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Re: C3G Promotions Department - Wave 5 on the way...

DW's interview with the C3G Sanctum:

1)How long have you been a member of the C3G, and how did you get involved with the project?

Griffin: I have been here since the beginning, and it was a conversation that me, Grey Owl, and IamBatman had in NM24 that spawned the first C3G thread. Grey Owl and I both had signed on on April 23 2009 to start a discussion thread about a new "group" that would create a universe of cards that would succeed where NM24 failed, by making them all compatible. However, when we signed on, IamBatman had just started the thread and asked us to join in the discussion.

tcglkn: I joined the group in May of 2010, slightly less than a year ago. I became involved by eagerly playtesting a few designs and I was promoted to an Ally before I knew it and the rest is history. Looking back at some of my first posts in the group, I asked some really stupid questions. My first post here was asking to playtest two units at the same time.

IAmBatman: Griff pretty much gave the full answer for me as well, but it's always nice to bring out the "post that started it all."

Good Pig: I became a C3G Ally in December of last year. At the end of last year as classic Heroscape was on its way out I decided to break into doing some customs and looking closer at what other people had created. Shortly after I saw how much fun the C3G X-Men team was and how well it translated into a polished 1,000 point Heroscape army. After that...I was hooked.

Spidey´tilIDie: I was hoping to try and find some people interested in trying to make already produced customs compatible when I stumbled upon "the post that started it all." I realized that this is exactly what I was looking for. Though I was not really a good enough designer to be invited on (there were some true "giants" of the old Custom Thread involved back then. As opposed to now where the project kinda grows its own; these guys had HUGE libraries of really well done customs), I was accepted as a source of information about characters and really to be the voice of the people, I felt, since I was the only non-member making comments back then. Sometime during playtesting, I got asked to be a Sidekick and about the time work started on X-Men I was made a Hero. I took things very slowly at first deliberately trying to aclimate myself before going all out and I am really happy I did.

Sir Galahad
: I discovered the project about the time of World's Finest. Picked up on a couple of errors in the rulebook (attack dice for Hawkgirl vs Solomon Grundy) in the examples, and humbly pointed them out. Wasn't sure how anybody was going to take being corrected, though . . .
Offered to playtest some of the initial X-Men figures, and it just kept going from there. Got promoted to Ally, then Sidekick. Earned my design points and LD'd Green Goblin as a public design last summer, and was invited to be a Hero, pushing the number up to 9, which by many people's count was too many. But everything's worked out.

A3n: I have been with the project for a bit under the 2 years. I was an active contributor to NM24 & had a few designs that went through the process, which seems to have got me noticed for my use of backgrounds & minis. I was asked a couple of times by Bats if I was interested in joining the group, but at that time I was interested in getting through all my own clix & didn't think I had anything to contribute anyway. After the group suffered a tragic loss of one of it's members I was asked by Bats to assist GreyOwl by providing the backgrounds & cropped minis for their cards so they could relieve some of the pressure off him & he could work on the rulebook. The rest as they say is history & I love the group of friends I have joined with here.

Spidey´tilIDie: I just wanted to comment how amazing it is, to me anyway, that the project has now gone through two major upheavals and still moves onward. Even more amazing is that the project has not tremendously changed even through those comings and goings. So often when a person becomes a part of a project like this, they look to "make their mark" on the project. Here that hasn't been the case. Every one of the 15 past and present Heroes has, rather than push their own agenda, tried to think of the greater good of this project and the other people involved. That amazes me!

Sir Galahad: Thanks, but only my eyes are amazing.

Spidey´tilIDie: Who told you they were amazing? No one told you that. We said they were special, like Forrest Gump was "special."

Griffin: I think that the passion to have a great game is what has fueled us thus far, and what will continue to fuel us. We really do have a great game, and it fills a MAJOR need for us comic lovers/gamers. Go C3G!

Sir Galahad: "After the group suffered a tragic loss of one of it's members" Who was this?

IAmBatman: Garada. We "tragically" lost him to a hot lady somewhere.

Griffin: That claim of hottness is yet to be proven.

Sir Galahad: OK, I thought A3n meant "tragic" like the Heroes hated one of his designs and he hung himself.

: Touche. Well, Markb did get hit by a car ... maybe more than once. Hard to say ...

