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Ztimster's Big Spring Sale

Well March Madness has come and gone and you guys really cleaned my stores out. So I have been on the hunt for more great deals on everyone's favorite expansions and most sought after waves. A few well placed purchases have emptied my PayPal account, but I now have a lot more to offer you guys.

I will be doing inventory this week and posting it here along with prices and then updating that as things are pending or sold (that way there is less confusion and 20 people don't ask for my last squad of Dividers for weeks after they are sold.)

Prices: UPDATED 12/22/14
Spoiler Alert!


Spoiler Alert!

To give you a sneak peek into what I have ready, here is a short list of stuff that is sorted and ready to ship:

15 x RotV 1st ed (sparkly water, red&blue dice, etc.) $55ea
17 x RotV 2nd ed $40ea
6 x SotM $40ea (upgrade to sparkly water for $5)
0 x D&D $65ea (upgrade to sparkly water for $5) SOLD OUT
3 x Marvel $25ea
2 x FotA $25ea
0 x Rttff $30ea! SOLD OUT
5 x VW $40ea
3 x TT $65ea
1 x TJ $65 (missing a bush)
21 x Orm's Return $10ea
2 x Raknar's Vision $35ea!!

All 5 flag bearers with bags, dice and cards!
lots of Romans, Orcs, and Vipers!
2x Nerak origianl Gencon/Toys-r-us still in plastic (not the wave 10 one) with cards hermetically sealed in collectors sleeves
My stack of army cards for waves 1-10 is 8" tall! The list will be long.

Please post on this thread what you are hoping to get and if I don't have it already, I can try and add it as I come across things. I also have a few pounds of orphans which I will be updating soon as well.



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