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Re: Soldiers of Valhalla - nominations and discussion

Zettian Infantry by dok

Game Play
I really like what dok did here with the Zettian Infantry. He created a way to keep Deathwalkers alive when they're struck by a non-attacking auto-kill ability (Circuitry Replacement), and he also brought in a Utgar Soulborg squad that very nicely compliments all the DWs (Utgar Soulborg Bonding).

With a move value of only 4 they can be difficult to get around the board, though that is where a very nice tie to the Warden factors in since the ZI are Guards and benefit from the Warden's Guard Leadership bonus. A great synergy that gets an underused unit to the table. It's possible you're 'forced' to use the Warden with these guys since they don't pack a lot of punch (2A) and their range is very short (4R), you really need that extra movement to get them into striking distance.

I found that the ZI rarely dominated, and it's still plenty easy for the DW to wiff and not be saved, but they do hang around. Getting as many sets of the ZI on the table as possible was one strategy I tried, and it worked pretty well. Much like an assembly line of unlimited troops. Rats are also a good play with them. Slow em down and pick em off. Though this can also be difficult on a flat map where the ZI can't take height. Their attack of two really doesn't cut it.

The 65 point cost to get a squad of these guys into your army works well. I also would not have hesitated to cost them at 60, but 65 does not detract from the overall package.

The models used for this squad are from the Star Wars minis line (Super Battle Droids). Some may take issue with a recognized 'character' from another universe, and I can relate to that. But I think the Battle Droids are far enough removed from being any type of main character for this to be a non-issue. I enjoy the Star Wars movies, but that's the extent of my involvement, which I'm sure contributes to my not having an issue with these figures.

There are several different sculpts, all of which will work for this squad. As for how they match-up with other Scape units it really depends on who you put them next to for comparison. Next to the likes of the Warden I found that they meshed well with the Scape Universe. On the other hand next to a Deathreaver the scale was a bit off IMO.

There are plenty of Super Battle Droid figures available on the market at very reasonable prices (check site sponsors first). You can get a squad of 3 for $3, which is very much in line with Scape prices at your local Walmart when they were available.

I feel the pros outweigh the very few cons with this unit. This unit is a lot of fun to play, and if you're a Deathwalker fan, then you have to give them a try. You still won't dominate with the DWs, and you're still going to wiff and not be able to do anything about it. But the ZI makes you think you can win a game or two with the DWs (and you can), instead of just lining them up and waiting for the inevitable.

I vote YES to induct the Zettian Infantry into the SoV.

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