and Punisher bets a week’s pay that Marcu wins this fight.
B3-Isamu hits Marcu for another wound.
S3-Marcu rolls 1 skull/4 dice against a non-vanishing Isamu, but Isamu blocks with his 2 defense.
DEATHS: B- Three sentinels, one wound on punisher. S- Spidey, red wyrm, Wyvern, four wounds on Marcu, all four airborne, Kelda.

Round 6:
B1-Isamu hits Marcu for another wound, Marcu has only one life left.
S1-Marcu rolls 2 skulls/4 dice at Isamu, but Isamu vanishes once again!
B2-Isamu, in his moment of glory, stabs Marcu square in the forehead and ends him! Punisher gives Atlaga a week’s pay, and has to do Atlaga’s laundry for a month!

I had three angels, punisher with one wound, healthy atlaga, and isamu left! I gotta admit, Salty did some smart things with that Wyvern, and even though it didn’t kill anything, it was cool to see it used. We found that Punisher does some real work with height and/or the unique attack +1! In the game, Salty was torn between using the Wyvern for taking the angel off of the defense +1 glyph, or taking the angel off of the unique attack +1 glyph, because of how the defense really benefits the angels, yet the unique attack glyph basically puts Punisher on roids.

More to come! When I have time...

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