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Re: Tournament Armies Played

DominionScape Tournament March 2010
3 games of Heroscape with 320 point army, then 2 games of 4 player Dominion
Sgt. Drake

Won 1 Lost 2

Ellraisers Tournament June 2010
Phantom Knights x2
Fen Hydra x2

Won 3 Lost 2

Nebraska Skirmish IV November 2010
Silver Surfer

Won 3 Lost 2 Finished 5th out of 20 players

Tree Town Open VII October 2011
Laglor 110
Raelin 80
Q9. 180
KMA. 100

First time playing Vydar ranged army.
Won 4 Lost 2 Finished in 17th place out of 64 players.

Nebraska Skirmish V November 2011
Nilfheim 185
Minions x2 210

This was a 410 point Fog of War tournament and I got schooled by some good players. Great learning experience though and lots of fun.
Won 2 Lost 4 Finished in 27th place out of 34 players.

Totals: 25 tournament games so far, 13 wins and 12 losses

War of the Worlds February 2012
Nilfheim 185
Charos 210
Greenscales x2 120
Rats 40

This was a 560 point Heroes tournament where you had to have at least 300 points in Unique and Uncommon Heroes. I beat Matthias Maccebus in the first game 560 - 0 after I slaughtered all 4 of his Werewolf Lords. That was the highlight of the tournament for me as I lost 3 out of the next 4 games.
Won 2 Lost 3 Finished in 5th place out of 9 players

Kearney GameFest March 3rd 2012
Kaemon Awa
Marcus Decimus Galus
10th Regiment of Foot x3

I lost in the first game of this tournmament to the eventual Champion, Garinex who cleaned up my 10th Reg with Major Q10. I went 3-1 the rest of the tournament finishing 3-2.
Won 3 Lost 2 Finished in 9th out of 18 players

Des Moines Double Down March 10th, 2012
Minions x3
Sentinels x3

This was a Doubles tournament and my partner was Raider30 who played the Sentinels while I handled the Minions and Isamu. This was a very fun format and we had some great games with double attack dice for the Minions and double defense dice for the Sentinels. In our 2nd game, the Minions took out Major Q9 and Laglor in back to back turns while we mopped up 3 squads of Knights of Weston.
Won 2 Lost 1 Finished in 7th out of 13 teams

Totals: 38 tournament games so far, 20 wins and 18 losses

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