(I decide it´s probably a good time to move on to the next question...)

2) What's your favorite C3G design so far, and what's your favorite in Wave 5?

Griffin: Jean Grey is my favorite design so far. There are a lot of designs that I love, but there are only a few that I "can't live without" and Jean is at the top of that list. She can throw people/objects, stop them from moving (which is awesome against a ground pounder liker Hulk or Superman), she can allow herself to "stealth fly", she has synergy as a Mutant, she has synergy as a Telepath, she has a ranged attack, and she is only 180 points! I do love Jean Grey.
I am huge fan of Lex Luthor, so it is hard to not vote for him, but Kang has to get my vote here. I think we nailed the theme of Kang better than anyone ever has or will. Giving him Temporal Displacement glyph manipulation and also making him an Uncommon Hero makes him feel like the ultimate time traveler.

tcglkn: I would have to go with Punisher for my favorite design so far. I really love how he has an option for dealing with everything and really captures the theme of the character. His vigilante synergy is pretty cool and helps him become more of a force to recon with.
I also like Kang, but my favorite in the wave would have to be Ultron. I love having a good "mid level" Event Hero. He is really a good loner that with some good d20 rolls can take down an entire army himself. Can't wait to pitch him against the Avengers, but they haven't arrived yet.

IAmBatman: My favorite design thus far is Professor X. I just love the way the guy can sit back in his wheelchair and still absolutely dominate the battlefield. I also feel like he's the first unit we created that really made an army full of mid-level heroes more than viable competitively with the sea of squadscape out there.
I love all the Wave Five stuff, but in an effort to be different, I'm going to have to go with a threeway Ruthless Mastermind tie between Madame HYDRA, Baron von Strucker, and Red Skull. I'm really super keen on the HYDRA Faction. I like to lead with Madame HYDRA as part of the first assault, bring up Red Skull next, and then clean up with Strucker. Tons of fun and each unit is dripping with theme and power.

Good Pig: Favorite units are so hard to do. Jean Grey, Punisher and Professor X are all at the top of the list and I might have chosen one of them, but I'll go with someone else for variety. Flash. Being able to clear the board in one move is so much fun and Flash plays exactly like you'd expect him to. His Speed Dodge keeps around for a long time too.
Tough call. I haven't used them all, but so far I've gotta go with Madame Hydra.

Spidey´tilIDie: Well, this is easier to answer than I thought. I thought of Flash, Wolverine, Prof. X, and Deadpool; all of whom are extremely fun. However it has to be Green Lantern: Hal Jordan. This stems from all the time I spent reading other people's GL customs, trying to come up with my own, etc. I had really come to the conclusion that there was no way to do a simple GL design. The mechanics that were created for him proved me wrong. He feels like GL and is still simple, which is the beauty of this game.
I have to say that Mandarin is one of my favorite designs in this wave for the same reason. I mean here is a guy who has an abundance of powers, almost too many. How can we get that on a card? I imagine that the idea of three E-Glyphs seems sorta difficult to manage, especially three different E-Glyphs, but he really does work very intuitively. I feel when people get a peak at him, they will really want to play him. I must say though that I feel this is one of the best waves we have ever produced. There are ALOT of big names in this set and I am proud to say they do not dissappoint. Whether its Marvel or DC that you love, there is an abundance of big names for you to enjoy!
I also want to throw out that I think the love the Hydra faction is getting in this wave is awesome! The Hydra Agents went from being a solo squad to a very usable unit, especially with those Masterminds of Hydra!
Also, I am so psyched that we are getting Armored Lex Luthor. Though the Mastermind one is really cool with all his abilities, this is the Lex I have always preferred, using his mind to level the playing field with Superman's physical strength.

Sir Galahad: Great choices all.
I still like Green Goblin. We really broke new ground by creating a figure that could move, special attack, move, and attack again. He definitely captures the essence of GG flitting about on his glider chasing after Spiderman.
For this wave, I'm again going with the "breaking new ground" theme. I think people are really going to enjoy the new strategic decisions for both players that Loki will bring to the game. There all kinds of things that can be done with an extra Order Marker. He really is a blast to play.

