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Re: C3G Promotions Dept. - June is going to be amazing!

Part 2 of Johnny and LP's story:


11:11 EDT | 5/11/12

Superman, like a flash, zooms toward the lab, with Iron Man strafing in from across the battlefield.

"Ultron," he says, the rattle of machine gun fire bouncing off his broad blue chest. "What’s his story?" A Doombot is knocked to bits with a single punch.

Stark lands on the roof of the building, giving it a cursory scan. "Old invention of Hank Pym's. Wants to destroy all of humanity. Bad news. What if he’s working with Brainiac?"

Ducking to allow Mockingbird a clear shot at the robots, he watches as Ultron emerges from the laboratory, bursting onto the platform alongside Iron Man. "VERY bad news."

11:16 EDT | 5/11/12

"Son of a– AAARGH!" Ultron, emitting a strange ray from his hand, sending a shower of sparks from his armor. "He's doing something to my suit!"

Around them, the Doombots swarm. "Hey, Botman, what’s the hurry?" shouts Mockingbird at the nearest attacker. "Hot date at the scrapyard?" It stops for a moment and fires a blast of energy; it singes her leg, and she falls to her knees, gritting her teeth.

"Note to self: robots have no sense of humor."

On the far side, Cloak and Dagger approach, keeping to the shadows, as Ultron wraps his hands around Iron Man's shoulders. Slowly, tentacle-like wires emerge from his finger tips, sinking through the joints of his armor.

11:20 EDT | 5/11/12

Pulling back his hands, Ultron again looses his ray, causing Stark to shout in pain. He shakes his head and fires his repulsors, spiraling into the air, leaving the wires behind him. "Sorry," he cries, voice barely covering his pain, "but you’re getting a bit too grabby, even for me!" Ultron's head slowly follows as the nigh-invisible Avenger zooms into the night. He fires his thrusters to follow, but, in an instant, feels the force of a train on his chest. Eventually, his eyes catch up to his sensors.

"Sorry, Ultron," says Superman, preparing for another punch, "but I'm your partner now!"

Nearby, a Doombot closes in on Cloak and Dagger, Cloak barely following its movement. He does not realize that his systems have targeted Tandy – nor is he fast enough to stop the bullet from piercing her side. She cries out, and Cloak becomes very angry very quickly.

11:25 EDT | 5/11/12

"Machine, you have crossed the WRONG man." He flies into the air, cape spread – just as a cloud of darkness descends, the Doombot vanishes.

On the hilly slopes overlooking the lab, Stark scans the battlefield, watching as Falcon moves in and Superman continues to pound on the mechanical monster. "You know, Stark," he says, "for a global threat, he doesn’t seem to be putting up much of a fight!"

"Don’t let your guard down, Supes... he's fried down bigger fish than you before." Despite his sensors, a Doombot appears behind him – the shock, no doubt, is a painful one.

11:34 EDT | 5/11/12

He flies up and turns on a dime, releasing a flash of light and fading into the night. The Doombot seems to shut down as Ultron, in turn, begins to struggle more intensely. Superman swings – he catches the fist and, with a glance, blasts Superman against the edge of the roof.

"Stark, what is he doing? I feel... ugh... something's definitely wrong here!"

Watching for Doombots, he tries to focus back on the battle. "I have no idea. Might be some sort of hive structure – he doesn’t seem to be commanding the Doombots anymore. Maybe he’s analyzed your physiology? Either way, you’d better deal with him fast, before this gets out of hand!"

11:47 EDT | 5/11/12

Time seems to drag on as the Doombots continue their assault and Superman barely holds against his rival. Undeterred, Ultron continues his assault, firing a number of rockets directly at the Kryptonian's chest. His costume torn, he falls to his knees, feeling his strength leave him. Ultron does not speak – he simply stares, reaching down slowly, eyes a terrible glowing red. The Avengers watch from afar as the Man of Steel falls – but Superman raises his head to meet his opponent’s eyes.

"Not so fast, Ultron." Grabbing the machine’s arm, he pulls, tearing out wires, joints, and plates, a shower of sparks bursting forth. "It takes more than that to kill Superman."

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