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Re: The Book Of Superboy

Thanks. This is helpful. I agree with you that the Special Attack isn't that useful, but trust me, we have a lot of destructible objects and Androids coming, so it will definitely become more useful later. And the exact same can be said for how I feel about Titan Protect as well. Thanks again. I hope you keep this up, as you did an amazing job.
Originally Posted by reverie


- THEME TEST/ Check to see if there are any powers or stats on the test unit card that does not accurately reflect the theme or likeness of what the character would and could do. Also consider destructible objects, and whether or not this characters powers should affect them.
Pass (not that I know much about the character)

- MIRROR TEST/ Check to see if the unit were played against itself, if there would be any loops that would upset the balance of the Game.

- BONDING TEST/ Compare the unit card with all possible currently existing Bonding abilities to make sure there are no continual Bonding possibilities that do not stop appropriately or do not stop at all. This is to prevent loops in Bonding.

- SYNERGIES TEST/ Compare the unit card with all possible currently existing synergies to make sure there are no factors that could break the game by making any unit to powerful or too weak.

- POWER CHECK/ Consider the test unit and all existing units and all glyphs to compare to and check for any powers that could be over amplified and break the game. Each power must define when it takes place, who or what it affects, and What are the stipulations on the power if there are any.

- FUN TEST/ Consider whether or not the design was fun to play.
Pass - I guess he could have been more fun though, I didn't use two of his powers in the one game I played

- FUN COMPETITIVE TEST/ Consider whether or not the design was fun to play against.

- DRAFTING TEST/ Consider whether or not this design is worth drafting.
Pass - I think this figure is probably most interesting in a draft setting, at least at the moment (for his special attack and Kryptonian DNA vulnerability)

- USAGE TEST/ Consider whether or not all of the powers on this card were used or at least usable.
Pass? They're useable. Titan Protector didn't feel very worthwhile. It was difficult keeping Superboy close to Robin, since he also needed to stay close to Black Canary. Even if I had them all better clumped together (which is maybe what I should have done), I'm not sure it would have been worth putting a wound on Superboy to help Robin. The special attack was not needed, because I didn't have any appropriate targets in the game. I wish it had a short range (3, like Tul-Bak-Ra?), but then I guess it wouldn't be tactile. Kryptonian DNA was awesome until I realized I was boosting it a bunch by playing with 1st edition RotV dice.

- STRATEGY TEST/ Consider whether or not the design offers any real strategy or interesting tactics to the overall game.
He was a little challenging for me to use as anything other than a light tank in the one game I played with him, though his team kind of collapsed early on. Without a good target for his special attack and without any convenient use of Titan Protector, I was left wondering what to do with him a little. I imagine Titan Protector will become more useful as Titans are released. Not sure how often I would wound a 240 point figure for a sidekick.

Army Test
- Does it pass
, Yes or No? Yes
- What should be the unit's point value? 220 (not taking into account future Titans)
- Give a brief overview. .
Map: Grundy's Grave
Units: Black Canary, Green Arrow, Robin, and Superboy vs Captain America, Bucky, Luke Cage, Jewel, and Wasp
Spoiler Alert!


I'm intrigued by the second game I have set up, but since it would not be useful, I might just let it go. I'm also thinking about trying a playtest for C3V out, since it looks like they need the help. I had fun with this though! I only kind of know what you were talking about regarding points. Can you direct me to more information?

Thanks for letting me playtest for you!
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