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Re: HS Trade Thread & Good Traders

Originally Posted by Finn View Post
Spartacus, Crixus, Retiarus
all ROTV and marvel figures
Wave 8 elves
3 of all common Elementals, 2 Ice
Othkurik the black dragon
Wave 1 and all D&D waves complete.
(I know, not an impressive collection)
Non-HS stuff
Lots of video games and related equipment (Playstations 1-3 and SNES)
Yugioh and Pokemon cards (old ones)

BFTU Master set(The terrain mainly)
Lava, Snow terrains
Templar Cavalry
Shaolin Monks
Multiple castle sets (preferably used)
10th Regiment

Others I'm interested in as deal-sweeteners:
BFTU: Deepwyrm Drow
Omnicron Snipers
Any Common, really.

PM If you want anything, obviously
Updated my list again. +Edited

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