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Re: C3G Promotions Dept. - August is going to be SUPER!!!

I know everyone has been waiting for the continuation of "the story" and finally after testing everyone's patience, C3G presents the continuation of Johnny's and Lord Pyre's epic story with a two-part addition! Enjoy!


3:44 PM PDT | 8/31/12

A man emerges from the shadows, high above the clouds. He dresses in black, cape and cowl, and sees he is the last to arrive. A strange and unsightly group of individuals stand huddled near the prominent superstructure atop the massive carrier-in-the-sky.

An energetic young man in blue paces erratically as a pair, one in bright white and the other in a deep black cloak, chat on the precipice. A group of agents mill about. Leaning against the steel hull is a man quite literally possessed; no doubt the Ghost Rider he's heard so much about. Watching - always watching - is Nick Fury.

"Good to see you," he says with a sly nod, "Mr. Way- excuse me: Batman."

He is unamused.

With a shuddering sonic boom, a midnight-black streak passes by the far side of the carrier. Evidently, he is not the last to arrive. A man in armor lands, removes his helmet, and gives Fury a wink.

"Good to see you could make it, Stark," Fury responds wryly. He looks across the deck at the strange ensemble. "I put out a call to every hero I can name, and you six are the only ones with enough guts, or maybe just thick enough skulls, to join us. Frankly, you're not the team I wanted. We may lose some of you - Lord knows we did last time. But our intelligence is confirmed - Brainiac is stationed just sixteen miles northeast of our current location. The world's fate is in our hands.

"I rather doubt anyone else will be joining us, so let's proceed to-"

As before, a streak - this time a distinctive red and blue - across through Batman's periphery. It's familiar. And from atop a nearby radio tower comes a familiar voice.

"Room for one more?"

They squint, looking up at the broad-shouldered figure, silhouetted by the sun.

It's Superman.

3:51 PM PDT | 8/31/12

"Well I'll be damned."

Like a child hopping from his highchair, the shadowy figure steps into the light. His red cape twists and his reassuring smile belies the simple fact that the Man of Tomorrow walks once more among the living.

He approaches Nick Fury, arm outstretched; the commander returns the gesture, shaking the hand of a dead man.

"Superman, at your service," he says with a nod. "But I get the impression you already know that."

"I... how in the hell are you alive?" the commander says, still absentmindedly pumping his hand.

A crackle on his earpiece. His eye subtly narrows.

"Stark," he says, no hint of fear in his voice, "Code Green."

In a fraction of a second, the Avenger flicks his helmet shut and raises his repulsors. He takes aim at the man in blue - then, turning at the group of heroes, opens fire. A sudden burst of flame envelops the Helicarrier as the Man of Steel throttles Fury, same carefree smile on his face - even as the flesh burns away from his face.

"Stark!" he sputters, hopelessly slamming against his assailant's arm, "This is... no time... to lose your cool...!"

The black-and-blue hero twirls through the air, firing blasts with reckless abandon. "I hate to say it Nick but I'm not doing this!" Another red and blue streak zigzags toward the skyship, and, faster than the eye can track, slices through an engine like butter. Sirens blare as the explosion envelops the starboard side.

On the far end of the deck, the Last Son of Krypton calmly floats onto the deck.

Batman, now lurking in the shadows, watches as the heroes ready themselves. Nick Fury, by some miracle, has been freed from the red menace's arm. As it emerges from the flames, only barely half of his skin remains. Cold steel looms from beneath.

To everyone and no one, the mechanical monster speaks simply: "Commence the attack now."

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