A3n: I know it's one of my own lead designs but I love how Wonder Woman turned out. Initially WW's lasso was just an initiative booster type power, but when the rest of the guys didn't go for that & pushed me to come back with something better I think I delivered . I love how she is a counter for anybody that is reliant on their special powers & she is a fairly heavy hitter also. WW with Superman or Captain Marvel is such a devastating combo.

Griffin: You really did deliver in a big way on that Lasso. That was the moment that I realized that you were definitely a strong designer and the moment when I stopped doubting whether or not you belonged in the group. You have had some other big design moments that made me jump for joy too, mostly I am thinking of Supergirl's Heat Vision. That power IS Heat Vision for the rest of time.

Spidey´tilIDie: (Spidey aggrees by holding up a sign with the word "WORD" on it) Two of the best iconic powers. So many different ways I have seen these iconic things (Heat Vision and Lasso) portrayed on a card and these two I have never seen done better.

IAmBatman: (Holds up TWO "WORD" signs!) I love me some lasso and heat vision!

Sir Galahad: (Now a THIRD "WORD" sign enters the discussion!) SQUEEZES = (((1 + 10 + 1 + 1 + 2(1) + 10 + 1 + 1) * 3) * 3) + 50 = 293
Highest single play score I've ever had in Scrabble.

A3n: It's been a looooong time since I played scrabble so I have to ask, what's the +50 for?

tcglkn: Using all 7 letters at once. The 8th letter was the one on the board already I assume.

(Before the Heroscape talk gets totally sidetracked by Scrabble, luckily Spidey remembers why we´re all here...)

Spidey´tilIDie: I also want to give some love here to Wolverine. IMHO, he is the best unit we have EVER created. He is as spot on as any unit can be. Try to find a way to make a better one, I dare you. He both plays and feels like Wolverine, without making him Superman. AWE. SOME. Literally, my only complaint about that card is that he isn't in costume.

Griffin: (Holds up the "WORD" sign. Boy am I glad I brought those to the table... I think it´s time for the next question...)

3) Can you tell us something about what you´re working on at the moment?

Griffin: Superman! With more powers. Expect Super Breath, the return of Man of Steel, slightly better attack and life, and the long awaited Heat Vision. He will likely cost 450 points, but he will finally feel like the Man of Tomorrow, instead of the Man of Yesterday.

tcglkn: Right now, I am working on a write up for a good Thunderers of Qward write up. I recently read a couple comic books with them in it and I really liked their character. That said, I am having a hard time finding any information or pictures of them online and actually scanned some images from my comic book to try and get some good comic art together.

: Right now I'm doing a lot of brainstorming and thinking about various members of the Teen Titans, from Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven, to various incarnations of Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, Garth, and Roy Harper.

Spidey´tilIDie: Well, I have my irons in ALOT of fires. In addition to some future avenging, I am working on the Secret Six, Justice Society, and (as the resident comic book nerd) some Indy designs. Don't expect any of these before 2012 though!

Good Pig: I'm making a conscious effort to design a variety of figures at different point levels. Got about a dozen different unique heroes (most of them villains) with write-ups that are in the works right now. I also have a few ideas for some squads, common and uncommon heroes that will help round out some existing factions and themed armies. Somewhere in the mix I'll be designing a new event hero from the X-Men universe.

Sir Galahad: These guys have me hopping through the end of the year, but in the background I am working on a powerful witch of yore and some other lesser known figures.

A3n: I have an interesting idea for an innocent (& vulnerable) civilian boy that will extend the life of his alter ego. Griff & I worked on the concept together & I can't wait for the public's response to it, which I hope will be positive as it will provide a template for future Secret Identities . With the completion of that unit I will have fulfilled my commitment to this years releases & will work through the ones I have slated for next year but at the same time will be trying to work through the Legion Of Super Heroes.
On a side note there are quite a few designs that I was the lead designer on that are due out in the next couple of waves, so I hope all enjoy them.
Spidey´tilIDie: I want to throw out a very tiny hint of some of the units coming the rest of this year. Some will be movie tie-ins, others are just figures we have been dying to see or create. We may not be Earth's mightiest mortals, but we do our best!

Good Pig: I'm very curious to see what you've got planned A3n.

(I see they´re beginning to cast nervous, longing, sideways glances at their work tables, but think I´ve got time for just one more question...)

