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Re: Project Myvra

I ran the playtest for Gregor earlier today, And I've come to decide he either needs some Nerfing, or a point increase. Placing him against a similarly costed hero, Gregor will shred him like tissue, and a against a squad, he hammered out 3/4 off them, the last being dispatched by a squad of accompanying axgrinders. While Gregor proved an effective budget beatstick, I think he is too deadly for his current points.

The report is spoiler-ed below. Please note, I had forgotten there was a rule about dealing extra wounds, so the results might be slightly skewed, but it is still relevant.

Spoiler Alert!

I also did a battle between Me-Burq-Sa and his Romans V.S Gregor and the Axgrinders, but I need to do something now, And will write it up later. Gregor won that too, though. Mechanical strikes a beast!
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