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Re: HS Trade Thread & Good Traders

**Trade List:


I Accept Paypal!

Brunak X1
Charos X1
Deathwalker 8000 X1
Dund X1
Anubian Wolves X1
Krug X1
Me-Burq-Sa X1
Saylind X1
Concan X1
Taelord X1
Kelda X2
Tornak X2
Marcus Decimus Gallus X1
Sentinels X2
Venoc Warlord X2
Khosumet X2
DeathWalker 7000 X2
Johnny "Shotgun" Sullivan X2
Guilty McCreech X1
Tagawa Samurai X1 (without markers)
Otonashi X1
Moriko X1
Tul-Bak-Ra X1
Jotun X2
Nilfheim X1
Theracus X1
Major Q9 X1
Tor-kul-Na X1
Shiori X1
Marrden Nagrubs X1
Any ROTV figures or whole set
Sparkly Water X12

Omegacron X1

Lurker 18
Infantry Golem
Steam Mauler

Daring Rogue
High Inquisitor
Wild Mage

Dwarf Trollslayer
Chaos Warrior (from Warhammer Quest)
Bretonnian Knight (from Warhammer Quest)
Skaven (from Warhammer quest and Advanced Heroquest)
Henchman( from Advanced HeroQuest)

**OTHER Board/Video GAMES


Munchkin - THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE MUNCHKIN(used maybe 4xs)

Wrath of Ashardalon
Tales of Arabian Nights
Street Illegal(nib)
Nitro Dice(nib)
Totally. Renamed spy game
Cthulhu 500
Pac-Man card game
HeroQuest Expansion, (Witch Lord, Kellar's Keep)

**Orphans (will trade either way, to complete them or trade them away)

3/4 4th Mass (missing Sam Brown sculpt) X4
2/4 Deathreavers
1/3 Marro Drones
2/3 Anubian Wolves
2/3 Omnicron Snipers
1/3 Venoc Vipers
2/3 Minions of Utgar
2/4 MacDirk Clan
1/3 Sentinels of Jandar
2/3 Capuan Gladiators
1/3 Marrden Hounds

Braxas (missing left wing)

**Injured Heroes/Squad Members:

Kee-mo-Shi (her left leg - not the one attached to base - is broken off below the joint, she currently has a prosthetic Ne-Gok-Sa blade attached)

Sentinel of Jandar (one sentinel removed from base and missing foot on one leg, about half way up the boot)


Accepting Paypal!

Bolding means I'd want these over others

Please offer any of the D1-D3 wave figures, in trade, as a LAST option. I'd much prefer classic scape and C3V first.

I accept paypal.

Sam Brown
Sacred Band X3
Armoc Vipers x1
Gladiatrons X2
Aubrien Archers x3
Kee-Mo-Shi X2
Heavy Gruts X2
Marro Dividers x5
Zelrig x1
3x2 ft Water-Hex Mat X1
Acollarh w/ Dice and Bag X1
Pretty much any C3V figures
Roman Legioneers X1
Blade Gruts X2
Valguard X1
Sudema X1
Parmenio X1
Morsbane X1
Major-X17 X1
Retiarus X1
Warriors of Ashra X1
Blastrons X2
Deathstalkers X3
Shades of Bleakwood X4
Tagawa Samurai Archers X3
Einar Imperium X2
Isamu X1
Warden 816 X1
Kyntela Gwyn X1
Templar Cavalry X3
Ashigaru Yari X2
Ashigaru Harquebus X3
10th Regiment of Foot X1
Atlaga X2
Brave Arrow X1
Protectors of Ullar X4
Axegrinders of Burningforge x3
Omnicron Repulsors X3
Mohican River Tribe X3
Capuan Gladiators X3
Marro Hive base x2
Sir Hawthrone X1
Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider X1
Elite Onyx Vipers X1
Granite Guardians X4
Quasatch Hunters X4
Ornak w/ Dice and Bag X1
Sir Gilbert w/ Dice and Bag X1
Obsidian Guard X1
Ice X?
Single Snow X?
Molten Lava X?
Any Sized Lava Field X?

Non-Heroscape Wants:

Dust Tactics/Warfare figures

Top 250 BGG board games

The Walking Dead Comics

Vallejo/Citadel/or equivalent paints and washes

**This list has not, necessarily, been in any order but, these are the ones I want least of all.

Sharwin Wildbloom X1
Phantom Knights X3
Fen Hydra X2
Greenscale Warriors X3
Drow Chainfighter X3
Greater Ice Elemental X2
Kurrok the Elementalist X1
Rhogar Dragonspire X2
Heirloom X1
Shurrak X1
Warforged Soldiers X2
Werewolf Lord X1
Mindflayer Mastermind X2
Goblin Cutters X4
White Wyrmling X2
Red Wyrmling X2
Black Wyrmling X2
Blue Wyrmling X1
Iron Golem X2
Siege X1
Eltahale X1
Evar Scarcarver X2
Moltenclaw X1
Horned Skull Brutes X4
Death Chasers of Thesk X4
Mezzodemon Warmongers X4
Death Knights of Valkrill X4
Frost Giant X2
Ice Troll X2

Trade List

Good trades: Lord Trask X3, Nirek X2, beholderthedm, OverEngineered, Tiranx, Chill, Silver_Guy

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