4) Anything else you want to share about the project?

Griffin: Sure. There is one message I have from the sanctum to the public: Be Proactive. If you want to help or climb the ranks as tcgkln, Sir Galahad, Good Pig, and Spidey'tilIDie did, don't wait for someone to ask you for help. As soon as you see a figure/playtest posted in the playtesting thread, go take a picture or the figure and/or sign up and do a playtest. Don't worry about whether or not we have enough tests or pics, because your tests and pics may be better than what we have already, and you are also gonna get noticed much quicker that way.

IAmBatman: Absolutely. Keep it fun. I think we sometimes all lose sight of the real goal of this project, which is just as much about the journey as it is about the destination. This is a hobby project, and one I hope to enjoy on some level for years to come. Our passion is great, but it's important to remember to always enjoy ourselves as well! Otherwise, what would be the point?

: You stole what I was going to say. Now I have to tell the Allies and Sidekicks we really couldn't do what we do here without them and they will probably all get big egos.

IAmBatman: Q: What do you call a Sidekick with a big ego?
A: A hero!

tcglkn: Hey! I resemble that remark. That is not funny.

Spidey´tilIDie: I have to echo what Griff and Bats said. If you read my recent Interview in C3G of the week (a month or so ago.) I emphasized these two things. I enjoy this pasttime as long as it is just that. I am fortunate to be able to devote alot of time to it most days, but when life gets hectic, its nice that this doesn't pile on the stress.
Also, it sounds cliche, but you control how active you are in C3G and therefore your place in it. If you enjoy what we are doing and want to be a part of it, then pick up a shovel and dig in. There is a ton of work that goes into each card and work from alot of people goes into them. Something that goes helps, but I have never seen mentioned: if you see we are playtesting a figure and you have a really great comic pic that you either own or saw once, find it again and post it. Some figures are difficult to find good comic pics of.
So in short, help out where you can and remember to have fun!

Good Pig: Keep ideas flowing. If you have an idea for a new design that isn't already in progress or finished in the Sanctum it can still be considered for a new Public Design thread. Trust me when I say there are plenty of cool characters from both Marvel and DC universe that haven't been worked on, let alone drafted. Keep a pen and paper with you if an idea for a new ability or mechanic comes to mind and keep the Public Design Post area active so that ideas can be brainstormed and discussed. Ideas are the fuel that keeps the C3G machine pumping away. The public designs are just as important to the continuation and quality of the project as what is being worked on in the sanctum.

Sir Galahad: Understand that this is a hobby, not a job. We are volunteers, not employees. And we are human. We make mistakes. When we do, politely point them out to us. We do make corrections (Human Torch). But don't expect that we are going to like every suggestion. If you don't like a figure, don't play it. Your prerogative. Cut away from yourself when rebasing. Enjoy the ride while it lasts. Breathe deeply. Relax.

A3n: Nothing from me but a message to all, If you like what the project produces then rejoice in the end product because that's how we guage our success.

Spidey´tilIDie: I have to agree with A3N here. I get so much motivation form other people's excitement about what we release, it drives me to keep plugging away at this until the next release. As a sign in my office says, "A pat on the back is only 12 inches removed from a kick in the @ss, but miles ahead in results." Think about it.

tcglkn: I'll echo this, being a relative new guy, I didn't see any units I really helped with at all until the Fan4 master set was released and it was so excited just knowing I had tested some of the units in the set. It's just exciting to be a part of these releases, but if you just assume that we know you love it or even play it, we are missing out.
Every now and then I will see a random user pop in who has less than 100 posts and they talk about a game they just played and it really makes me realize we are bigger than just the people who have badges. THAT motivates me more than anything.

Good Pig: One of the first figures I play tested was Dr. Light. It is definitely cool to see something you helped with, even in a small way, become a new addition to the C3G family of units.

IAmBatman: Yeah, nothing's quite as satisfying as seeing someone in the 5 posts or less category come to the C3G forums just to tell C3G that we're doing a good job and that they enjoy playing with C3G units.[/spoiler]

Thank you for your time guys!

I hope you enjoyed this look behind the scenes, and hope you´ll enjoy WAVE 5!
Go HERE for a complete list of the figures, HAVE FUN!!!
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