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Re: Read part 1 of Frankenscape battle now!

Anyway, for the next battle, we are doing a sort of "Frankenscape" map, where my brother in law will build one half of the map, and I will build the other half of the map, and then we will bring them together when we play and attach the two halves to make a full map! Here is a picture of the size of each half of the map. The road cannot be covered up by anything, to give melee a better chance at getting around the map.

This is going to be a wacky looking map when we combine our two parts together!

We are playing draft pool, each player brings 600 pts, and we draft 450 pts for our army! Here is the pool: (1190 points total)

Feral Troll, Marcu, Stingers x2, Isamu, Zombies x3, C3V's Havech Eradicators x2, Guilty, Kaemon Awa, Otanashi, Dumutef Guard x2, Wolves of Badru x3, Werewolf Lord.

Wiker - Stingers x2, Feral troll, Isamu, Otanashi, Guilty, Zombies x3- 440 pts, 20 hexes

Andy - Havech Eradicators x2, Kaemon Awa, Marcu, Dumutef Guard x2, Wolves of Badru- 450 pts, 15 hexes

Round 1:
B1: Stingers roll drain, two Stingers on the bridge put 3 wounds on Kaemon awa, the last one fails his 5 attack vs 5 defense roll against a Dumutef Guard.
A1: A wolf pounces one zombie, and watches as the two others hilariously snap their necks attempting to pounce a stinger on height and a zombie on height, rolling 1 skull and 0 skulls, respectively.
B2: Zombies fail at attacking Dumutef and Marcu, but one on height kills the wolf that pounced his zombie buddy earlier. Mmm, wolf brains. A zombie rises again!
A2: Eradicators reveal unique attack +1 glyph under bridge, and range down 2 stingers.
B3: Two Stingers on the bridge kill Kaemon awa, the third fails to kill an Eradicator.
A3: OM 3 lost on Kaemon.
Deaths so far: B:2 dead stingers. A: all 3 wolves dead, Kaemon dead.


Round 2:
B1: Stingers wreck two Eradicators in three attacks.
A1: The Eradicator below the bridge on the unique attack +1 glyph attacks and rolls 1 skull on 4 dice vs Guilty's 3 defense, and Guilty dodges the shot. Andy rolls 18 on the D20 for plasma surge, giving him another attack. The Eradicator, drunk and stupid, shoots and totally misses Guilty, but the D20 smiles upon him once again, as Andy rolls a 20 for plasma surge. He changes his aim, targeting a stinger on the bridge, but alas, the Eradicator is now regretting the eight extra beers he had before showing up for battle, as he blanks AGAIN! His story isn't over yet, as Andy rolls another stinking 20 for plasma surge. The Eradicator finally kills a Stinger on the bridge, and another Eradicator shoots down the last Stinger occupying the bridge.
B2: The zombies, hungry for peanuts after all of this beer talk, decide to horde attack the Dumutef on the road. They viciously tear at his flesh, and the beast goes down. The three zombies played an intense game of rock paper scissors to see who got to eat the brain, Otanashi was totally sickened by this scene. Mmm, peanut sized Dumutef brains.
A2: Eradicators range down 2 more stingers and one uses his huge, disgusting claw to cut off the head of a zombie in melee combat.
B3: Zombies move toward the Eradicators, hungry for brains, and a zombie reveals the init +8 glyph. They fail to kill an Eradicator and the other Dumutef.
A3: Three zombie heads explode as the Eradicators fire away, none of them dead from that darn D20 roll all game.
Wiker's handsome troll gets a burn on his foot from the lava field
Deaths so far: B: 4 zombies, 5 stingers, Troll has 1 wound. A: 1 Dumutef Guard, 2 Eradicators, all three wolves, Kaemon


Round 3:
B1: Zombies mobilize and leave the Init +8 glyph. A zombie fails to get the other Dumutef's peanut brain. Two other zombies slash and bite at Marcu for two wounds!
A1: An Eradicator murders the last Stinger in ranged combat with a nice warm shot of plasma, and two other Eradicators attack Guilty from range. Guilty rolls 2 shields on 2 dice to survive the first 3 skulls/4 dice attack, and Andy fails to get a saving roll on plasma surge, FINALLY! That Eradicator dies. The second Eradicator kills guilty on a 2 skulls/4 dice attack, but in his dying breath, Guilty watches as that Eradicator also dies from the D20 plasma surge!
B2: Again, a zombie fails to get Dumutef brains, but two others score two more wounds on Marcu.
A2: The last two Eradicators move and attempt to range down two zombies. One Eradicator gets a kill, but the other one blanks, and also dies due to plasma surge! Eradicators are quickly becoming the MVP of Wiker's team, lol.
B3: The troll, smelling the wounds that the zombies have opened up on Marcu, moves next to Marcu, and succeeds in picking up the ring of protection, the one time use defense +3 treasure glyph. Rolling 6 dice in the attack, the troll manages only two skulls, and Marcu on height gets one shield. Troll also recovers from the burn wound on his foot.
A3: Marcu decides he isn't a hater this turn, kills a zombie, and recovers from one of his wounds as well!
Deaths so far: B: 6 zombies, all 6 stingers, guilty.A: 3 wounds on Marcu, 1 Dumutef Guard, 5 Havech Eradicators, all 3 wolves, Kaemon.




B1: The handsome troll attacks Marcu again, getting 4 skulls/6 dice this time, killing Marcu.
A1: loses OM 1 on Marcu.
B2: Troll moves North, preparing to assist the lone zombie that's trying to eat Dumutef brains.
A2: Dumutef attacks a zombie in an attempt to preserve is own brains, but the zombie blocks.
B3: Troll moves adjacent to the Dumutef, but the Dumutef blocks the troll's attack.
A3: The last Eradicator, thinking clearly now that he has watched three of his brothers die to plasma surge, rushes up to Otanashi and cuts her into ribbons with his monstrous claw.
Deaths so far:B: 6 zombies, all 6 stingers, guilty, otanashi. A: Marcu, 1 Dumutef Guard, 5 Eradicators, all 3 wolves, Kaemon.


Round 5:
B1: The troll dances around the Dumutef, picks up the belt of giant strength treasure glyph, and spends it immediately, rolling 4 skulls/5 dice to finally end the Dumutef.
A1: OM 1 lost on Dumutef.
B2: Handsome troll moves toward road in the middle of the map.
A2: The last Eradicator, pushing his luck, ranges down a zombie.
B3: The troll climbs onto the road.
A3: Eradicator climbs up toward the bridge.
Deaths so far: B: 7 zombies, all 6 stingers, guilty, otanashi. A: Marcu, both Dumutef Guards, 5 Eradicators, all 3 wolves, Kaemon.


B1: Isamu finally moves, and takes the Unique attack +1 glyph.
A1: Playing risky AGAIN, the Eradicator shoots at Isamu, but Isamu vanishes, and reappears on the glyph.
B2:Troll runs down the road, still a few spaces out from the Eradicator.
A2:Eradicator stays put and takes another shot at Isamu, but Isamu gets a 9 on the D20, and vanishes again!
B3: The troll, rolling 2 skulls/4 dice, kills the Eradicator on height!


Wiker wins, with a healthy troll, 2 zombies, and Isamu! Andy really loved those Eradicators, though! And yes, I won initiative every time this game, and I think I only had help from the init +8 glyph one time! Wiker's record vs Andy is now 2-2!

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