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Re: The HelmAverse Custom Expansion Sets- Leptars card is up

I tried out some of the HelmAverse Havokscape & Battle Ball Customs last night.

Phesten Kaber............................85
Col. Peter Shabnek....................110
47th Line.................................100

Total: 295


2 x Blastatrons................120
Agent Carr.......................100

Total: 300

Played on a single level playing field with 10 hexes of difficult terrain (movement x 2) and 14 LoS blockers made up of walls and Pillars. Set to look like several rooms in a Stargate access room. All of my test will take place on this map.

The First Round.

1) The Nexus win initiative and move out the 47th and using Repositioning move to take the Gate Chamber.

2) The Gladiatrons move with the Blastatron's help and go to engage the 47th. Blastatrons move to flank the starting positions of the Nexus.

3) The Col. Moves to a choke point to stop the Blastatrons advance.

4) Gladiatrons move and engage two of the 47th; they attacked with no damage done.

5) Phesten move up to back up the Col.

6) Carr moves towards the Gate Room.

Second Round

1) Vydar wins initiative and the remaining Gladiatrons move and engage Col. and the 47th using Blastatron bonding. Blastatrons move and fire using Homing Beacon, but miss everyone.

2) The 47th fire destroying 3 Gladiatrons.

3) Second wave of Blastatrons move to cover Carr; while the 1st squad attacks with for no damage.
4) Col. attacks taking out the last Gladiatron with his second attack.

5) Blastatrons attack both Col. and the 47th, but do no damage.

6) Phesten moves and attacks a Blastatron to no avail

Third Round

1) Nexus wins the initiative and move through rough terrain to get closer to the Col. and cut off access to the Gate Room. The fire on the Blastatrons and destroy the one engaged with the Col.

2) Carr moves to the space just vacated by the Blastatron and become adjacent to the Col. and uses Sword of Reckoning doing 3 wounds to the Col. (Col. 2 life left)

3) Col. attacks Carr. 1st attack does one wound, with the 2nd attack doing two wounds. (Carr 1 life left)

4) Blastatrons move to flank the Col. and get behind cover to fire at the 47th. The destroy 2 of the 47th.

5) Phesten move and engages Carr; attacks and fails.

6) Carr attacks the Col. inflicting a wound leaving the Col. with 1 life left.

Fourth Round

1) Vydar wins initiative and Carr destroys the Col.

2) The 47th make a tactical retreat behind some pillars and snipe the Blastatrons, but all for naught.

3) Blastatrons move to attack the 47th and Phesten, but do no damage.

4) Phesten attacks for no damage.

5) Carr attacks for no damage against Phesten.

6) Phesten attacks a Blastatron and destroys it on the second attack.

Fifth Round

1) Nexus wins initiative with the last of the 47th attacks destroying one Blastatron.

2) Blastatrons move and then attack both Phesten and the 47th, for no damage.

3) Phesten attacks Carr, with no damage dealt.

4) Carr attacks Phesten for 3 wounds.

5) Phesten attacks Carr for nada.

6) Carr attacks Phesten for no damage.

Sixth Round

1) Vydar wins initiative and Carr swings at Phesten landing one wound.

2) Phesten attacks Carr and destroys him with his second attack.

3) No turn for Vydar.

4) 47th attacks Blastatrons and destroys one of the last squad of soulborgs.

5) Blastatrons move and then attack Phesten and the last of the 47th; and then the 47th were no more.

6) Phesten attacks for no damage against the Blastatrons.

Seventh Round

1) Nexus wins initiative and Phesten destroys 2 of the remaining 3 Blastatrons.

2) The last Blastatron move adjacent to Phesten due to a pillar and Phesten throws him away into the stream of the Stargate, ending the battle and freeing Phesten to return to base.

Notes: The Vydar team had some bad dice rolls through out the entire game. When they were able to hit the killed with Homing Beacon.
Being the only Melee guy Phesten benefited more from the LoS blockers more than anyone else. I think thatís why he was the last man standing.

I hope this wasn't too wordy; this is my first battle report. Any suggestions on format would be appreciated.

I, like God, do play with dice and do believe in coincidence.
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